Monday, August 9, 2010

Little Fockers, Narnia and more lol

Here is the poster for the Little Focker's that will be the third movie in the series!
It is a funny series if you haven't see it. Probably one of the few movies that I like Adam in.
Also I added a video of The Avengers logo on the Movie page.
Also here below is another trailer of the next Narnia film

Also added it to the Movie tab for everyone to find it again. This movie looks good but I don't know if I want to spend $10 on a ticket to see either...$10 is just so much right now for a movie ticket for a college student. I might have to hit the Byrd Theater in Carry Town for like $2-3 for a ticket. That is worth it :)

I just added the Jackass 3D movie trailer to the Movie page towards the bottom. I didn't think they were making a third one but when you have "3D" out now why not make a third one just to use "3D" in the title lol, everyone else is doing it ha.
Here is an article that has some new pictures from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie!. Adding it to the Movie page as well.
Also I am glade to hear that Clover Field 2 is still high priority for J.J. Abrams who is currently working on Super 8. Here is the article over at MTV.
Last movie news are some release dates.
Breaking Dawn part 2 will be released November 16, 2012
Monsters, Inc. 2 is Nov. 2 2012
The Guardians, which I kinda want to see and is voiced by Leonardo DiCaprio is moved back to Nov. 21 2012
Beauty and the Beast (3D version) and another film that Disney/Pixar was working on called "newt" has been removed from the releases that they were going to do.

On to news that I heard on the radio and now found online. Link here. Girls now and days apparently in America start puberty around the ages of 7 and 8. Thats right 7 and 8, thats like 2nd grade people. That is super early. The study shows taht girls around those ages are starting breast development.
Quote from busniess Week article:
Among 7-year-olds, about 10.4 percent of white girls, 23.4 percent of black girls and almost 15 percent of Hispanic girls had started developing breasts, the team report in the September issue of Pediatrics. Among 8-year-olds, 18.3 percent of white girls, about 43 percent of black girls and just under 31 percent of Hispanic girls showed evidence of breast development.
That is just crazy to me how early on that is. Only plus I can see out of this is a boost in the sports bra industry because of the need of it more for a lot younger generation.
This also increases the risk of breast cancer as an adult when they start development this early. Their bodies may look as if they are around 13-16 but mentally they are still obviously that 7-8 year old you raised.
One of the biggest reasons is early obesity which triggers an early development. IT causes problems for doctors as when they are this young they can't tell if its fat tissue or breast tissue anymore since it occurs at such a younger age. Though statistics say girls with a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) are the ones that are starting the earliest of the girls.
Some intense stuff so check out the article if you like.
That is all I have for now, I enjoyed a long weekend with my girl friend and her brother and sister. She had to watch them as her parents enjoyed a cruise which I am sure was really nice! We have been trying to find a DVD of Castle in the Sky (Laputa) but Blockbuster around us doesn't have it and so we put it on the list of Netflix's to get to her house. She really wants to see it and I was trying to find if Cheap on Ebay to get. I found a box set of Studio Ghibli films (18 total) that have some of the movies in English, Japanese, Cantonese. Here is the link. Only reason I have yet to buy it is that it is $23 for shipping and the DVD but it is the Malaysian version and not the Japanese or America box set so the DVD quality isn't as good as the ladder. It is region free and should play on all DVD players but I might wait a sec to get it. Here is the link to an American box set of the Ghibli films, it is more money and less films but all Dubbed in English. For the movies on it though it is worth it if it works though. I am trying to finish up Pom Pocco right now which is about Raccoons fighting for the forest against humans that are trying to cut it down for homes.
I am sorry I have been so lazy about getting links and my photos online from the beach and the convention. I was with the girl friend this weekend as said and had a goo time seeing her. I wont see her much during school so I will soak up as much time as I can. I got to see one of my long time friends yesterday and we played tennis before she had to leave today for school. I lost >_> but I was close. I can get better and actually work out more now that I can use the VCU gym for free. I am going to try to get down to the campus this week to find my buildings and just to walk around a bit and use my parking pass. Get my moneys worth as they are $170 :(


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