Friday, August 6, 2010

Iz been gone for a while

Hey everyone, I think the last time I posted was maybe 2 Thursdays ago so it has been a week. This will be my first post of August!
Anyways, I enjoyed going to Otakon 2010 this year. I went by myself and stayed at the Days Inn across the street with about 4 other people in the room. They were great room mates and would do it again with them. If you have heard around 2pm on Saturday at the convention center someone pulled a fire alarm and the entire center had to empty out on Pratt street or neighboring streets. It was crazy crowded out there since it was like early afternoon on the busiest day. That was probably the one bad thing that happened at the convention for me. I believe the con gathered about 29,000 + people this year which is more then the 26,000 some odd people of last year. I attended two of the concerts; Friday was the Yoshida Brothers concert and then on Sunday I watched the Home Made Kazoku concert. There first concert out of Japan was actually Otakon this year. They loved coming to the convention and loved our crowed. It was a great concert. Also, if you have not heard of the Yoshida Brothers and there traditional Japanese music, you might have in a early Wii commercial a few years back. Go check out the online vid page where I uploaded a video from YouTube and see if you have seen it before. I am sure you have ;)
I went to a few panels like the Mecha Fan Panel, Gundam Fan Panel and I loved just walking around and talking to people. I was wearing my Waldo costume on Friday, it was duck tape and it looked good. The Vendor/dealer room was great. Many great things but I am cheap. I picked up a Rei figure from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Studio Ghibli figure set number IV, which is the one from Laputa Castle in the Sky. I got two figures from Rurouni Kenshin that look great in front of the manga collection on my shelf, I picked up a revoltech figure from Evangelion. I also picked up what I call my prize at the con and glad I found it. It is a statue of Tetsuo when he is changing. Here is the link to it. If I can find Kaneda one where he is sitting on his home made seat that would be great. This is what it looks like. Also I picked up a limited run of a High Grade Exia Repair II Comic Con exclusive Metallic version at a booth selling and displaying Gundam Models. I grabbed the newest Evangelion model too when they marked the price down for the people. Alls the booths wouldn't go down in price so I didn't buy my MG Wing Custom Ver. Ka
The modelling contest had some great looking models that entered. I saw a MG Spiegel that I had though about getting and looking at the work man ship on it I actually sent an order for one yesterday while Hobby Link Japan has the half off FedEx shipping now, plus it is a hard to come by model. When I finish it and my MG God Gundam I will most likely display them attacking each other, I loved those charters a lot. There was a lot of great artwork in the Artist Alley but I really didn't think I had anymore room left on my walls to place anything. The best I could have done is bought it and save it for when I have my own place. I swear I will have my own room where I will have all my nerd stuff in, it can be called my 'office' hehe. Hope my wife wont mind that there is a room with game and anime wall scrolls and artwork on the walls and a few selves of models and figures. I will also make a glowing green or blue desk with a comfy seat. Honesty I don't think my girl friend will mind, heck I think I managed to convince her to go to Nekocon this November down in Hampton Roads.
Once again a great year at the con, enjoyed it except for the fire alarm and the traffic was actually bad going to and leaving Baltimore >_>
I will still be trying to get the photos up of Jocky's Ridge from the Outer Banks and also the photos that came out from Otakon. I really didn't take that many photos though so I will link to a few photo albums that I find online, and I will added it to the Otaku page where I talk about Otakon. I also just updated the Otaku page and added a few links to new chapters suh as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. It will be hard to read manga online now as some of my favorite places to read like will not feature anymore manga that is licensed as the manga industry doesn't support the scanning and translating of their manga online so they dropped the manga that has the licensing. Unless the website it's self gets the support from the industry they wont appear on those manga reading sites anymore.
Work has been going slow this week as my two bosses are on vacation so I have been sitting here reading up on all the manga that I have been missing out on. I would watch some anime but I think I will stick to reading off the screen for now. Yesterday evening a terrible storm came through Richmond and central Virginia and caused some flooding in parts of Midlothian and South Side of Richmond. I was down at Bush gardens and we left to head to my girl friends grandparents house to wait it out and when we left it started to rain really hard. She managed to get us there safe but she almost slept on the drive home when I tried to offer to drive >_>
I am wondering if I will get the chance to go to D.C. this summer on one of the weekends with my mom or girl friend. Since both can't do it this weekend it can't be this weekend and school is nearing everyday now. I still need my books!! I am selling a few online right now and also looking for a Studio Ghibli box set DVD too, so if you have one and looking to sell new or used send me a message!
Looking on the net I found a great time laps video of the 59 foot Gundam Statue that I have posted links to pictures plenty of times. I will added it to the Online Vid page an here it is below

Also adding a fan made AKIRA live action trailer to the Online Vid page. It wasn't that bad either and used a lot of footage from movies that I have seen that actually work for the movie itself. Please go check it out.

I got nothing else that I can think of off the top of my head! Seya


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