Monday, August 16, 2010

I tried posting this weekend...

This weekend I wrote up a great article in the blogger posting tab at my house and when I hit submit I lost the wireless and lost the whole article...
Anyways, I mostly talked about how I finished up Whisper Heart, it was a great movie you should give it a watch and now I have about ten minutes let of Metropolis (animated movie). It has been an alright movie so far. I have it on file and needs lots of juice to run since it is a Blueray file. The animation that is based off of Oasmu Tezuka (Godfather of manga) manga series back in 1945. The movies script/screen write is written by Katsuhiro Otomo (creator of Akira) and is produced by Mad House which is a well known production company in the anime industry. The manga is loosely based off of the film Metropolis that was released in 1927 in Berlin Germany. The film was the most expensive, silent film ever created and was by Fritz Lang. It also is one of the films that is ranked high for the most extras in it too. The movie premiered in Berlin at about 153 minutes long. (Trust me that is long to watch when it is a silent film) After that and a few other showings the film was cut and re edited and some pot changed. After a while the rest of the cut film (about 1/4 of original) was thought to be lost until like 2 years ago in a Buenos Aries film museum . It added a out 20-25 minutes of film, and after much restoration the re created movie was shown this past February. I watched this film maybe last year and I have not seen the redone version of the movie. I was surprised at the set and look of the movie for it to be done in the 20's. If you can watch it, it is the oldest film I have seen.
I also taked about the new drug that came out that gives 5 days after intercourse to take it to prevent pregnancy. I don't know where the link went as I have lost it and it was on the Radio this morning as well. You do need a prescription for it though. Another thing I heard on the radio is that some waxing facilities that give waxing jobs for people, about 20% of their business is pre teens. Apparently a bikini wax for girls 12 years of age is the new thing.......wErId.

My model is pretty much done, I will just need to spray the torso chest part and the shoulders, add some extra panel lining and then clear coat it and I will post pictures of it on my blog and link it to the hobby page! I am referring to my Deathscythe. I will write up a full review and the steps I took to do it on my blog!

It's official that Toy Story 3 is the highest grossing animated film ever. $920 million globally and $400 million domestically since it's release in mid June. That is impressive. Link here.
Here is a link for some Resident Evil: Afterlife adds that are down in the subways lol.

Dragon Ball Z Kai premiered this weekend on Toonzai (4kids), I actually watched it lol. The series is supposed to be the same as Dragon Ball Z just fast forward and cutting out a lot of un needed talking and power up-ing lol. link.

Italian motor oil company is going to sell "Hello Kitty" branded motor oil lol. Check it out

Check out this game trailer for Metroid: Other M! I an't wait till August 31st! I begged my girl friend to ask for a display at a Game Stop yesterday at the mall lol. It looked awesome. I'll add this to the online vid page too.

Also, ever want to control your Zelda world, well you can. Check this link out and you can make your own world using pieces for Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time! RPG game play, I know I will download it and try it! Link to download.

That is about all I have for everyone today. My weekend was good, I went to the mall and bought some shoes an 2 shirts. It seams there are sales going on, I guess because of back to school lol go figure. I repotted on of my bonsai trees since I think it had some bad soil that didn't drain so I really hope it didn't get root rot. It might be better off now just letting it lose some water from the pot and I will re water. I believe it is a Chinese Elm but I am not sure. I know that it is a Elm for sure though. I rode my moped Saturday to make sure it runs still and it does. It's a great little ride. Service Manuel (this is a link mostly for me since I have been looking for it)

Looks cool amiright?
This is exactly the model I have, it was my great grandfathers. 1980 model.

I also watched "Wolfman" and it was an alright movie. Some good acting and Anthony Hopkins is a good actor anyways lol.


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