Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gunpla Super Expo yo

Sup people, the Gunpla Super Expo 2010 is happening right now. For those who don't really know what it is or don't follow it, Bandai each year I guess holds an event where the show their Gundam Models and merchandise that they will be releasing soon. Also they show off some exclusives that you can only purchase at the event itself. They are actually showing the first episode of Gunpla Builders (check the online vid page for the trailer), which is the newest Gundam series that has been produced other then Gundam UC. It is about a boy being inspired from the life size Gundam Statue in Japan and he starts to build gunpla (Gundam Models). Pretty much tons and tons of models will be there to view. Of course I can't be there as I am here in the United States and it is in Japan, oh rats. I will updated the Hobby page or the Hobby blog with a list of what is going on. It is Samshiohobby.blogspot.com A little long sorry about that. That blog has a page for my models, Pictures, and a list of up coming releases. I will be trying to updated it as much as I can. It is added to the links page and is also on the right panel under blogs that are followed for a quick click. I added a video clip to the hobby page though of the event if you want to check it out.

On with other news and such,
If you are in my area or D.C. area and really like Transformers the movies, then why not be in Transformers 3? Go here for the open casting call for extras that they need in D.C. that they will be filming later on this Summer. Who knows you might see Shia Labeouf and other cast members. I might submit an application but I have a feeling that I wont be wanted for this film. For the Akira film I will definitely submit one though! They are also looking for precision driving for the casting call in Transformers 3!

Yesterday at work I read a Majora's Mask Manga that was ten chapters and it was a little kiddy but I still read it never the less. I have been thinking and I really want to cosplay as Majora's Mask. I mean it is one of the coolest interesting characters from the Legend Of Zelda franchise that I think personally. I don't know what it is about the Skull Kid with that mask on, but it draws me in and is still my favorite game of the series, with Twilight Princess behind. All the characters are interesting in it and you have ton of side quests and can upgrade your sword as well.

I caught up on Claymore now at chapter 105 and it is getting intense and also I have been reading Golden Boy. Golden Boy is about a boy that travels and picks up new jobs everywhere he goes. He is like a master of the trade now. A lot of odd things happen to him, and it is a guy manga I'd say because it is a little perverted but I think anyone can read it and find it hilarious. I hope more chapters come out one day.... They are like 30 page chapters and usually it's one job per chapter unless it is an ark
Also, Fullmetal Alchemist is going to get a side story published soon so catch that when you can online. Check article.

I finished up Pom Pocco, another Studio Ghibli film this morning and the clear message of the film is please preserve our forest and our creatures that live there. We may not kill the creatures directly but when you kill their habitat they have no place to go and die from pollution, over population of people, cars and just everything about deforestation. It is centered around a clan/group of Raccoons. They can shape shift into other objects or animals. So in the film they try to live with the humans by transforming into human figures but it is a rough life for them and eventually most come back to the forest. Watch it, also it will be good for a child to see because they can be more sympathetic towards nature. I have now moved on to WhisperHeart from Studio Ghibli.
I don't know if you remember the article about Only Yesterday, film from Studio Ghibli, that is about a girl and it shows her kinda of growing up. It is hard to explain but it is a movie that I couldn't see a child enjoying though. Its mature to understand and become immersed with. Anyways, it is the first Studio Ghibli that is getting a stage adaptation! It is going to be a musical film that will run in Tokyo's Ginga Gekijo theater from April 16 to 29, 2011. Picked up the article at Anime News Network. It is a movie that has yet got a DVD release in the US but has been released in the UK and Australia.

Can't think of anything else people! Seya, and have a good day!
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