Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Didn't get to my model..

As you can tell from the title, I yet again didn't get a chance to finish painting my model. My sisters boy friend was over in which usually turns me off on modelling. Actually company in general because I tend to make a mess setting up and working on it. Also, it was raining yesterday and all night and even now while I sit here at my desk at work. It is about time we receive all of this rain lol. Bad thing though is that I re-potted my bonsai (Chinese Elm) into a new pot and was trying to test the soil I made to see if it drained fast enough instead of water logging my tree. Instead it is raining all the time now and the soil is really moist >_> I don't think I had the soil mix right anyways because I still see lots of mulch in it. GRRR

Check this photo album out Metroid: Other M Screen Shots!

Waiting still on the chapters to be released so I an read those. I finished up Golden Boy on the website. Not sure if that was all of the chapters or not though but I have moved on to Love Hina which is funny and has a little romance in it. I think my girl friend might even like it, maybe. I'll have to find the anime lol.

I took my girl friend down to a large creek near my house through the woods but it isn't that large at all. The green plants down there has grown everywhere and over ran the swamp/water plants because it isn't that moist any more. The water level of the creek is so low that new plants came in since the mud has dried up and now there are just huge weeds. The butter flies love them though. It started to rain on our way back but wasn't so bad in the woods. It was humid though and my girl friend was getting dehydrated and we got back as soon as we could. I saw a black snake and tried to catch it and I had its tail in my hand but my girl friend yelled at me so I let it go and it crawled into the pile of sticks. Boooo

Now that the summer is coming to a close, I realize how much things that her and I were going to do and we have yet to do them. We finally got to the creek but it was so low and hard to get through with the thick foliage. We have yet took the canoe trip, yet go the the mountains, yet go to the beach (actually I tried but she didn't want to), tried to go to Maymont which is just in the city lol. Oh dang, well we got next summer I suppose :P

My order came through yesterday for a model and should be ready to ship to me, and the Zoid model that I pre ordered, well they actually though I pre ordered 4 of them and came out to the $200+ remember from yesterday's post? Well they got back to me and changed it to one :) That I can afford lol

I am sitting here drinking coffee, which I am surprised since I am a heavy tea drinker. I am only doing it since it's the works coffee and there fancy coffee maker lol. My mother picked up a tin that has like 120 packs of tea that I will use like crazy during this semester. It has about 5 flavors maybe 6 but all flavors I like. I still need a travel mug and maybe a aluminum bottle so I don't waste plastic so much. I still recycle all of that stuff but I enjoy my well water from home too and plus I can put my own un-sweet ice tea in there.

My sister moves into Longwood tomorrow, I wont be going to help, her boyfriend is taking my place. Apparently there is a dinner that my parents are going to take her out tonight for. For her last dinner with them before she goes. I wont be able to go, got some retail work and I don't know if I will catch her in the morning either, didn't see her this morning either. She locked her door so I couldn't say seeya, oh well. I'll send her an email with a virus or something, just kidding :P

Oh some movie news,

This woman right above is cast in the movie "Battleship" which is based off of the Hasbro game lol. My girl friend likes playing that game against me because she wins most the time lol.
Actual article is here. Picture is from

Some Mad Max pictures of the vehicles here. I wouldn't expect a younger crowd to know Mad Max, definitely not my girl Friend. Mel Gibson was Mad Max back in the day. Maybe this movie will show his true actions like slappin around girls, naw just kidding but he is pretty hard core as Mad Max. Watch the first Mad Max's out there.
Well, I'll update this post as the day goes on if I find anything new!


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  1. That girl looks gross..they should have gotten Megan Fox to do it


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