Friday, August 27, 2010

blame school for my absence

Hey everyone, I have not posted in a while. Probably not since last Friday! I did post on my other Gundam blog. Yesterday was my first day of school at VCU and I had classes that were supposed to be in the morning but was in the afternoon and I had one at night. They are booth in the Environmental Studies Major. I still need to hunt down a few books for the class and I also have a few assignments needed to get done.
I have not been in a work until today (actually there right now). I ha to get some things done this past week and sell off old school books and hang out with some friends before they have to go. I did pull up a few good articles online the other day mostly that had to do with movies like Miyazaki is going to work on his first sequel ever for Studio Ghibli. It will be a sequel to Porco Rosso, which should be good. I liked the first one go figure. Look forward to me updating the movie page soon I hope.
I finished the Deathscythe model, I don't know if I said it at this blog or not, but it is all done. Look forward to me getting an album up and a review on the 'work in progress' part getting on my other blog (link in the links page).
Parking has yet to be a challenged at school, but I will use it a lot in the deck as I checked out the gym. That place is pretty awesome, and I might get a lot of exercise done.
I re did parts of my room, gave my desk a bit more space and also have my modelling and art stuff organized in its one space. It makes things work a lot better now. Although, I am starting to wonder if I will be able to model at all. At least during the week it might be hard especially if I am to use the gym and chill at campus for a while. I am also trying to go to the anime club at the school. I hope they are not to crazy, because I think the J. Sarge one had weirdos.
oh by the way DO NOT see VAMPIRES SUCK, the movie was terrible and I only liked a Chris Brown joke and a Tiger Woods joke because it was priceless. Especially when Chris Brown lives around where I do lol.
I am trying to figure out what else to say, oh I added the rest of the Bonsai to the album and also am adding the Maymont trip I took with my girl friend last week. You can find it in the photo page.

I don't know what else to say really, I will try to post a lot more and my 100 post is right around the corner, actually like 2 away!

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