Monday, August 30, 2010

On to our 2nd week of school (for me anyways)

Hey everyone, I had my class at 10am this morning and now in the office working for all that gas money that I need to drive to work and school!
I had a pretty laid back weekend. I took my girl friend to college on Saturday morning but didn't really spend that much time with her since her parents wanted to go pretty quickly so I got in one kiss and that was about it. I miss her a little already and we didn't even get to finish Samurai Champloo before she had to go. We literally had 2 more episodes left to see and that would have been her first anime series she would have seen. Nifty.
After that I got home early and caught up on Psych and Burn Notice on OnDemand and went to work at my retail job at 4pm. My parents had left for night and day to there friends house out near Tappahanock so the house was empty and quite. I enjoyed some time with both of the cats, but gosh they are terrible to have in your room at night. They fight everyWHERE!
OH, my Liger Mirage kit came in on Saturday, it was fast shipping (EMS) and it cost a ton for the shipping >_> I asked for SAL but I guess they usually throw things with EMS. Well, the model is fantastic and there tons of parts. I feel like I got a Master Master Grade Gundam model with it. It is a 1/72 ratio and it is the biggest box I have. I am saving it till I get better at modeling since I do NOT want to mess it up!
I pretty much have my Astray Red Frame done for prep, I need my paint to continue on it and so since I couldn't go further on it I started prepping the Astray blue Frame lol. For the Blue Frame I most likely will do a Dark metallic blue and instead of the orange I might do a copper look to it. Give it a more mechanical look to it but still want it to look like its serious business.
Yesterday, I lounged around fixed breakfast and also went to the Carry Street Gym with my friend to work out and rock climb on the wall. I was so beat by the time we walked out. I am sore now from it but it was worth it and fun.

I orderd my last books off I recommend signing up for Student Prime account with Amazon. You have to give them your school email address when you sign up with you current accunt and then you are on board. It is free trial for a year and you get the cheap books off Amazon and also FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING. That part is nice because I ordered them on Friday and I can expect them either tomorrow or Wednesday since I got an email that they shipped either yesterday or today. Great deal people.

OMG, Metroid: Other M is coming out tomorrow! I have fully paid mine and I am going over there at 10am tomorrow when it opens to pick it up. I can't wait to start playing it. I took my girl friends Phantom Hour Glass for the DS and have been playing that over the weekend. It is an ok game but I can see where it draws the lines from a handheld and a platform Zelda. Gosh I want Metroid, hope the artwork and design looks great. I loved the bonus in the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I still need the play the first two prime games.

Also, DSi and DSiXL is getting a $20 price drop, oh boy. Still not getting it though.

We have a hurricane Earl lashing out down in the Caribbean if anyone has heard about it! In fact, they are already telling Virginians to prepare now for it when it comes up the Atlantic. check it here. I would look out if you are on the coast and the bay areas of Virginia during a Hurricane when it comes up the cost like Gaston and Isabel years ago. I have to worry about my girl friend if it does come all the way up here (checking now). Just looked, not sure if it will actually make land fall, but it is going to be a few hundred miles out from the eastern coast so it still might cause winds and a slight storm surge.

Have some movie info for ya, will add some of the info to the movie page as well.

Legend of the Guardians (movie with the owls and its all CGI and looks freaking awesome, yeah that one) Here is a TV spotlight

I will add the two others to the movie page.

Want to see Avatar in 3D and in IMAX with 9 minutes of extra footage? Check this link out to find if it is near you soon!

Know of John Cusack? Know of The Raven by Poe? Well, there is a movie adaptation of the Poem (not exactly like the poem) and John will play as the main character. Oh goodie!

As of August 27th, Toy Story 3 has reached the $1 billion mark in making mula. Holy shizz thats a ton. Link.

Kung Fu Panda writer is going to writing the next "Karate Kid" Sequel for us. I am sure you will see Little Smith and Jackie once again. I did enjoy that fill :) Link.

There has been a few Three Musketeers films in the past, but this one looks pretty good, take a look at the photo shots here.

One Piece, the Manga, is having it's first 4 week long break as stated on the last page of the recent chapter. The manga was started back in 1997 and it is still continued today 13 years later. great manga, I always post the latest chapter link on the Otaku page. Link to article here.

Into Love Hina manga? I have really been into it recently lol. Well in September they are releasing a 1 shot short manga! Article here.

I don't really have anything else then that for now!


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Friday, August 27, 2010

blame school for my absence

Hey everyone, I have not posted in a while. Probably not since last Friday! I did post on my other Gundam blog. Yesterday was my first day of school at VCU and I had classes that were supposed to be in the morning but was in the afternoon and I had one at night. They are booth in the Environmental Studies Major. I still need to hunt down a few books for the class and I also have a few assignments needed to get done.
I have not been in a work until today (actually there right now). I ha to get some things done this past week and sell off old school books and hang out with some friends before they have to go. I did pull up a few good articles online the other day mostly that had to do with movies like Miyazaki is going to work on his first sequel ever for Studio Ghibli. It will be a sequel to Porco Rosso, which should be good. I liked the first one go figure. Look forward to me updating the movie page soon I hope.
I finished the Deathscythe model, I don't know if I said it at this blog or not, but it is all done. Look forward to me getting an album up and a review on the 'work in progress' part getting on my other blog (link in the links page).
Parking has yet to be a challenged at school, but I will use it a lot in the deck as I checked out the gym. That place is pretty awesome, and I might get a lot of exercise done.
I re did parts of my room, gave my desk a bit more space and also have my modelling and art stuff organized in its one space. It makes things work a lot better now. Although, I am starting to wonder if I will be able to model at all. At least during the week it might be hard especially if I am to use the gym and chill at campus for a while. I am also trying to go to the anime club at the school. I hope they are not to crazy, because I think the J. Sarge one had weirdos.
oh by the way DO NOT see VAMPIRES SUCK, the movie was terrible and I only liked a Chris Brown joke and a Tiger Woods joke because it was priceless. Especially when Chris Brown lives around where I do lol.
I am trying to figure out what else to say, oh I added the rest of the Bonsai to the album and also am adding the Maymont trip I took with my girl friend last week. You can find it in the photo page.

I don't know what else to say really, I will try to post a lot more and my 100 post is right around the corner, actually like 2 away!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Miyazaki garden!

So Miyazaki, writer/director for Studio Ghibli is a big time environmentalist. You can tell be many of his films like Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke. Well he is putting together a park that he designed over in Japan that has some themes in it and forest that influenced "My Neighbor Totoro". Here is the link to the article and I wish I could really meet him one day since I am for the environment and I love film/animation lol

The city of Naruto, back over in the land of the rising sun, put together some Naruto themed things to draw in tourist. Such things are like the Hokage rock where the faces of the previous and current Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village was built there. Article here at Anime News Network :)

Also heads up, the Chapters for Bleach, Naruto and One Piece came out the other day at Manga Stream. I added the links to the Otaku page. One Piece chapters seam to be the same the past few weeks as it just shows where his crew members have been at this whole time. Maybe I am use to the action that has been un-folding up till this point. The Naruto chapter was ok, nothing to exciting but I can't wait till it shows Naruto using his new powers of the nine-tailed fox. Bleach was just more filler till Ichigo shows up. Sorry if I spoiled anything lol.

Some movie news:
I have some trailers and photos!

I added the Skyline Trailer to the Movie page and also a movie poster. Skyline is about how NASA sent out a message deep in space to contact extraterrestrial life out there. Well I guess it got to them because they come to Los ANgeles and there ships suck up people. I really like Alien movies or huge monster type movies. Ex. Godzilla, Cloverfield etc. I am excited for Monsters and Super 8 and now this looks like I could love this one.

I added the international Trailer for Little Fockers on the movie page also! I think it is in English but it has Spanish subtitles.

Some new photo from Harry Potter here, and also they are picking up new writers for a Live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hope this one works out. Article here.

Here is a video below at a retrospective on the Metroid Series. It is pretty much a trailer or Metroid: Other M. I watched it on the Nintendo Channel the other day. It was neat.

Here is another Metroid: Other M trailer that has Live Action in it. I think Live Action Samus looks cute ;)

I am adding this two videos not to the Online Vid page but a Video Game page that I just made because it seams that I have been flooding the page with lots of Metroid: Other M things. It is for the best and I can follow other games that are of my interest on there!

I didn't work yesterday at all. I stayed home and went out to eat for breakfast with my mother an sister. After that my sister finished packing and my parents took her off to Longwood University. She is finally moved in and all set for school. She did call at like 2 am this morning and asked my parents where they put the Solo cups. She might get her drinking on already lulz Heck if I know probably thirsty from the long night. I went to Maymont yesterday afternoon with my girl friend and got a few pictures done. We didn't get to stay long but I really like their gardens down there. Especially the Japanese garden, go figure. My model is in transit to my house that ordered from Rainbowten. Great mail order site with good prices for models (especially Gundam Models). I will add the link to the links page for everyone.
I got a hair cut yesterday also, I needed one for school and now it is above my eyes again. How nice haha. I am definitely going to get off work today early probably and I will WILL finish my model today. It has sun in the sky and isn't that humid. Perfect for painting. I also am really worried about the Chinese Elm. I think I keep bring this up. I just need to see if that soil will drain the water today because I can't have it retain the water for ever or I will kill my tree. I did trim it back to help it start growing again.

This article is 9 stupidest things that American's believe. I thought some of it was funny.
Just added some reactions to The Last exorcism, which is a movie that is coming out. Another Exorcism movie of course. Anyways, it is kinda funny to see there reactions, they got freaked. Added it to the online video page.

Studies show that, yes woman can think themselves to Orgasm. It's true, it is in there mind and if they want to orgasm then they sure well can. Article here. You have got to love all these case studies that I have been finding people haha.

If you have an Android phone and like your apps, and enjoy having a sex life. Give this app a go. It is "the sex position app of the day" app lol.

I will add a link to Hobby Search blog where it is a review on things at the Gunpla Super Expo. Has a lot of great pictures. Will add it to the hobby page. Hobby Search has a great selection of items to get. I pre-ordered a Mirage Blade Liger from there that comes out later this month. I am thinking about the Genobreaker... hmmmm

Well, that is all I have for the day, till next time!

Oh, also added a few Bonsai photos on the photo page. I haven't uploaded them all yet though.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Egg Recall for salmonella!

Article here,

Watch it for eggs right now. There is a recall for a ton of eggs under different name brands because there has been an out break of salmonella.
Some of the names off the brand is;
Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralph's, Boomsma's, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms and Kemps.
The date codes on the cartons are: 136-225 and have plant numbers 1026, 1413, and 1941.
Don't get sick now!!!

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Didn't get to my model..

As you can tell from the title, I yet again didn't get a chance to finish painting my model. My sisters boy friend was over in which usually turns me off on modelling. Actually company in general because I tend to make a mess setting up and working on it. Also, it was raining yesterday and all night and even now while I sit here at my desk at work. It is about time we receive all of this rain lol. Bad thing though is that I re-potted my bonsai (Chinese Elm) into a new pot and was trying to test the soil I made to see if it drained fast enough instead of water logging my tree. Instead it is raining all the time now and the soil is really moist >_> I don't think I had the soil mix right anyways because I still see lots of mulch in it. GRRR

Check this photo album out Metroid: Other M Screen Shots!

Waiting still on the chapters to be released so I an read those. I finished up Golden Boy on the website. Not sure if that was all of the chapters or not though but I have moved on to Love Hina which is funny and has a little romance in it. I think my girl friend might even like it, maybe. I'll have to find the anime lol.

I took my girl friend down to a large creek near my house through the woods but it isn't that large at all. The green plants down there has grown everywhere and over ran the swamp/water plants because it isn't that moist any more. The water level of the creek is so low that new plants came in since the mud has dried up and now there are just huge weeds. The butter flies love them though. It started to rain on our way back but wasn't so bad in the woods. It was humid though and my girl friend was getting dehydrated and we got back as soon as we could. I saw a black snake and tried to catch it and I had its tail in my hand but my girl friend yelled at me so I let it go and it crawled into the pile of sticks. Boooo

Now that the summer is coming to a close, I realize how much things that her and I were going to do and we have yet to do them. We finally got to the creek but it was so low and hard to get through with the thick foliage. We have yet took the canoe trip, yet go the the mountains, yet go to the beach (actually I tried but she didn't want to), tried to go to Maymont which is just in the city lol. Oh dang, well we got next summer I suppose :P

My order came through yesterday for a model and should be ready to ship to me, and the Zoid model that I pre ordered, well they actually though I pre ordered 4 of them and came out to the $200+ remember from yesterday's post? Well they got back to me and changed it to one :) That I can afford lol

I am sitting here drinking coffee, which I am surprised since I am a heavy tea drinker. I am only doing it since it's the works coffee and there fancy coffee maker lol. My mother picked up a tin that has like 120 packs of tea that I will use like crazy during this semester. It has about 5 flavors maybe 6 but all flavors I like. I still need a travel mug and maybe a aluminum bottle so I don't waste plastic so much. I still recycle all of that stuff but I enjoy my well water from home too and plus I can put my own un-sweet ice tea in there.

My sister moves into Longwood tomorrow, I wont be going to help, her boyfriend is taking my place. Apparently there is a dinner that my parents are going to take her out tonight for. For her last dinner with them before she goes. I wont be able to go, got some retail work and I don't know if I will catch her in the morning either, didn't see her this morning either. She locked her door so I couldn't say seeya, oh well. I'll send her an email with a virus or something, just kidding :P

Oh some movie news,

This woman right above is cast in the movie "Battleship" which is based off of the Hasbro game lol. My girl friend likes playing that game against me because she wins most the time lol.
Actual article is here. Picture is from

Some Mad Max pictures of the vehicles here. I wouldn't expect a younger crowd to know Mad Max, definitely not my girl Friend. Mel Gibson was Mad Max back in the day. Maybe this movie will show his true actions like slappin around girls, naw just kidding but he is pretty hard core as Mad Max. Watch the first Mad Max's out there.
Well, I'll update this post as the day goes on if I find anything new!


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Monsters Trailer

I really do want to see this movie the more I see trailer's for it, please take me (referring to girl friend). She wont, she doesn't like monsters especially if they come from space. Nightmares, I will not hear the end of it lol. Added it to the Movie's page too.

Facebook has a scam going on right now, it is the 'Dislike' button scam, just look out for it. Article here.

Go to this link and check out all the new photos from the new Harry Potter movie!

Nothing really other then that peopl.e It look's like the Japanese Yen is on the up's which is bad for me because I just placed a reserve on a model and if the yen goes up then I have to pay more lol. Also after I placed my order, it sent an email to me saying what order I placed and will notify me when it is ready. The bad thing is that when I got it it said Y 20,000 which is 20,000 yen = $220 bucks! Apparently it thought I selected the model like 5 times so I sent an email saying how they need to change the order because I only want one!!! lol
Goodstuff right? Maybe I should get them all, old them a few years and re-sell? Good idea? I might invest on something like that in the future lol like AKIRA merchandise. It would be a good idea to invest in that now so when it becomes popular again after the release of the live action people will want the rare stuff, or maybe companies will re produce them for the higher demand. I will finish that painting job tonight! I must!
Girl Friend finally say Princess Mononoke last night, Spirited Away is still her favorite. She did love the tree spirits though in the movie. They are cool. By the way, Princess Mononoke is about 2 hours and 18 minutes which is longer then the other Ghibli films that are out there.


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Monday, August 16, 2010

I tried posting this weekend...

This weekend I wrote up a great article in the blogger posting tab at my house and when I hit submit I lost the wireless and lost the whole article...
Anyways, I mostly talked about how I finished up Whisper Heart, it was a great movie you should give it a watch and now I have about ten minutes let of Metropolis (animated movie). It has been an alright movie so far. I have it on file and needs lots of juice to run since it is a Blueray file. The animation that is based off of Oasmu Tezuka (Godfather of manga) manga series back in 1945. The movies script/screen write is written by Katsuhiro Otomo (creator of Akira) and is produced by Mad House which is a well known production company in the anime industry. The manga is loosely based off of the film Metropolis that was released in 1927 in Berlin Germany. The film was the most expensive, silent film ever created and was by Fritz Lang. It also is one of the films that is ranked high for the most extras in it too. The movie premiered in Berlin at about 153 minutes long. (Trust me that is long to watch when it is a silent film) After that and a few other showings the film was cut and re edited and some pot changed. After a while the rest of the cut film (about 1/4 of original) was thought to be lost until like 2 years ago in a Buenos Aries film museum . It added a out 20-25 minutes of film, and after much restoration the re created movie was shown this past February. I watched this film maybe last year and I have not seen the redone version of the movie. I was surprised at the set and look of the movie for it to be done in the 20's. If you can watch it, it is the oldest film I have seen.
I also taked about the new drug that came out that gives 5 days after intercourse to take it to prevent pregnancy. I don't know where the link went as I have lost it and it was on the Radio this morning as well. You do need a prescription for it though. Another thing I heard on the radio is that some waxing facilities that give waxing jobs for people, about 20% of their business is pre teens. Apparently a bikini wax for girls 12 years of age is the new thing.......wErId.

My model is pretty much done, I will just need to spray the torso chest part and the shoulders, add some extra panel lining and then clear coat it and I will post pictures of it on my blog and link it to the hobby page! I am referring to my Deathscythe. I will write up a full review and the steps I took to do it on my blog!

It's official that Toy Story 3 is the highest grossing animated film ever. $920 million globally and $400 million domestically since it's release in mid June. That is impressive. Link here.
Here is a link for some Resident Evil: Afterlife adds that are down in the subways lol.

Dragon Ball Z Kai premiered this weekend on Toonzai (4kids), I actually watched it lol. The series is supposed to be the same as Dragon Ball Z just fast forward and cutting out a lot of un needed talking and power up-ing lol. link.

Italian motor oil company is going to sell "Hello Kitty" branded motor oil lol. Check it out

Check out this game trailer for Metroid: Other M! I an't wait till August 31st! I begged my girl friend to ask for a display at a Game Stop yesterday at the mall lol. It looked awesome. I'll add this to the online vid page too.

Also, ever want to control your Zelda world, well you can. Check this link out and you can make your own world using pieces for Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time! RPG game play, I know I will download it and try it! Link to download.

That is about all I have for everyone today. My weekend was good, I went to the mall and bought some shoes an 2 shirts. It seams there are sales going on, I guess because of back to school lol go figure. I repotted on of my bonsai trees since I think it had some bad soil that didn't drain so I really hope it didn't get root rot. It might be better off now just letting it lose some water from the pot and I will re water. I believe it is a Chinese Elm but I am not sure. I know that it is a Elm for sure though. I rode my moped Saturday to make sure it runs still and it does. It's a great little ride. Service Manuel (this is a link mostly for me since I have been looking for it)

Looks cool amiright?
This is exactly the model I have, it was my great grandfathers. 1980 model.

I also watched "Wolfman" and it was an alright movie. Some good acting and Anthony Hopkins is a good actor anyways lol.


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Friday, August 13, 2010

Want to know when the first Deathly Hallow's movie will end at?

That right, I have got the information for when the first Deathly Hallow's movie will end at for the up coming Harry Potter movie. The first part will end at the part where Voldemort obtains the Elder Wand, s about chapter 24 or so. This is actually a lot farther into the book then I thought the first movie would go but I guess the last movie will be a ton of battling at the school and wrapping up the series. The last film will be sad for sure for many people. Source is

There will be a live action Bugs bunny in the works. Some f these movies have been pretty good, like Space Jam. Space Jam was really good live action with all these characters. Another film I can think of is Looney Toons: Back in Action which was ok. Anyways, I guess it will have the animation combined with live action characters. link here.

Here is a International Trailer for Resident Evil: Resumption (after life). Yes it is in Portuguese sorry lol

Also Hanover House is putting together Terminator 3000, another Terminator film in the series. Link here.

Tales from Earthsea (Studio Ghibli) is hitting the screens at a select theaters today on United States soil. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu. Was a pretty good movie, but not one of my favorites from the Studio. My girl friend and I watched Castle in the Sky last night since she had not seen it before and she still likes Spirited Away better. I am still working on Whisper Heart and liking the characters. It is different from Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away because it is about a normal ordinary girls life at school, family and friends. Only Yesterday was a good film that was about a normal lady. I still recommend them to anyone. Link here.

Go through this photo slide show and you will see some of the faces of the absolute dumb chicks that have gotten arrested. With their precious mug shot you also get to read the names and why/how they got caught. they need schooling badly. Trust me you will probably laugh at least at one. 18 in all!

It is Friday now, and still no sign of a new chapter of Bleach, Naruto, One Piece or the like.
Update: I realized that it is the Odon Festival in Japan so they wont be releasing them this week lol

We had a rough storm this pat evening, my drive way is torn all up and I have to do a lot of filling in with gravel and raking it out. It rained about 3 inches at my house my dad said and in a short amount of time. It was coming down really hard when I was heading back with my girl friend from dinner, I couldn't see out the window >_>
She also thought she heard something in her house when I was there and she was freaking out about it. She didn't get any sleep after I left, she told me this morning. I only heard one weird noise outside the house but it sounded like it was in someone else's back yard so I didn't think of it much. Night's like last night my house makes a lot of noise as sticks, nuts, leaves and rain are still dropping on the roof and the side of the house from the wind and after effects of the storm. Generally even then my house makes noises when my the central air comes on or off, same with the refrigerator downstairs. Also, if you are looking for a noise to hear, your mind will fabricate a noise because that is what you are looking for. So if you are out side and a little nervous walking alone in the dark, don't think of robbers or weird nosies or like someone is following or watching you. Please don't or you will give yourself a heart attack when a squirrel jumps out of the bush that you though a huge bear was in....
That my advise :) Oh an that goes along with being sick, you think you are seriously sick when your not, it will make you sick. It's true, I have done it lol

going to lunch with the aunt today, don't know where though since I never go out to lunch around here at all. Always stay in the building eating freezer meals. Better I go out, get some good food, although I really liked the look of the pizza that was in the refrigerator this morning. I wish I could eat that now. Maybe Red Robin!

Seya! Also, keep on giving me ideas of places to go in Japan!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Check this out, I lol'd

I found this by just looking at article's. This is a weird Zoo drill, I love all the people who are all around watching like its super serious. This was so dramatic, especially the people that the "rhino" knocked over lol.
Also, it is the 71st birthday of The Wizard of Oz? You knew that?! I didn't ha

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Metroid: Other M "made Sakamoto cry"

Metroid: Other M "made Sakamoto cry"
Must have been quite a cut scene to see if it made a co-creator cry lol.
Also, there will be an exclusive Golden Paddle controller that comes with a bundle is Autumn for the remake of Golden Eye on the Wii. Kinda like the golden gun. This way, you can kinda play the same control scheme as you did years ago on the Nintendo 64. Good stuff. Article.

For today, I really don't have anything to tell. Not much happening. Seams yesterday, I checked out will at the doctors just getting a TB test on my skin since my last one was in 94' lol. Got to check in on the results tomorrow. There are storms coming our way in Virginia or at least Northern Virginia today from what I have heard and it might be rough but lasting a short while.
I added a link to the newest chapter of Claymore 106 on the Otaku page under releases. I haven't really found anything else to update, nothing really cool in the movie news or nothing really cool in general lol.
I have been looking online though about my travels to Japan in the future and trying to decide if I homestay for a while (couple weeks or so) or just plot a bunch of places I want to go to in the country, save up and go for a few weeks if not a month all over. The second choice will eat up a lot of cash but I also get to see a lot of places. The first option is I stay with a family and pretty much stay put in that house with them and maybe go do local things or go out and about around the country. Staying with a family though has its benefits as I will make connections and friends in the neighborhood if I wanted to come back to Japan or stay in contact. Also, I will learn the language better and also get more involved living as the Japanese now do in that area. It might be a better experience and I an always come back to visit areas across the country.
Post down below as to what you think I should do or reference places that I should visit. When I go (if I go) I will take lots of pictures and probably write down everything and will post it for sure.
Just let me know! I will follow it!

Post #90! Ten left for 100!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tainted baby milk in China causes girls to grow breast?

Well as the title says, I found an article that Synutra (one of China's largest producers of baby milk) has made some baby milk that has caused three children to enter puberty. These girls are babies, like from a couple months to like a year they are starting to develop. The company said they are 100% confident in there product and pass all the regulations and test on their products. Yeah ok. This is the second article I have done this week about early puberty. Article here.

Anyways, I have tons of articles today that are all over the place. Good stuff.

Here is Donkey Kong and Donkey Jr. Playing some Donkey Kong lol. Thought I add some humor.
Pic source

Check this Video out. It's on over at CBS NEWS and it is about a space elevator that people in Tokyo are working on. The idea is that they will build an elevator from the surface of Earth and it would go to space and maybe doc at a space station or the moon. The moon will probably be way way to far, and plus just the expense of making this elevator to a space station is going to be astronomical. With t his elevator though, we can transport items up it to the space station and also down to Earth. Send data or samples quickly without having to constantly sending space ships up. It could also work as a good source of power. the space station could have solar panels on the outside of it to power the space station and also to send power back down to the planet. Also, the connection to the Earth can keep the station in orbit. Just the amount of work and planning will take a really long time. It has to be sturdy, stand winds, the climate change as it is higher in the atmosphere and keep it warm on the inside in those heights. Has to stand storms and possible debris in space. I wonder if they got the idea from Gundam Seed where they actually have elevators in space. :P Yes I would know that.
Freshly shucked, uninfected. (Photo: Regis Duvignau/Reuters)
You thought you heard it all, but yes Oysters in the Pacific Ocean are contracting Herpes. Right now it is only effecting the Pacific Oysters. It is killing a lot of them and causing the industry to go bad. Sources say that Global Warming is to blame for this. Article here.

Check this video out, at a concert where Justin Bebier was preforming some one threw a water bottle on stage and it smacked him in the face. The little girls were not happy, I was :P

(Credit: OkCupid)
Check this graph, this article states that out of all the smart phones out there, iPhone users get the most sex, with Blackberry's right behind and Android phones in the dust. I always knew the iPhone users were crazy. Also, woman has the higher numbers to. Interesting article.

Heard of Fantasia Barrino, the Idol winner? She is now recovering in a hospital after overdosing on Aspirin and sleep aids. Crazy.
That meteor shower is supposed to peek tonight! Perseids Meteor Shower! Check this article for a line up of other showers that will happen this year and also viewing tips!

For those college students that live in Virginia, you get discounts on Amtrak! That's right, take a trip on the train because you get a discount. It's not like you get the discount at Regal Cinemas anymore lol. Article here. It is only valid through Dec. 31st and it is coach so none of that first class stuff. It is 15% off adult rate.

Nintendo is planning on upping there ad campaign for Metroid: Other M this month using all kinds of media. Can't Wait, article.

Since November 2006, Nintendo has now sold 3 Million Wii's in the United States, 71million world wide. That is quite something people. Makes it the fasting selling console ever betting Playstation 2 by a 15 month span! The xBox 360 that came out a year before the Wii has sold 10 million less then the Wii in the United States. That is something to boast about. Article here.

Ok now that I am done with the news that I have found, I will also add those video's to the online video page for later viewing.

I uploaded my beach photos to the Picasa albums online and will add the album to my photo page for viewing later today. I have added some pictures from the Gunpla Super Expo 2010 yesterday on my Gundam blog (refer to link on my link page). Lots was shown there. I finally am starting to put my Tamiya spray paint on my Deathscythe model. That is great news since once I get that done all over the model, just need to panel line it and clear coat it and will be done. It has taken all summer to do it haha. While I do that or I can't paint, I have been prepping my 1/100 Red Frame model for the priming. I also built my Metallic Ver. Exia Repair 2 last week and it is sitting under my 1/100 00 Gundam on the stand. My Red Frame is going to have a different color scheme, one that will have a dark green (British green or racing green, like that) with the white, black and maybe some gold in there somewhere or gun metal instead.

I leave work year today for a doc appointment. Going to get all my shots and vaccinations for school, then late lunch with a friend that is now leaving for Virginia Tech so it's sad to see her go. We were at J. Sargeant Reynolds together for 2 years but worked previously before that together at where I still do retail. After that, I go work at that retail store :( such a long day and I hope the shots wont make me sleepy or that would suck at work.
I have been really thinking about the Japan trip a lot recently and I am not sure exactly where I want to go when I get there. There is so much I want to do there and when you think you can do it all on that small island, it really isn't that small of an island. Yes the bullet train speeds the travel at a heavy burden on the wallet though. Should I stay longer to view a bunch of sites or just go and stay with a family for a few weeks? Staying with a family in one location with a few trips will be the less expensive of the two that is for sure. Also, I wonder if I should get a International drivers license before I go lol. Lots to think about but I do have till 2012.

Well I am out, seya!
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Adding Otakon 2010 photos and more now

I finally got to edit some of my photos on to Flickr and now have them. I couldn't add all of them because there is a max per month that I can upload and the ones that I couldn't were the Nags Head ones so I will work on that! Enjoy them I will post links to them on the Photo page.

Also, just added some Gunpla Super Expo 2010 pic on my Gunpla blog, click here>

Updated: 3:10pm Eastern time
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Gunpla Super Expo yo

Sup people, the Gunpla Super Expo 2010 is happening right now. For those who don't really know what it is or don't follow it, Bandai each year I guess holds an event where the show their Gundam Models and merchandise that they will be releasing soon. Also they show off some exclusives that you can only purchase at the event itself. They are actually showing the first episode of Gunpla Builders (check the online vid page for the trailer), which is the newest Gundam series that has been produced other then Gundam UC. It is about a boy being inspired from the life size Gundam Statue in Japan and he starts to build gunpla (Gundam Models). Pretty much tons and tons of models will be there to view. Of course I can't be there as I am here in the United States and it is in Japan, oh rats. I will updated the Hobby page or the Hobby blog with a list of what is going on. It is A little long sorry about that. That blog has a page for my models, Pictures, and a list of up coming releases. I will be trying to updated it as much as I can. It is added to the links page and is also on the right panel under blogs that are followed for a quick click. I added a video clip to the hobby page though of the event if you want to check it out.

On with other news and such,
If you are in my area or D.C. area and really like Transformers the movies, then why not be in Transformers 3? Go here for the open casting call for extras that they need in D.C. that they will be filming later on this Summer. Who knows you might see Shia Labeouf and other cast members. I might submit an application but I have a feeling that I wont be wanted for this film. For the Akira film I will definitely submit one though! They are also looking for precision driving for the casting call in Transformers 3!

Yesterday at work I read a Majora's Mask Manga that was ten chapters and it was a little kiddy but I still read it never the less. I have been thinking and I really want to cosplay as Majora's Mask. I mean it is one of the coolest interesting characters from the Legend Of Zelda franchise that I think personally. I don't know what it is about the Skull Kid with that mask on, but it draws me in and is still my favorite game of the series, with Twilight Princess behind. All the characters are interesting in it and you have ton of side quests and can upgrade your sword as well.

I caught up on Claymore now at chapter 105 and it is getting intense and also I have been reading Golden Boy. Golden Boy is about a boy that travels and picks up new jobs everywhere he goes. He is like a master of the trade now. A lot of odd things happen to him, and it is a guy manga I'd say because it is a little perverted but I think anyone can read it and find it hilarious. I hope more chapters come out one day.... They are like 30 page chapters and usually it's one job per chapter unless it is an ark
Also, Fullmetal Alchemist is going to get a side story published soon so catch that when you can online. Check article.

I finished up Pom Pocco, another Studio Ghibli film this morning and the clear message of the film is please preserve our forest and our creatures that live there. We may not kill the creatures directly but when you kill their habitat they have no place to go and die from pollution, over population of people, cars and just everything about deforestation. It is centered around a clan/group of Raccoons. They can shape shift into other objects or animals. So in the film they try to live with the humans by transforming into human figures but it is a rough life for them and eventually most come back to the forest. Watch it, also it will be good for a child to see because they can be more sympathetic towards nature. I have now moved on to WhisperHeart from Studio Ghibli.
I don't know if you remember the article about Only Yesterday, film from Studio Ghibli, that is about a girl and it shows her kinda of growing up. It is hard to explain but it is a movie that I couldn't see a child enjoying though. Its mature to understand and become immersed with. Anyways, it is the first Studio Ghibli that is getting a stage adaptation! It is going to be a musical film that will run in Tokyo's Ginga Gekijo theater from April 16 to 29, 2011. Picked up the article at Anime News Network. It is a movie that has yet got a DVD release in the US but has been released in the UK and Australia.

Can't think of anything else people! Seya, and have a good day!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Pink Grasshopper!

pink grasshopper
Uploaded by berryzb.
Found this over at
Apparently Pink Grasshoppers are really rare and the guy who found it named it Mai :P

Also want to add this video of some ping pong, asians are crazy at ping pong!

Also added some info on my Hobby Page about Gunpla Super Expo 2010 which is Bandai having their show case for their newest models being released! It started today and so I will post with articles and info on the Hobby page!

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Little Fockers, Narnia and more lol

Here is the poster for the Little Focker's that will be the third movie in the series!
It is a funny series if you haven't see it. Probably one of the few movies that I like Adam in.
Also I added a video of The Avengers logo on the Movie page.
Also here below is another trailer of the next Narnia film

Also added it to the Movie tab for everyone to find it again. This movie looks good but I don't know if I want to spend $10 on a ticket to see either...$10 is just so much right now for a movie ticket for a college student. I might have to hit the Byrd Theater in Carry Town for like $2-3 for a ticket. That is worth it :)

I just added the Jackass 3D movie trailer to the Movie page towards the bottom. I didn't think they were making a third one but when you have "3D" out now why not make a third one just to use "3D" in the title lol, everyone else is doing it ha.
Here is an article that has some new pictures from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie!. Adding it to the Movie page as well.
Also I am glade to hear that Clover Field 2 is still high priority for J.J. Abrams who is currently working on Super 8. Here is the article over at MTV.
Last movie news are some release dates.
Breaking Dawn part 2 will be released November 16, 2012
Monsters, Inc. 2 is Nov. 2 2012
The Guardians, which I kinda want to see and is voiced by Leonardo DiCaprio is moved back to Nov. 21 2012
Beauty and the Beast (3D version) and another film that Disney/Pixar was working on called "newt" has been removed from the releases that they were going to do.

On to news that I heard on the radio and now found online. Link here. Girls now and days apparently in America start puberty around the ages of 7 and 8. Thats right 7 and 8, thats like 2nd grade people. That is super early. The study shows taht girls around those ages are starting breast development.
Quote from busniess Week article:
Among 7-year-olds, about 10.4 percent of white girls, 23.4 percent of black girls and almost 15 percent of Hispanic girls had started developing breasts, the team report in the September issue of Pediatrics. Among 8-year-olds, 18.3 percent of white girls, about 43 percent of black girls and just under 31 percent of Hispanic girls showed evidence of breast development.
That is just crazy to me how early on that is. Only plus I can see out of this is a boost in the sports bra industry because of the need of it more for a lot younger generation.
This also increases the risk of breast cancer as an adult when they start development this early. Their bodies may look as if they are around 13-16 but mentally they are still obviously that 7-8 year old you raised.
One of the biggest reasons is early obesity which triggers an early development. IT causes problems for doctors as when they are this young they can't tell if its fat tissue or breast tissue anymore since it occurs at such a younger age. Though statistics say girls with a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) are the ones that are starting the earliest of the girls.
Some intense stuff so check out the article if you like.
That is all I have for now, I enjoyed a long weekend with my girl friend and her brother and sister. She had to watch them as her parents enjoyed a cruise which I am sure was really nice! We have been trying to find a DVD of Castle in the Sky (Laputa) but Blockbuster around us doesn't have it and so we put it on the list of Netflix's to get to her house. She really wants to see it and I was trying to find if Cheap on Ebay to get. I found a box set of Studio Ghibli films (18 total) that have some of the movies in English, Japanese, Cantonese. Here is the link. Only reason I have yet to buy it is that it is $23 for shipping and the DVD but it is the Malaysian version and not the Japanese or America box set so the DVD quality isn't as good as the ladder. It is region free and should play on all DVD players but I might wait a sec to get it. Here is the link to an American box set of the Ghibli films, it is more money and less films but all Dubbed in English. For the movies on it though it is worth it if it works though. I am trying to finish up Pom Pocco right now which is about Raccoons fighting for the forest against humans that are trying to cut it down for homes.
I am sorry I have been so lazy about getting links and my photos online from the beach and the convention. I was with the girl friend this weekend as said and had a goo time seeing her. I wont see her much during school so I will soak up as much time as I can. I got to see one of my long time friends yesterday and we played tennis before she had to leave today for school. I lost >_> but I was close. I can get better and actually work out more now that I can use the VCU gym for free. I am going to try to get down to the campus this week to find my buildings and just to walk around a bit and use my parking pass. Get my moneys worth as they are $170 :(


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Friday, August 6, 2010

Iz been gone for a while

Hey everyone, I think the last time I posted was maybe 2 Thursdays ago so it has been a week. This will be my first post of August!
Anyways, I enjoyed going to Otakon 2010 this year. I went by myself and stayed at the Days Inn across the street with about 4 other people in the room. They were great room mates and would do it again with them. If you have heard around 2pm on Saturday at the convention center someone pulled a fire alarm and the entire center had to empty out on Pratt street or neighboring streets. It was crazy crowded out there since it was like early afternoon on the busiest day. That was probably the one bad thing that happened at the convention for me. I believe the con gathered about 29,000 + people this year which is more then the 26,000 some odd people of last year. I attended two of the concerts; Friday was the Yoshida Brothers concert and then on Sunday I watched the Home Made Kazoku concert. There first concert out of Japan was actually Otakon this year. They loved coming to the convention and loved our crowed. It was a great concert. Also, if you have not heard of the Yoshida Brothers and there traditional Japanese music, you might have in a early Wii commercial a few years back. Go check out the online vid page where I uploaded a video from YouTube and see if you have seen it before. I am sure you have ;)
I went to a few panels like the Mecha Fan Panel, Gundam Fan Panel and I loved just walking around and talking to people. I was wearing my Waldo costume on Friday, it was duck tape and it looked good. The Vendor/dealer room was great. Many great things but I am cheap. I picked up a Rei figure from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Studio Ghibli figure set number IV, which is the one from Laputa Castle in the Sky. I got two figures from Rurouni Kenshin that look great in front of the manga collection on my shelf, I picked up a revoltech figure from Evangelion. I also picked up what I call my prize at the con and glad I found it. It is a statue of Tetsuo when he is changing. Here is the link to it. If I can find Kaneda one where he is sitting on his home made seat that would be great. This is what it looks like. Also I picked up a limited run of a High Grade Exia Repair II Comic Con exclusive Metallic version at a booth selling and displaying Gundam Models. I grabbed the newest Evangelion model too when they marked the price down for the people. Alls the booths wouldn't go down in price so I didn't buy my MG Wing Custom Ver. Ka
The modelling contest had some great looking models that entered. I saw a MG Spiegel that I had though about getting and looking at the work man ship on it I actually sent an order for one yesterday while Hobby Link Japan has the half off FedEx shipping now, plus it is a hard to come by model. When I finish it and my MG God Gundam I will most likely display them attacking each other, I loved those charters a lot. There was a lot of great artwork in the Artist Alley but I really didn't think I had anymore room left on my walls to place anything. The best I could have done is bought it and save it for when I have my own place. I swear I will have my own room where I will have all my nerd stuff in, it can be called my 'office' hehe. Hope my wife wont mind that there is a room with game and anime wall scrolls and artwork on the walls and a few selves of models and figures. I will also make a glowing green or blue desk with a comfy seat. Honesty I don't think my girl friend will mind, heck I think I managed to convince her to go to Nekocon this November down in Hampton Roads.
Once again a great year at the con, enjoyed it except for the fire alarm and the traffic was actually bad going to and leaving Baltimore >_>
I will still be trying to get the photos up of Jocky's Ridge from the Outer Banks and also the photos that came out from Otakon. I really didn't take that many photos though so I will link to a few photo albums that I find online, and I will added it to the Otaku page where I talk about Otakon. I also just updated the Otaku page and added a few links to new chapters suh as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. It will be hard to read manga online now as some of my favorite places to read like will not feature anymore manga that is licensed as the manga industry doesn't support the scanning and translating of their manga online so they dropped the manga that has the licensing. Unless the website it's self gets the support from the industry they wont appear on those manga reading sites anymore.
Work has been going slow this week as my two bosses are on vacation so I have been sitting here reading up on all the manga that I have been missing out on. I would watch some anime but I think I will stick to reading off the screen for now. Yesterday evening a terrible storm came through Richmond and central Virginia and caused some flooding in parts of Midlothian and South Side of Richmond. I was down at Bush gardens and we left to head to my girl friends grandparents house to wait it out and when we left it started to rain really hard. She managed to get us there safe but she almost slept on the drive home when I tried to offer to drive >_>
I am wondering if I will get the chance to go to D.C. this summer on one of the weekends with my mom or girl friend. Since both can't do it this weekend it can't be this weekend and school is nearing everyday now. I still need my books!! I am selling a few online right now and also looking for a Studio Ghibli box set DVD too, so if you have one and looking to sell new or used send me a message!
Looking on the net I found a great time laps video of the 59 foot Gundam Statue that I have posted links to pictures plenty of times. I will added it to the Online Vid page an here it is below

Also adding a fan made AKIRA live action trailer to the Online Vid page. It wasn't that bad either and used a lot of footage from movies that I have seen that actually work for the movie itself. Please go check it out.

I got nothing else that I can think of off the top of my head! Seya

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