Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road to Otakon 2010

Well I am at work but soon will leave early afternoon to go to Baltimore, it should be a great weekend but I will not have my laptop with me so I will not be able to post a lot over the weekend till Sunday night maybe. I will have my cell, I might post from there. I will takes lots of pictures and see if any will come out! I will be in the line early tomorrow morning so come find me or what not, I will be wearing a Waldo costume made out duck tape one of the days for a while so people can find me. Bandai is also releasing some information at there panel Saturday night at 9pm in Panel Room 3. Might say they are coming out with a new Gundam series or something, who knows. I will have a few things that I might try to trade or sell like a Costume from D.Gray Man, Manga and other stuff. I will be at a few meet ups with the people on the Otakon Web Boards. MY user name is Samshio, go figure, you can find me there and post with me or PM me! That is pretty much all I have been doing the past few days other t hen working, and that's roaming on the Web Boards on lol
I hope everyone has a good weekend, at Otakon or not, and I wish my girl friends old room mate a congrats on this Saturday, she is getting married! I wish them all the luck they can get as it is a hard thing to pull off, especially at the age of 19 and still a full time student.
Adios Peeps!

Samshio ©

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