Thursday, July 15, 2010

Motorola Droid X is here people!

Motorola Droid X is here
Are you going to pick this up at your Verizon Wireless carrier? I wont, because I am cheap lol. Anyways, I don't know that much about this phone actually other then it is made by Motorola and joins the first Droid and Droid Incredible on the Verizon Wireless market as some strong smart phones. When I see the photo of it, it resembles a lot like the first Droid that came out. It is $200 with a purchase of a plan, and apparently has the same specks as the Evo 4G over on Sprint except that it isn't 4G and does not have a front facing camera for that video chat yo. Get it if you want it, but I don't really care for a Motorola phone anymore.
Anyone tired of all the news articles about the iPhone 4's antenna problem. I see articles about how people are complaining about the problem and how Apple should fix it. I am sure Apple is working on fixing the problem since it is a big product. Plus it is hard for Apple to repair all the millions that were bought during the first week in a record time. Thats a crap load of phones people. Especially if they were going to remake them and replace the older ones, it is a lot of time and money that Apple can afford because Apple fan boys are mindless zombies will wait for their iPhone 4. Without a doubt. People will complain about the antennae problem, but you don't see them changing to another phone, not going to happen.
The Old Spice guy that you see in those amazing commercials is getting around on the net like YouTube and Twitter. Check this article out where their is an interview with him and an article under it talking about his commercials and how people want more of him and the commercials. They are fantastic commercials and catch my attention. Genius.
Remember those post I had about the 1 to 1 ratio Gundam that was standing in Tokyo Bay and now moved to another part of Japan. Well China is fighting back with Optimus Prime, but much smaller. Made from recycled material and in front of the Olympic Park
Speaking of Optimus Prime, more photos from the set are here.
People, check the "Legend of the Guardians" footage out. It is an epic tale like Lord of the Rings, but it is all CGI and the characters are all Owls. When I saw the trailer with my girl friend the other day from going to see the Last Airbender, it looked great and I might actually see it, if tickets were not $10. Here is an article on it and it is from the same guy who did 300 and Watchman so it has that look. The article has lots of info in it and it's from a book series. Check it<
Super heroes, super heroes, here is a link to an article on Thor and Captain America, and how they will both be in 3D, oh goodie.
As you can tell from these great movies coming out, Comic Con this year will be the place to be, and talking about conventions, Otakon's last day for preregistration ends tomorrow at the price of $75. You can wait in the looong line for your badge though if you want.
Holy crap a life size bust of an Evangelion Eva-01! It is a project that will open up next Friday to the masses. This is so cool, there is a life size Gundam and now Eva unit in Japan, I have got to get over there now!.
BEST article ever, made me smile very big. My favorite, besides Katsuhiro Otomo, animation director, writer and producer Hayao Miyazaki doesn't like the iPad. This is a creative imaginative person that has created masterful works like Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service says quote, "compared the iPad gestures to that of masturbation and called it disgusting. Freaking hilarious. This guy is old fashion and unlike most animation companies with their CGI and computer animation, he does it by the hand. He doesn't even own a computer but comes out with great stories with great and beautiful animation and I admire him for his work. Original Article is here but is in Japanese :P
People in Richmond, just want to let you know please conserve your water, we are in a drought and using it on grass every morning is not conservative. I see people on Cary Street with t he old houses just using it way to much and completely saturating the yard. Now there is a issued Drought Watch for the Richmond Metro area, please conserve. And recycle :)
That is all I got as of now, Jane! (seya in Japanese)

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