Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Metroid: Other M Trailer

Hey everyone, I added another Video to the Video page from YouTube. It is another gameplay/story trailer for the game that is due out at the end of August. I need to go put more money down on it!
Also, if you like modeling and are pretty darn good at it and it is mecha, try giving the Otakon modelling contest a whirl, and you can also enter the Model Kit World Cup it everyone entering across the world for one winner. Here is the link on the Otakon site. I'll be checking some of them out while I spend a ton of time in the Artist Alley.
Also, added to the otaku page too, a live feed of t he dealers room. They are setting up the dealers room down underneath the streets of Baltimore! Might have to wait for an add to finish.
If you want to catch me at the convention, I will probably be wearing my Waldo costume for fun also I will be at a meet at the out door terrace that is now open on Friday at 4:30pm. Check the forums for that meet.
Also, I updated the movie page and added a link to explosion videos that were taken during filming of Transformers 3, I added Yogi Bear (coming Christmas this year) poster, A link to four more promo pictures for Green Lantern. Enjoy those my friends.

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