Friday, July 16, 2010

If you have noticed....the new content :)

Hey everyone, I have been messing around with the web page and found where I can start up some extra pages that will have more specifics. So far I have a movies, photos, online video's, recommendation to anything, Japan Otaku and a link's page. They will have some content of their own. In the movies section right now I have the photos form Green Lantern from Entertainment Weekly. You can click on them and get the full size version, also I updated the link's page with some of my favorite sites, and in the photo's page I have posted the first album I have. I have it in Flickr also but I found that I can use the Google picasa account. Also, the article before when I mention that new series that Bandai and Sunrise will release on Gunpla Builders, I just got the link to the trailer on YouTube and it is on the Online Videos page. The site is coming along very well, and I don't actually think I have really update the other sites too. I have now found that I am more content with this site :) Please if You have any comments or something you want me to change or look into please feel free to post on the site. I will still use the home page as my main post page just as I have been doing. I might put up a follow up page where I will post the things people want me to talk about in it. I am going to practice with html and java so I can put together better articles and pages.
In the mean while enjoy the rest of your Friday everyone, seya!

P.S. If you have noticed that the panel of things on my site that use to be on the right hand side kind of dropped to the bottom of my articles, trying to fix it. Any suggestions?

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