Friday, July 16, 2010

Green Lantern Photos and more!

Hey everyone how are you guys today? I managed to get out of the house yesterday for another trip down to Busch Garden’s for some fun. They do fireworks every night and I recommend it once again to go down there and see them. I finally exchanged some Tamiya spray paint for more paint but different color and now I can get the right color for my Deathscythe model, and save the money. Now I am lacking primer and I have been using Krylon spray paint and also for the basic colors. Krylon Fusion paint that is mae for plastics have been working really well for me and it is a pretty decent size can for about $4.88 at a Walmart. It sure beats getting the Tamiya paint from Japan because it is like half the size of a Krylon can or less then half and it is $6.50 plus tax at my hobby shop (Hobby Town). When using the Krylon make sure you don’t over coat it, you don’t want a thick spray job on your model.

There was a 3.6 magnitude earth quake in Maryland that was felt in D.C. this morning around the time of 5 am. It was just south of route 270, Washington National Pike. Here is the link.
I was reading an article about some artifacts found at ground zero, where the World Trade Center site is now. An old wooden vessel was un-earth during construction and they are now trying to figure out the history on it. They say it has to been there from the late 18th century since old 1797 maps show streets over where they vessel is now laying. Here is the link for the vessel.
Apparently the Droid X did really well day one because they are sold out everywhere. Apparently Verizon wanted to get it right and be well stocked and thought they were not going to have some outages but they still had them in the many stores in America, and even online also. I just finally got around to look at the specs of the phone and it is up there with the other high end smart phones. The screen is just as big as the Evo 4G which is bigger the then new iPhone’s. I just never got into the Droid’s but I still like many of HTC’s phone designs. I still like the look of the Nexus One. Article.
Other news about Gundam, people it is the 30th anniversary of Gunpla (Gundam plastic models) and Bandai has been putting a lot out this past year in honor of it. The life size Gunam they built along with all the special models and clear part kits they have been putting on the market. I even posted about the Gundam phone that they put together that looked awesome. Well now ANA put together a plane that is Gudam themed. Much like their Pokemon plane they have over Japan skies. Pretty neat. It flies out today!. Also, Bandai and Sunrise animation are putting out a new series on Gundam and it isn’t about the usual Gundam story, it is about a boy that gets into Gunpla, the modelling of Gundam models! Should be interesting.
Jennifer Lawrence well play Mystique in the new X-Men: First Class movie.
This thread in a forum shows another picture from the up coming Thor movie!
More photos online for the Green Lantern movie. I was just talking to my girl friends dad and he can’t wait for this movie to hit theaters.
Lastly, Inception hits theaters today which stars Leonardo Dicaprio. This movie looks intense and is shot in various places on the planet. I am going to try to see it with my mother soon. Leonardo comes out with great films, Shutter Island was a great one that is the most recent. Blood Diamond is still one of my favorite’s also. Great actor people.

That is all I have, today is the last day to pre register for Otakon and it looks like I am actually not going anymore. It is depressing since I was really excited but people fell out and it will cost me $200 just to go not including feeding myself or buying in the Vendors room. I am upset and it was supposed to be my Vacation but I am still going to the beach next weekend in Nags Head.

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