Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girl Friends birthday

Hey everyone, today is my girl friends birthday and she turned 19 years old. Still a teen but what can I do. I'm still at working not really doing anything and I really could use the time to pack for the weekend since I have to work both jobs tomorrow and I leave right from work Thursday.Just want to pack before My girl and I go out you know? Crap I still need to put my clothes in the washer and dryer or I will have nothing to wear, and I guess I need to find my cosplay outfit and also get money together if I am ever going to pay for my room and ticket and merchandise. I didn't realize that I had so little time to do all of this. Well, I don't really have any news to talk about today, haven't really looked other than the Otakon boards page talking (username is samshio, go figure). I'll be at the con all the days and I'll be up there on Thursday, if you want to meet up, email me at samshino@yahoo.com or just go down to my followers block and find me in there and send me a message thanks !

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