Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day Zero of Comic-Con

Good morning everyone, it is the day before Comic Con 2010 and people are already there taking photos and experiencing the con. Many things are being revealed already at the convention like Thor, Captain America: The first Avenger, RED, The Green Hornet and much much more. USA Today revealed another Thor photo, and you can also get to the link on the Movies page. Also, here is a link to 2 exclusive movie posters that look more like art work for the movies Captain America, and Thor. They were revealed at Comic-Con and on, I will leave the link on the Movies page also. One more thing for Comic-Con is a link to a photo gallery at !
Otakon, has yet to reveal their schedule so I have no clue what I will be doing there and I asked around to see if there was anyone needing an extra head in there room to make it cheaper for all of us.
Arrietty (The Borrowers) film that was put out over its first weekend from Studio Ghibli raked in a little over 1 million tickets. Not to bad but it looks as if it didn't do as well as Ponyo. Check the article at I will add the link to the Japan Otaku page as well.

Danny Choo went to Edo Wonderland and posted an article on it. He was on vacation and I found it to be interesting that they have a place like this that shows what Japan looked like in the Edo period. There are also hot springs there and it is located on the upper island of Japan, in Noboribetsu in Hokkaido. I have been thinking about a family to stay with in Hokkaido but in a different town about an hour or so away. Here is the article and also I added his site to my links page if you want to check that out.

I went to see Inception last night with my mother, finally making up for her birthday, and mothers day. She wanted to see Toy Story 3 but I think she was a lot more happy with this. They movie was fantastic and the best I have seen in a while. Just the shear idea and the time they probably put into writing the script and to developing the whole entire movie and story. Leonardo did a great job and I was truly happy seeing this film. There is a big question though, (talking about end of film: Spoiler) when at the film and Leonard spins the top, it jumped to the credits before we saw whether the top stopped spinning or just kept on spinning. In reality the top would stop spinning and we would know that Leonard isn't dreaming anymore. Also, Leonardo spun it and walked away, insinuating that he really didn't care whether he was still stuck in a dream or not, he was just happy that he was finally home and with his children. Just like LOST, people will still keep asking about this and the ending. It wont leave my mind for a while, I would recommend it to people who are good at following movies and not asking questions during it, like my sister. She has a bad habit of doing that.

As for local news, it seams that at the public hearing is in high support of the high speed rail system that I mentioned in yesterdays article. Instead though they are talking about a rail from Richmond to Raleigh, North Carolina. Nearly 200 people attended the meeting. The train would reach speeds of 110mph, and the main goal would be Washington, Richmond and Charlotte. It is still going to be a lot of work and money needed for it and sounds like the want to use the Main Street Station down in the bottom as a station. Article here.

I feel that it is always good to know what is going on around me in my neighborhood of the world. I have to keep up with the community, I have been here for 20 years and it is part of my business after all. I want what is best for me, my future and perhaps the future of my family if we remain here. I was an Eagle Scout so I always have that part of my mind seeing what is happening in the community that I grew up in. Everyone should check in with t heir local news, heck you might be surprised what is happening in your area.

I got work tonight and then I am out, so I may not post till Sunday unless I post tomorrow morning. I'll see you guys!

Updated: Wednesday July 21st
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