Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 is over

Well, I was looking online and found a ton of things that I can link to that was shown at Comic-Con 2010. It was just a huge amount of things that I would have to cover all because I went to the Outer Banks and roasted my back.
Comic-Con this year had tons of excitement, a lot having to do with Thor, Capitan America and the big comic movies that are coming out! They showed off pieces of costumes from Captain America and Thor and I will try to get those pictures up or at least the links. They previewed a lot of movies, it is just a huge amount of things that was covered.
In the movies section you will see that I updated it with mostly things that were covered in Comic-Con. I have links for Transformers 3, Thor, The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger, Monsters, Saw 3D, Green Lantern, and Godzilla. I just checked the Monsters teaser and it looks pretty awesome as I like apocalyptic movies, especially if you include aliens or huge monsters in it just like Cloverfield and the way that was done. Holding back at what the monster/alien is or exactly what is happening to the planet makes it suspenseful. Check out the links over there and the news that I had added to it.
I am working now on confirming my room with random people for Otakon but I should be there to enjoy, take pictures and buy things of course. I have to get my burn off my back and it should be gone by then.
I took some pictures at Jocky's Ridge down at Kill Devil Hills and should have that on my photo page for people to look at. I saw a lot of blue crab and evil purse (egg case) washed up on shore this weekend. The sun was brutal down there on the sand and the water was like 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. It was weird and almost to cold to enjoy wit the hot sun. A lot of the sea gulls were eating the Blue crab that was washed up on shore which I have never seen so many washed up ever.
We were staying at The Beacon Motor Lodge, location here, and it was a nice place. It had all the things you needed a bed and a shower, the room we stayed in was pretty small but who cares. These families that were staying there apparently all come down the same week at the same time for a few years now so they are like one big community when we were there. It was cool to see but this guy named Joe was hitting on my sister and was also talking up a storm with my dad and mom, it was weird. He also had tons of alcohol each day and he was like 20 years old. All good though, didn't here him do anything stupid while we were there. Also when we were heading out a group of bikers rolled in the day before and partied hard at the complex. They were leaded by a younger girl but all the guys listened to her and did as they were told.
I had some great sea food, the sea food there is usually good where ever you go but it can rack up really fast in money. The Dunes Restaurant was very hommie up till about 2 or 3 years ago when it was renovated and the outside looks the same but in the inside it has completely changed The meals are really expensive too and it just looks to touristy now. I liked the hommie feel at restaurants because I feel like they care more about the people and the food rather the look you know? Also we went to Darell's which hasn't changed hardly at all since I remember it. It is in Manteo across from Big Al's and they prices were a little better and I really enjoyed my Grilled Mahi-Mahi and their green beans were fantastic. Recommended. Also, if you have been down to Nags Head and the surrounding towns, check out Manteo, there are lots of things to do there also and it is a nice town. They have the Lost Colony (a show), The Elizabethan Gardens, the Aquarium, Roanoke Island Festival Park, and small places to shop and shows and small festivals. I have gone to all of those but the Elizabethan Gardens and the Lost Colony show but my mom said the show was great. Like I said, a nice town to check out. Also we went to a place called Henry's, which I had not been to before and it was hommie and the prices were very nice and I had Grouper and it tasted great, and I had never had it before. On our way home yesterday we stopped at the Jolly Rogers for breakfast and it was good and they dress up like pirates to serve you. Great place to go to to eat, check it out.
It was a nice few days but the sun and the cold water was a turn off this year :(
I threw in a lot of links there if you are planning a trip down there, you can also comment on here with some questions and I can give you many ideas of things to do down there. There is a lot to do if it is your first time, and I have been a good 10 times now if that :P
I probably should be getting back to work, if I actually had work...
Seya and I will post if I find anything else I missed this weekend!

Update: Added info to Otaku page and Hobby page about Wonder Festival 2010 Summer.

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