Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to the Future self-lacing shoes

Back to the Future: Hacker Makes Self-Lacing Sneakers
Ok this is pretty cool, and the fact that the shoes are really bright colored is hilarious! I was literally talking to my girl friend yesterday about Back to the Future. She has only seen the first movie, which I was surprised she hasn't seen the other two. The last one I could care less about if she didn't see it but I still want her to see them all.
Justin Bieber had some video's hacked into over the weekend on YouTube. Apparently there was a hole where hackers could place html/Java script code into the page and when people pressed play for the video they were redirected to pornography. They also put things on there that said he had died too. Google went to work and fixed up the hole in a few hours. If I didn't know better, YouTube seams to be one of the biggest site that gets hacked over and over again by these same people lol. I don't blame them for hacking Justin Bieber, or Twilight trailers or something.
A man out in Switzerland has started to test out his solar powered plane by doing a 24 hour flight. The plane has 4 electric motors and can go about 70 kilometers per hour. It has about 12,000 solar cells to power the plane. This is great thinking that people are coming up with now and days. On electric plane running on solar power is fantastic, I mean it's in the air where the sun can reach it. Plus it catches enough sun during the day to run in the darkness of night. People are coming out with more ways so we don't have to rely on fuel!
The HTC Vision mobile phone pic has been leaked and instead of most of HTC's smart phones, this one has a QWERTY keyboard. It looks a lot like the G1 which is considered the first Google phone years ago. It has a 3.7 touch screen, will run on Android 2.1 and has a 1Ghz processor. Some people might like this as it has the keyboard and gives the extra option if you don't like to touch screen keyboard that much.
Head over to Mozilla's site and download Firefox 4 beta, if you still use that rubbish lol. Version 3.5 came out last year and Version 3 came out a few years ago. Honestly, Chrome works people lol. But anyways, Firefox 4 will have new enhancement and heck, maybe it will be faster with all the add ons it can have. Download and try it out, I might but I am not going to rely on it.
Another piece of movie information is that James Cameron, Director of Avatar, is working on a 3D version of Titanic for a April, 2012 release. Go figure, that is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic! This 3D stuff isn't going to stop >_>
Speaking of Anniversary, it is my first year anniversary with my girl friend. I just want to throw out that I love her so much and I am glad to be with her. I just want to get out of work and go do something with her. Ahh, hurry up day!

Alright seya guys!

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