Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anime Expo-Day Zero

Hey everyone, I am not going to really talk about news today. I'm still chilling at work with some work on my hands but not to much. Today is what they call "Day Zero" of Anime Expo. It is the day right before AX starts which is Friday. Anime Expo is the largest Anime convention in the United States, with Otakon number two. I am actually planning on going to AX in a few years as it will be the destination of a long road trip from Virginia to Los Angles. Yes, that is a long road trip but I will have graduated and I will be taking probably a few weeks off for this trip and go to places along the way. Danny Choo, who I follow at his site is going to give a talk there on how he is where he is now.
I have dinner tonight with my girl friends family with my family going to. Should be interesting, but gosh I am hungry now. I kinda want to get out early today and tomorrow. I have Monday off for holiday and I am also going to my orientation next Friday for school. I am trying like crazy to get this coming Wednesday off at my retail job because it is my first year anniversary with my girl friend and I already work during the day so I need the night off. What to do, you know? Anyone got ideas what to get her? I am screwed lol.
I was browsing online and found a sweet 8 inch tall figure of Son Goku in his snow outfit from Dragon Ball. Kinda want to buy it but I already ordered something from HLJ (model) so I should have shipped it with that lol. Maybe I will find it at Otakon, doubt it though. I think I found some one to go to Otakon with since my original plan includes people that don't know what to do... Well he said he will get back to me later today if not tomorrow. Some good news!
Can't wait for the weekend, and no one has emailed me about an old monitor or my canoe yet on craigslist yet. I get the spam but no actually interest yet.
Wimbledon is going on and I think the finals are this weekend, I have not really kept up with it as much as the French Open. Honestly I need to play more tennis or bad mitten. Stuff is fun and actually keeps me moving since I sit around most the day. Well, catch you later people, and go see The Last Airbender, NOT Eclipse. Thanks :P


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