Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road to Otakon 2010

Well I am at work but soon will leave early afternoon to go to Baltimore, it should be a great weekend but I will not have my laptop with me so I will not be able to post a lot over the weekend till Sunday night maybe. I will have my cell, I might post from there. I will takes lots of pictures and see if any will come out! I will be in the line early tomorrow morning so come find me or what not, I will be wearing a Waldo costume made out duck tape one of the days for a while so people can find me. Bandai is also releasing some information at there panel Saturday night at 9pm in Panel Room 3. Might say they are coming out with a new Gundam series or something, who knows. I will have a few things that I might try to trade or sell like a Costume from D.Gray Man, Manga and other stuff. I will be at a few meet ups with the people on the Otakon Web Boards. MY user name is Samshio, go figure, you can find me there and post with me or PM me! That is pretty much all I have been doing the past few days other t hen working, and that's roaming on the Web Boards on lol
I hope everyone has a good weekend, at Otakon or not, and I wish my girl friends old room mate a congrats on this Saturday, she is getting married! I wish them all the luck they can get as it is a hard thing to pull off, especially at the age of 19 and still a full time student.
Adios Peeps!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Metroid: Other M Trailer

Hey everyone, I added another Video to the Video page from YouTube. It is another gameplay/story trailer for the game that is due out at the end of August. I need to go put more money down on it!
Also, if you like modeling and are pretty darn good at it and it is mecha, try giving the Otakon modelling contest a whirl, and you can also enter the Model Kit World Cup it everyone entering across the world for one winner. Here is the link on the Otakon site. I'll be checking some of them out while I spend a ton of time in the Artist Alley.
Also, added to the otaku page too, a live feed of t he dealers room. They are setting up the dealers room down underneath the streets of Baltimore! Might have to wait for an add to finish.
If you want to catch me at the convention, I will probably be wearing my Waldo costume for fun also I will be at a meet at the out door terrace that is now open on Friday at 4:30pm. Check the forums for that meet.
Also, I updated the movie page and added a link to explosion videos that were taken during filming of Transformers 3, I added Yogi Bear (coming Christmas this year) poster, A link to four more promo pictures for Green Lantern. Enjoy those my friends.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girl Friends birthday

Hey everyone, today is my girl friends birthday and she turned 19 years old. Still a teen but what can I do. I'm still at working not really doing anything and I really could use the time to pack for the weekend since I have to work both jobs tomorrow and I leave right from work Thursday.Just want to pack before My girl and I go out you know? Crap I still need to put my clothes in the washer and dryer or I will have nothing to wear, and I guess I need to find my cosplay outfit and also get money together if I am ever going to pay for my room and ticket and merchandise. I didn't realize that I had so little time to do all of this. Well, I don't really have any news to talk about today, haven't really looked other than the Otakon boards page talking (username is samshio, go figure). I'll be at the con all the days and I'll be up there on Thursday, if you want to meet up, email me at or just go down to my followers block and find me in there and send me a message thanks !

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 is over

Well, I was looking online and found a ton of things that I can link to that was shown at Comic-Con 2010. It was just a huge amount of things that I would have to cover all because I went to the Outer Banks and roasted my back.
Comic-Con this year had tons of excitement, a lot having to do with Thor, Capitan America and the big comic movies that are coming out! They showed off pieces of costumes from Captain America and Thor and I will try to get those pictures up or at least the links. They previewed a lot of movies, it is just a huge amount of things that was covered.
In the movies section you will see that I updated it with mostly things that were covered in Comic-Con. I have links for Transformers 3, Thor, The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger, Monsters, Saw 3D, Green Lantern, and Godzilla. I just checked the Monsters teaser and it looks pretty awesome as I like apocalyptic movies, especially if you include aliens or huge monsters in it just like Cloverfield and the way that was done. Holding back at what the monster/alien is or exactly what is happening to the planet makes it suspenseful. Check out the links over there and the news that I had added to it.
I am working now on confirming my room with random people for Otakon but I should be there to enjoy, take pictures and buy things of course. I have to get my burn off my back and it should be gone by then.
I took some pictures at Jocky's Ridge down at Kill Devil Hills and should have that on my photo page for people to look at. I saw a lot of blue crab and evil purse (egg case) washed up on shore this weekend. The sun was brutal down there on the sand and the water was like 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. It was weird and almost to cold to enjoy wit the hot sun. A lot of the sea gulls were eating the Blue crab that was washed up on shore which I have never seen so many washed up ever.
We were staying at The Beacon Motor Lodge, location here, and it was a nice place. It had all the things you needed a bed and a shower, the room we stayed in was pretty small but who cares. These families that were staying there apparently all come down the same week at the same time for a few years now so they are like one big community when we were there. It was cool to see but this guy named Joe was hitting on my sister and was also talking up a storm with my dad and mom, it was weird. He also had tons of alcohol each day and he was like 20 years old. All good though, didn't here him do anything stupid while we were there. Also when we were heading out a group of bikers rolled in the day before and partied hard at the complex. They were leaded by a younger girl but all the guys listened to her and did as they were told.
I had some great sea food, the sea food there is usually good where ever you go but it can rack up really fast in money. The Dunes Restaurant was very hommie up till about 2 or 3 years ago when it was renovated and the outside looks the same but in the inside it has completely changed The meals are really expensive too and it just looks to touristy now. I liked the hommie feel at restaurants because I feel like they care more about the people and the food rather the look you know? Also we went to Darell's which hasn't changed hardly at all since I remember it. It is in Manteo across from Big Al's and they prices were a little better and I really enjoyed my Grilled Mahi-Mahi and their green beans were fantastic. Recommended. Also, if you have been down to Nags Head and the surrounding towns, check out Manteo, there are lots of things to do there also and it is a nice town. They have the Lost Colony (a show), The Elizabethan Gardens, the Aquarium, Roanoke Island Festival Park, and small places to shop and shows and small festivals. I have gone to all of those but the Elizabethan Gardens and the Lost Colony show but my mom said the show was great. Like I said, a nice town to check out. Also we went to a place called Henry's, which I had not been to before and it was hommie and the prices were very nice and I had Grouper and it tasted great, and I had never had it before. On our way home yesterday we stopped at the Jolly Rogers for breakfast and it was good and they dress up like pirates to serve you. Great place to go to to eat, check it out.
It was a nice few days but the sun and the cold water was a turn off this year :(
I threw in a lot of links there if you are planning a trip down there, you can also comment on here with some questions and I can give you many ideas of things to do down there. There is a lot to do if it is your first time, and I have been a good 10 times now if that :P
I probably should be getting back to work, if I actually had work...
Seya and I will post if I find anything else I missed this weekend!

Update: Added info to Otaku page and Hobby page about Wonder Festival 2010 Summer.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back with burn

Hey everyone I am back and those 2 post that were there were probably the attempts that I made at posting via cell phone and something was wrong with Blogger so they didn't really come out. I am just posting really quick as I am busy the rest of the day and I have some photos and will be posting about the beach and also talk about Otakon and I am sure bring p stuff related to Comic Con.
Stay Tunned!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Schedule online for Otakon

Hey everyone, the schedule is online for Otakon now, I added the link to the Otaku page of the site and also Naruto chapter 503 was released and added it to the bottom of the Otaku page to
I hope you enjoy it and I think I may have found people to stay with while I am at the con. It will cost me but I thought about it and I have enough fun so I am pretty sure I will enjoy myself. I hope everyone has a good weekend, I know I will and I hope it isn't way to hot, but that is nearly impossible to wish during this summer. I'll miss the kitten and I hope the plants wont fry in the sun.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pug Says 'Batman' When it Barks

Pug Says 'Batman' When it Barks
This is hilarious, this pug dog when it barks, it sounds like Batman. Check it out

Day Zero of Comic-Con

Good morning everyone, it is the day before Comic Con 2010 and people are already there taking photos and experiencing the con. Many things are being revealed already at the convention like Thor, Captain America: The first Avenger, RED, The Green Hornet and much much more. USA Today revealed another Thor photo, and you can also get to the link on the Movies page. Also, here is a link to 2 exclusive movie posters that look more like art work for the movies Captain America, and Thor. They were revealed at Comic-Con and on, I will leave the link on the Movies page also. One more thing for Comic-Con is a link to a photo gallery at !
Otakon, has yet to reveal their schedule so I have no clue what I will be doing there and I asked around to see if there was anyone needing an extra head in there room to make it cheaper for all of us.
Arrietty (The Borrowers) film that was put out over its first weekend from Studio Ghibli raked in a little over 1 million tickets. Not to bad but it looks as if it didn't do as well as Ponyo. Check the article at I will add the link to the Japan Otaku page as well.

Danny Choo went to Edo Wonderland and posted an article on it. He was on vacation and I found it to be interesting that they have a place like this that shows what Japan looked like in the Edo period. There are also hot springs there and it is located on the upper island of Japan, in Noboribetsu in Hokkaido. I have been thinking about a family to stay with in Hokkaido but in a different town about an hour or so away. Here is the article and also I added his site to my links page if you want to check that out.

I went to see Inception last night with my mother, finally making up for her birthday, and mothers day. She wanted to see Toy Story 3 but I think she was a lot more happy with this. They movie was fantastic and the best I have seen in a while. Just the shear idea and the time they probably put into writing the script and to developing the whole entire movie and story. Leonardo did a great job and I was truly happy seeing this film. There is a big question though, (talking about end of film: Spoiler) when at the film and Leonard spins the top, it jumped to the credits before we saw whether the top stopped spinning or just kept on spinning. In reality the top would stop spinning and we would know that Leonard isn't dreaming anymore. Also, Leonardo spun it and walked away, insinuating that he really didn't care whether he was still stuck in a dream or not, he was just happy that he was finally home and with his children. Just like LOST, people will still keep asking about this and the ending. It wont leave my mind for a while, I would recommend it to people who are good at following movies and not asking questions during it, like my sister. She has a bad habit of doing that.

As for local news, it seams that at the public hearing is in high support of the high speed rail system that I mentioned in yesterdays article. Instead though they are talking about a rail from Richmond to Raleigh, North Carolina. Nearly 200 people attended the meeting. The train would reach speeds of 110mph, and the main goal would be Washington, Richmond and Charlotte. It is still going to be a lot of work and money needed for it and sounds like the want to use the Main Street Station down in the bottom as a station. Article here.

I feel that it is always good to know what is going on around me in my neighborhood of the world. I have to keep up with the community, I have been here for 20 years and it is part of my business after all. I want what is best for me, my future and perhaps the future of my family if we remain here. I was an Eagle Scout so I always have that part of my mind seeing what is happening in the community that I grew up in. Everyone should check in with t heir local news, heck you might be surprised what is happening in your area.

I got work tonight and then I am out, so I may not post till Sunday unless I post tomorrow morning. I'll see you guys!

Updated: Wednesday July 21st
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Following: Nissan Leaf

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I added an article with information that I compiled from My girl friend wanted me to check into the Nissan Leaf for her which is a zero emissions car that is fully electric! I put a picture up, a link to a Youtube video, and the main page on the Nissan USA site on the product where you can reserver your own for $100. I also added a link on my Otaku page for Comic-con which is actually right around the corner. Closer then Otakon, it starts this Thursday and ends Sunday. Four days of nerds and comics, pretty awesome stuff.
Check you guys later!

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Metroid: Other M interviews

Good morning to everyone, how did everyone sleep? I did soundly after I watched Everybody loves Raymond. Watch an episode if you haven't.
On to news, I found a 16 minute interview from the creators of the newer Metroid game coming out; Metroid: Other M. It is headed my Team Ninja, who has done Ninja Gaiden. It will be a mix of 2D and 3D game play so kinda a mix of the original Metroid and with Metroid Prime. It looks really good and has been delayed already. It comes out August 31st which stinks because I will have already started school and I have a very busy schedule with work, school, and school work. Well here is the link to the article and I also have the video's posted if you just want to watch it from my blog site. It is over at the Online Video's page. I thought about putting a video game page up but nothing much exciting other then E3 has happened, the industry is kinda slow this year. The Gundam traitor is still on the video page for those who haven't seen it.
Also I updated the link to the Thor pictures on the movie page, and also added at the bottom of the Movie page that Bruce Greenwood says that the second Star Trek film will start filming this January. Added link to the article and also I have yet to really sit down and watch the first movie. I wasn't paying attention to it the one time and saw parts of it.
Speaking of movies, what does everyone think of Inception? I am going to go see it at 6:25 tonight and I am rather thrilled about it.
I leave Thursday for the Outer Banks so I may or may not be able to post other then from phone so the post will be short. I wont have a computer with me because I don't think I will have Wifi. Regardless, I will have a vacation and I will try to take some pictures of the Outer Banks to post. Once again, I yet have a new camera so I may not get nice shots with the old one, but I will try!
I am trying to find things that interest me and to talk about in the news but not much is happening at all that is why it is so short recently.
Well as for local news of Richmond, the mayor is planning on building a new city jail on top of the old city jail on South Side, estimated cost will be around $138 million, and awaits city council's approval. Link here.
Also I have been seeing much articles and post on various pages about Richmond needing a high speed rail train going through for transportation. One especially would help going from Richmond to D.C. and maybe Richmond to Norfolk. It's true we could use one and it could cut back on the traffic going and coming from D.C. for those who have to commute there. Our train speeds are way slow when you compare to Europe and Japan. Japan has the fast train and it goes like 200mph which covers tons of area. I could reach my grandmothers house in Maryland in an hour rather then the 3 an a half hours if you think about it. Problem is we don't get much money ($75 million, yeah it is still a lot) from the Federal government for rail needs in Virginia and just between Richmond and D.C. we need $1.8 billion to construct it. For the states entire rail system would be $5.3 billion. It just can't happen and D.C to Richmond should be the priority. The link to the article is here if you want to check it out and look it up on the net I am sure there are forums about i and speak your opinion.
That is all I got peeps, I'll check ya later.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Testing out the phone updating option..did it work? Lol

Nexus One dead

Well Google is finally going to stop selling their phone, Nexus One, made by HTC off there online store. I have talked about this phone and how cool it was back during spring break. This phone is pretty much outdated with some of the newer phones out there on the market. I did like the design and liked the idea of the direct influence of Google with it.
Speaking of phones, yesterday at church I finally saw someone who actually had a Kin 1. She bought the biggest flop in the mobile market this year. Now I can say though that I knew someone who actually bought one and uses it. You can actually get them pretty much anywhere now for $1 with a 2 year agreement with Verizon. Microsoft had a big set back with that, but Windows Mobile 7 phones that were coming later this year will be fantastic as so I have heard. They will kinda have the same interface as a Zune HD, which the Kin also had but I think a lot better.
This weekend I finally got my girl friend to watch a few Studio Ghibli films and she is proud to say she likes them. We watched Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. She enjoyed them and I am working on get the others for her to see. I do have all the Ghibli films on my laptop but she doesn't like watching with English subs so I will have to find another file or rent out the DVD. She also watched Steam Boy but didn't like it as much as the other two. Steam Boy is written and created by Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of Akira, so it broke my heart that she didn't like it as much. I'll live. I finally found an anime series that she was getting into, Samurai Champloo. I would recommend it to anyone, except the younger folk!
I posted a few more links in the Movie section that will link to new photos of the Chicago set of Transformers 3, another pic from Thor and the link to the Green Lantern photos since they took them down so I figure I just link them. I posted a link to a photo album from the Tokyo Toy Show, it is surprising how many things I see at the show that are not really kid oriented but more like figures for display. I posted a few links i n the links page for place that I follow and I still have my left side bar on the page sitting at the bottom on my main page. It is in the right place with all the other pages except for the main page.
Further, I am working on a Nissan Leaf article that my girl friend wanted me to follow so I will put that in the follow page when I get the links and insert it in. After using a lot of my other bogs that are pretty much the same, I can say that I will probably be using this exclusively now. If this happens to crash or Google trashes Blogger (doubt it though) I will use the Wordpress blog.
Well, I really have nothing else to say, it was a bland weekend and I realized that I don't have that many weekends left of summer. dang!

Edit: My left side bar is actually on the left now! Bye now :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

If you have noticed....the new content :)

Hey everyone, I have been messing around with the web page and found where I can start up some extra pages that will have more specifics. So far I have a movies, photos, online video's, recommendation to anything, Japan Otaku and a link's page. They will have some content of their own. In the movies section right now I have the photos form Green Lantern from Entertainment Weekly. You can click on them and get the full size version, also I updated the link's page with some of my favorite sites, and in the photo's page I have posted the first album I have. I have it in Flickr also but I found that I can use the Google picasa account. Also, the article before when I mention that new series that Bandai and Sunrise will release on Gunpla Builders, I just got the link to the trailer on YouTube and it is on the Online Videos page. The site is coming along very well, and I don't actually think I have really update the other sites too. I have now found that I am more content with this site :) Please if You have any comments or something you want me to change or look into please feel free to post on the site. I will still use the home page as my main post page just as I have been doing. I might put up a follow up page where I will post the things people want me to talk about in it. I am going to practice with html and java so I can put together better articles and pages.
In the mean while enjoy the rest of your Friday everyone, seya!

P.S. If you have noticed that the panel of things on my site that use to be on the right hand side kind of dropped to the bottom of my articles, trying to fix it. Any suggestions?

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Green Lantern Photos and more!

Hey everyone how are you guys today? I managed to get out of the house yesterday for another trip down to Busch Garden’s for some fun. They do fireworks every night and I recommend it once again to go down there and see them. I finally exchanged some Tamiya spray paint for more paint but different color and now I can get the right color for my Deathscythe model, and save the money. Now I am lacking primer and I have been using Krylon spray paint and also for the basic colors. Krylon Fusion paint that is mae for plastics have been working really well for me and it is a pretty decent size can for about $4.88 at a Walmart. It sure beats getting the Tamiya paint from Japan because it is like half the size of a Krylon can or less then half and it is $6.50 plus tax at my hobby shop (Hobby Town). When using the Krylon make sure you don’t over coat it, you don’t want a thick spray job on your model.

There was a 3.6 magnitude earth quake in Maryland that was felt in D.C. this morning around the time of 5 am. It was just south of route 270, Washington National Pike. Here is the link.
I was reading an article about some artifacts found at ground zero, where the World Trade Center site is now. An old wooden vessel was un-earth during construction and they are now trying to figure out the history on it. They say it has to been there from the late 18th century since old 1797 maps show streets over where they vessel is now laying. Here is the link for the vessel.
Apparently the Droid X did really well day one because they are sold out everywhere. Apparently Verizon wanted to get it right and be well stocked and thought they were not going to have some outages but they still had them in the many stores in America, and even online also. I just finally got around to look at the specs of the phone and it is up there with the other high end smart phones. The screen is just as big as the Evo 4G which is bigger the then new iPhone’s. I just never got into the Droid’s but I still like many of HTC’s phone designs. I still like the look of the Nexus One. Article.
Other news about Gundam, people it is the 30th anniversary of Gunpla (Gundam plastic models) and Bandai has been putting a lot out this past year in honor of it. The life size Gunam they built along with all the special models and clear part kits they have been putting on the market. I even posted about the Gundam phone that they put together that looked awesome. Well now ANA put together a plane that is Gudam themed. Much like their Pokemon plane they have over Japan skies. Pretty neat. It flies out today!. Also, Bandai and Sunrise animation are putting out a new series on Gundam and it isn’t about the usual Gundam story, it is about a boy that gets into Gunpla, the modelling of Gundam models! Should be interesting.
Jennifer Lawrence well play Mystique in the new X-Men: First Class movie.
This thread in a forum shows another picture from the up coming Thor movie!
More photos online for the Green Lantern movie. I was just talking to my girl friends dad and he can’t wait for this movie to hit theaters.
Lastly, Inception hits theaters today which stars Leonardo Dicaprio. This movie looks intense and is shot in various places on the planet. I am going to try to see it with my mother soon. Leonardo comes out with great films, Shutter Island was a great one that is the most recent. Blood Diamond is still one of my favorite’s also. Great actor people.

That is all I have, today is the last day to pre register for Otakon and it looks like I am actually not going anymore. It is depressing since I was really excited but people fell out and it will cost me $200 just to go not including feeding myself or buying in the Vendors room. I am upset and it was supposed to be my Vacation but I am still going to the beach next weekend in Nags Head.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Motorola Droid X is here people!

Motorola Droid X is here
Are you going to pick this up at your Verizon Wireless carrier? I wont, because I am cheap lol. Anyways, I don't know that much about this phone actually other then it is made by Motorola and joins the first Droid and Droid Incredible on the Verizon Wireless market as some strong smart phones. When I see the photo of it, it resembles a lot like the first Droid that came out. It is $200 with a purchase of a plan, and apparently has the same specks as the Evo 4G over on Sprint except that it isn't 4G and does not have a front facing camera for that video chat yo. Get it if you want it, but I don't really care for a Motorola phone anymore.
Anyone tired of all the news articles about the iPhone 4's antenna problem. I see articles about how people are complaining about the problem and how Apple should fix it. I am sure Apple is working on fixing the problem since it is a big product. Plus it is hard for Apple to repair all the millions that were bought during the first week in a record time. Thats a crap load of phones people. Especially if they were going to remake them and replace the older ones, it is a lot of time and money that Apple can afford because Apple fan boys are mindless zombies will wait for their iPhone 4. Without a doubt. People will complain about the antennae problem, but you don't see them changing to another phone, not going to happen.
The Old Spice guy that you see in those amazing commercials is getting around on the net like YouTube and Twitter. Check this article out where their is an interview with him and an article under it talking about his commercials and how people want more of him and the commercials. They are fantastic commercials and catch my attention. Genius.
Remember those post I had about the 1 to 1 ratio Gundam that was standing in Tokyo Bay and now moved to another part of Japan. Well China is fighting back with Optimus Prime, but much smaller. Made from recycled material and in front of the Olympic Park
Speaking of Optimus Prime, more photos from the set are here.
People, check the "Legend of the Guardians" footage out. It is an epic tale like Lord of the Rings, but it is all CGI and the characters are all Owls. When I saw the trailer with my girl friend the other day from going to see the Last Airbender, it looked great and I might actually see it, if tickets were not $10. Here is an article on it and it is from the same guy who did 300 and Watchman so it has that look. The article has lots of info in it and it's from a book series. Check it<
Super heroes, super heroes, here is a link to an article on Thor and Captain America, and how they will both be in 3D, oh goodie.
As you can tell from these great movies coming out, Comic Con this year will be the place to be, and talking about conventions, Otakon's last day for preregistration ends tomorrow at the price of $75. You can wait in the looong line for your badge though if you want.
Holy crap a life size bust of an Evangelion Eva-01! It is a project that will open up next Friday to the masses. This is so cool, there is a life size Gundam and now Eva unit in Japan, I have got to get over there now!.
BEST article ever, made me smile very big. My favorite, besides Katsuhiro Otomo, animation director, writer and producer Hayao Miyazaki doesn't like the iPad. This is a creative imaginative person that has created masterful works like Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service says quote, "compared the iPad gestures to that of masturbation and called it disgusting. Freaking hilarious. This guy is old fashion and unlike most animation companies with their CGI and computer animation, he does it by the hand. He doesn't even own a computer but comes out with great stories with great and beautiful animation and I admire him for his work. Original Article is here but is in Japanese :P
People in Richmond, just want to let you know please conserve your water, we are in a drought and using it on grass every morning is not conservative. I see people on Cary Street with t he old houses just using it way to much and completely saturating the yard. Now there is a issued Drought Watch for the Richmond Metro area, please conserve. And recycle :)
That is all I got as of now, Jane! (seya in Japanese)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ABC Family's Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Preview

ABC Family's Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Preview
Here are some links to YouTube vid's on the Deathly Hallows sneak peek on ABC Family. I would listen to the audio but at last I am at work lol.
"Wicked", the musical inspiration that people love to see, and maybe even read. Any one read it? Figure I ask. Well it's a hit on stage so why not make it into a film? They would have done it anyways. If it is a big show or a big animation or idea, they are going to make it into a movie. Just the way Hollywood is people. Just pray it wont be 3D lol.
I was also reading around and read that Michael Bay is probably not doing anymore Transformer movies, so it might get passed on to a new writer and director for the series if Paramount wants to keep it. They already lost Megan Fox, which is probably one reason a lot of guys liked Transformers.
Here is a link to some photos of the Transformers 3 set in Chicago!
Talking about something that was big and making it into a movie, I don't think the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" was that big of a movie for Disney, was it? Well doesn't matter because some rookie writers like the idea and starting the framework for a film on it , live action film. Will you go see it?!
Ever hear of "Tales from Earthsea"? It was a small series on Scifi channel at one point and it is a classic book which I still need to read. Library doesn't have it maybe VCU does. Anyways, Studio Ghibli, favorite animation studio of all, created the animation story based on the book, "A Wizard of Earthsea", and is finally getting the English dubbed and hitting a few select theaters here in the US provided by Disney as usually. Miyazaki wrote this one up and I have seen it a while ago with the original Japanese audio. It was a great movie and usually his movies are aways good people. The writer of the book if you are interested in reading it is Ursula K. Le Guin. The theaters that it will hit will be in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Honolulu. No where near me of course, stuff usually isn't near me :( Source is
Anyways people, I got my VCU orientation this past Friday and I am all signed up and got my parking pass. My classes are everywhere and I am going to try to keep both my jobs going and a social life while still posting lol. Lots of work, I know. I am right now looking around for home stays in Japan to plan a trip there after I graduate probably. I would like to stay for a while and cheap of course. There are many places and networks online that you can find places to stay all over the world for really good prices with families. If you want to experience to work for your lodging and food there are many places like that too. Just need to practice my Japanese.
Went swimming in a salt water pool this past Sunday, you ever heard of anything like that? Well the weather out was pretty hot but the water was neither cold or hot it felt great and I didn't have to worry about the chlorine at all messing with my eyes. It is just like a mellowed down salt water ocean that you can see really well in with out the seaweed and sand.
Still looking around for a camera to take some pictures, give me any suggestions please and I still haven't gotten my Otakon badge yet. Wondering if I am going or not.
Can't think of anything really right now so I will be off.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to the Future self-lacing shoes

Back to the Future: Hacker Makes Self-Lacing Sneakers
Ok this is pretty cool, and the fact that the shoes are really bright colored is hilarious! I was literally talking to my girl friend yesterday about Back to the Future. She has only seen the first movie, which I was surprised she hasn't seen the other two. The last one I could care less about if she didn't see it but I still want her to see them all.
Justin Bieber had some video's hacked into over the weekend on YouTube. Apparently there was a hole where hackers could place html/Java script code into the page and when people pressed play for the video they were redirected to pornography. They also put things on there that said he had died too. Google went to work and fixed up the hole in a few hours. If I didn't know better, YouTube seams to be one of the biggest site that gets hacked over and over again by these same people lol. I don't blame them for hacking Justin Bieber, or Twilight trailers or something.
A man out in Switzerland has started to test out his solar powered plane by doing a 24 hour flight. The plane has 4 electric motors and can go about 70 kilometers per hour. It has about 12,000 solar cells to power the plane. This is great thinking that people are coming up with now and days. On electric plane running on solar power is fantastic, I mean it's in the air where the sun can reach it. Plus it catches enough sun during the day to run in the darkness of night. People are coming out with more ways so we don't have to rely on fuel!
The HTC Vision mobile phone pic has been leaked and instead of most of HTC's smart phones, this one has a QWERTY keyboard. It looks a lot like the G1 which is considered the first Google phone years ago. It has a 3.7 touch screen, will run on Android 2.1 and has a 1Ghz processor. Some people might like this as it has the keyboard and gives the extra option if you don't like to touch screen keyboard that much.
Head over to Mozilla's site and download Firefox 4 beta, if you still use that rubbish lol. Version 3.5 came out last year and Version 3 came out a few years ago. Honestly, Chrome works people lol. But anyways, Firefox 4 will have new enhancement and heck, maybe it will be faster with all the add ons it can have. Download and try it out, I might but I am not going to rely on it.
Another piece of movie information is that James Cameron, Director of Avatar, is working on a 3D version of Titanic for a April, 2012 release. Go figure, that is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic! This 3D stuff isn't going to stop >_>
Speaking of Anniversary, it is my first year anniversary with my girl friend. I just want to throw out that I love her so much and I am glad to be with her. I just want to get out of work and go do something with her. Ahh, hurry up day!

Alright seya guys!

Samshio ©

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back from 4th of July

Hey everyone, I haven't updated since Friday I believe when I had left to go to Bush Gardens for their Illuminights and there fireworks for the much proclaimed 4th of July. If you are over near Williamsburg at any time and like parks and rides, go on over to Bush Garden's where everything is based on Europe and the Illuminights is lasting through August 22 and there are fireworks every night and concerts every weekend! It was a great show, my opinion as I haven't seen a firework show like that in a long time. The special shows that they have are small and short but are neat and fun to walk around and watch. Germany has the largest Coo-coo clock coming to life, Italy has acrobatics in the Gardens, France/New France(Canada) has a parade and Ireland has some little show that I didn't catch but I have all summer to catch it again haha.
It was a very realizing weekend for me some pros and cons. The heat is getting higher and now I am lost on who is going to the convention later this month. My girl friend is interested and we are going to team up and do Ash and Misty from Pokemon at Nekocon in November. That should be fun and the weekend pass right now is at $40 and I still haven't gotten my Otakon badge yet which is $75 :( I don't have anyone really to go with and I might just go alone this year which is fine. I need a camera and so I have been looking at cameras and reviews. If anyone has a good choice or experience with a camera under $200 please let me know in the comments section :)
I finally have a Flickr account( for all the photos that I will be taking, I will bring up the album in the blog so you can click and go check them out! Currently I have some photos that I have taken some old that are near my house and from various spots, check them out!
Lastly, I emailed the curator (Joe Peacock) of the 'Art of Akira' exhibit in Pitsburg, the one that I am excited about and may never get a chance to see, about his work and what drove him to put the exhibit together. I thanked him for bring his private collection out for the masses to see and asked where it was headed and if so anywhere near me :P He got back to me today by email and thanked me for my email and said that the exhibit is headed to Indianapolis for GenCon for August 3rd, then to Atlanta for DragonCon over labor day weekend. He said as of now there are no plans for a D.C. or Baltimore appearance, but will be touring the exhibit for 2-3 years so it is possible for it to come closer for those places. I was wondering if he had ever got my email and now I feel better that he did. He recently headed to Pixar because he had an invite so he visited and talked to artists at Pixar which usually make the most popular animated films in America.
Other news that has happened is;
Two Mad Max films are in the works, and I doubt that Mel Gibson will star in them. They will be called 'Mad Max:Fury Road, and Mad Max: Furiosa. The second I am guessing is a sequel and they will be shot back to back.
Some mobile news is that the Samsung Galaxy S smart phone that is coming out to rival HTC smart phones like the Evo 4G and Incredible and Apple's iPhone 4 will be hitting a bunch of carriers in the US. Apple is only on AT&T and Evo 4G is Sprint and the Droids are on Verizon, but this phone will be hitting all of those carriers and plus more so if you like the phone, I am sure you don't have to give up your carrier because it probably is on it! That is a first for these smart phones top be on that many carriers and be compatible with their features.
If you have heard me talk about the "Zune Phone", which was code Project Pink for a while and then indeed up being the Kin1 and Kin 2 social networking phones. Once they were released they were doomed. I thought that they were priced really high for what they did and you had to get the $30 data package with Verizon for it. Microsoft finally killed a few weeks ago and was in the market for a total of 47 days. Not long at all, barley 2 months. You can now go to Amazon online and buy it with a carrier service from Verizon at the large price of 1 cent. Thats right, 1 cent. Microsoft wants to get ride of them and are now not so hot in the mobile market as its Windows 7 mobile needs to build up speed to compete with Android and the Apple OS system for smart phones.
Anime Expo came to a close on Sunday. Anime Expo is the biggest Anime con in America and is located in Los Angeles. ComicCon is the largest Comic convention in America, and have sold out there tickets the past 2 years in advance before the doors even opened. Last year, the crowd it drew in was around 125,000 people that came. That is 100,000 more people them Otakon if you thought that was big. Comic Con is in San Diego on July 22nd-25th. That is a very big convention, and a lot of big names show up at the convention every year.
I had my girl friend ask me the question yesterday what was E3. E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is basically the biggest video gaming convention. No general public can go in and is all press. It is a trade show basically and Microsoft (XBOX), Sony (Playstation) and Nintendo go there and have a press conference every year and preview their biggest title that they will release that year. Its a big deal and usually covered on the internet and on G4 TV.
Something to work for you know :)

I'm heading out, I'll keep you posted seya!

Samshio ©

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anime Expo-Day Zero

Hey everyone, I am not going to really talk about news today. I'm still chilling at work with some work on my hands but not to much. Today is what they call "Day Zero" of Anime Expo. It is the day right before AX starts which is Friday. Anime Expo is the largest Anime convention in the United States, with Otakon number two. I am actually planning on going to AX in a few years as it will be the destination of a long road trip from Virginia to Los Angles. Yes, that is a long road trip but I will have graduated and I will be taking probably a few weeks off for this trip and go to places along the way. Danny Choo, who I follow at his site is going to give a talk there on how he is where he is now.
I have dinner tonight with my girl friends family with my family going to. Should be interesting, but gosh I am hungry now. I kinda want to get out early today and tomorrow. I have Monday off for holiday and I am also going to my orientation next Friday for school. I am trying like crazy to get this coming Wednesday off at my retail job because it is my first year anniversary with my girl friend and I already work during the day so I need the night off. What to do, you know? Anyone got ideas what to get her? I am screwed lol.
I was browsing online and found a sweet 8 inch tall figure of Son Goku in his snow outfit from Dragon Ball. Kinda want to buy it but I already ordered something from HLJ (model) so I should have shipped it with that lol. Maybe I will find it at Otakon, doubt it though. I think I found some one to go to Otakon with since my original plan includes people that don't know what to do... Well he said he will get back to me later today if not tomorrow. Some good news!
Can't wait for the weekend, and no one has emailed me about an old monitor or my canoe yet on craigslist yet. I get the spam but no actually interest yet.
Wimbledon is going on and I think the finals are this weekend, I have not really kept up with it as much as the French Open. Honestly I need to play more tennis or bad mitten. Stuff is fun and actually keeps me moving since I sit around most the day. Well, catch you later people, and go see The Last Airbender, NOT Eclipse. Thanks :P

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