Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yes, There Are Other Zelda Weddings

Yes, There Are Other Zelda Weddings
I found this kind of awesome, doubt my fiancée would ever let me/us do this for or wedding. I sure would like it because I don't want a way way formal wedding, I mean it's a wedding. You have to make it fun and enjoyable and unique to the bride and the groom! Plus you have something to say that stands out from everyone else's weddings! What a better way to sneak in a musical piece from a classic series like Zelda :)
This link here is on some of the rumors that have been floating around recently on the net about the up coming new Zelda title! (I actually heard of these rumors months ago but didn't really say anything lol ops)
Anyways, I am sure most people would figure that the game play would be smoother and have a better combat style with the remote, and some people probably heard that there will be a different sword rather then the master sword. My favorite Zelda title is Majora's Mask followed by Twilight Princess. The title Majora's Mask stands out as it takes place right after Link left Hyrule and he doesn't have a Master sword and he uses another sword that you can upgrade during the game. It was different from the usual games, and heck, you didn't save princess Zelda in this one!!! I enjoyed Twilight Princess since it was dark and I liked the Character Midna (got a piece of artwork of her on my wall). Midna pretty much helps Link along much like Navi in Ocarina of Time.
Anyways as I was saying about the new game, the new sword will I guess enable time travel like most games you can do that. Especially heavily in Majora's Mask except you use the Ocarina for that. I heard a long time ago that the character you see in the only piece of art work out there for this game. The thing in white in front is actually Link's sword, and her characters name is Adelle.
There will be lots of side quest just like my fav title :) Which will keep you playing even after you beat it. I still have yet to finish all the side quest in MM.
Also there will be more character interaction. I love getting involved into other characters in the game. You learn more about there world and where they live and how you, Link, get to interact with them.
They also add that Link's hometown will be larger, which usually is small in most of the games.

We will find out more stuff I hope at Nintendo's Press Conference at E3 2010 this year will be at 9:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, June 15. :)
I can't wait this stuff is so juicy!
Also, I heard that there will be a squeal to Okami for the Nintendo DS! I think I might get that! Holy crap just realized that I have yet to finish my Soul Silver! I am still upset at the push back for Metroid: Other M, which is probably my second favorite franchise. I would be getting it in a few weeks but I think its now to release in the fall.

Also, I think I have a name for the kitten that I will get next week after my trip to Maryland. Midna.
Yeah yeah I know it's the princess of the Twilight realm in Twilight Princess :) I couldn't help my self.

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