Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Steve Carell confirms he is leaving The Office

Steve Carell confirms he is leaving The Office
Thats right fans of the American version of the Office. Steve Carell is leaving after the 2010-2011 season. It was the last on his contract and he will honor it he says. This show has been around since 2005, and are now considering if they will continue the show without him. Honestly they probably shouldn't continue the show as he is who I think of when someone says The Office. I like this actor and not such actors as Will Ferrell >_> Will rubs me the wrong way lol.

Well it was bound to happen because the ease of getting on these sites by just searching through Google. Porn sites now have the option of changing there sites over from the domain of ".com" to ".xxx" This will make it a lot easier to notice a porno site by just looking at the .xxx domain after the title. Also this can make it easier to find and block on school/work proxies. The problem with this is that if I am not mistaken is that it is not mandatory for them to fully convert over to the .xxx as they might lack business if they drop the .com Some big sites will probably keep both up. See if it went fully to .xxx, then they wont make business off the people that accidentally bump into it on a search engine if they keep the .com. Point is, why would they change over to .xxx? O_o

Seagate! Heard of Seagate? It is a company that makes portable hard drives and probably more things but I know them for the hard drives. They just broke the 2 Tera-byte capacity and created the first 3 TB external hard drive. I remember a few years back, might have been 2008 is when I got my first external hard drive and it was a Seagate. I got it for $70 and it was 500GB and I never thought that I was ever going to use that up, yet this past winter I bought another drive that is 640GB and it was called the Rock (got it on ebay.com, yet had a problem). Now 3TB is a ton of memory and would take a while to use up. My laptop, and drives combined is like 1390GB, which is over a TB. Memory of this amount is good when you plan on have a crap load of high quality pictures/movies and music. This is big dude lol

The company of Samsung, the maker of my current phone and countless other electronics, is coming out with their first 4G phone and Sprints 2nd 4G phone soon, called Samsung Epic 4G. Later this summer it will arrive and it has a 4-inch multi touch screen, will run on Android and will get the 2.2 version and runs on a 1 Gigahertz Hummingbird processor. Will include a 16GB card but can handle a 32GB SD card for memory. Can do video calling with a 5 megapixal camera, can act as a 3G and 4G hot spot for up to 5 devices (Evo 4G can handle 8). Sounds like a great phone and the display sounds like it looks a lot better than the best smart phones out there now. There is no price on it yet but it sounds pretty sweet.

Talking about Google documents yesterday, I had thought that Google already made it so you can get to them on the phone, but now you can :P Now you can look at something on your documents on your phone/ipad to double check or add onto. Nice touch!

Harry Potter?! did you guys search Harry Potter official trailer yet? I just watched it and it was basically a trailer for the 2 movies, but the first will come this November and the second in July of next year. They were shot in 2D (i prefer) but will be converted to 3D for that viewing before it hits movie theaters. It was a good trailer and I am somewhat excited to see a Harry Potter movie again. I have had a little disappointed in the past 2 but I hope they did justice for there last 2 coming as they are the Last 2! Go check it out!

I still need my pass paid for by this Saturday if I want the $65 rate for the convention. I am getting excited now and I hope to meet some pretty cool people. I am on the Otakon web boards and seeing what is going on and what some people are planning on doing there! I want to do a lot more then previous conventions I have gone to, and I might not wear my cosplay a day just so it is easier to get around but if my outfit is ready for Mugen, then I wont really have to much bagginess lol. Aliens in the Attic was kinda funny lol, not use to going out and seeing movies like that or sitting and watching it up. I ended up leaving work yesterday early around 2 since I had nothing to do. It was a hot and very humid day and I barley stayed outside long just fixing things out back. It is hard to site outside using spray paint to finish up these models when the sun is on you, and plus you shouldn't really spray paint when it is that humid out. A storm came through yesterday, but it still is not enough rain. It is getting really dry and I have been watching the water level drop everyday on the river as I go over the Huguenot bridge. I am thinking about selling my canoe, it is all aluminum and it has a flat bottom and it is 17 foot long. It is a great canoe and I have enjoyed it but I barley use it and it is a pain to use for my small body just by myself. That is why I want some one else to have it for use like fishing. It was great for my dad and I for both of us fishing and a cooler can easily fit in the middle. Heck you can fit 3 people in it probably. I want to get my self a single kayak so I can have easier access to places and in shallow waters and also better control and a lot less heavier for my to carry. It was gives me the option to carry it on more vehicles instead of relying on our 1984 Ford truck :P If anyone has a recommendation or a link for a certain kayak that they have found to be great, please let my know. Also let my know of any great places to take a kayaking trip in the Richmond Metro area! I have one tea packet left from the box that my girlfriend gave me, just one. It is tropical flavor too. I probably will have it on Thursday, or tomorrow lol. My cats were sleeping on my bed really close together last night. My older cat didn't make a fuss and it was really nice. I knew that she would eventually warm up to her :)
Bye Bye :)

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