Sunday, June 6, 2010

...Sorry for being gone for so long

Hey everyone, as you can tell I have been gone for quite some time and have to updated my blog. I am sorry for this but the only free time have sometimes is at work, and I don't think I should be updating my blog at work, even though that is where I usually find the news articles that I want to talk about. I actually have quite a bit of news and might try once again to spread it out in 2 post or something of the sort :P
First off, how is everyone doing? Did everyone have a decent Memorial Day weekend? I ended up getting burned at Lake Gaston in lower Virginia/upper South Carolina and same goes for my girl friend lol. I spent that Friday and Saturday with her and her family at her great grandmothers house on the lake and it was quite enjoyable, but I am now still peeling and so is she....fantastic!
Anyone go to the Strawberry Festival in Ashland, Hanover yesterday? I was there working at a concession stand making snow cones which didn't even sell that crazy at all because like after 1 the biz went dead lol. It was so freaking hot out there! MY girlfriend and I left since she was there with my mother and we returned Valentines day >_> (as you can tell, it was o.k.) to Blockbuster and went to Pets-mart and just in the end got a movie from Red Box for free and watched that till she went home. (Red Box code that will get you a free rental for a day is : DVDONME or if you go to a Kroger you can use: DVDKROG. You can only use it once on a card, which means if you have 2 cards and you go to a Kroger, this is like 4 free rentals right here. Good play!!!!)
OHHHH! This past Friday, I finally found some tray pots for my bonsai plants at the Great Big Greenhouse! The Great Big Green House was just sold and right now there is a transition sale going on and everything is 35% off and will go down at some point to 50% in a week or something! I got two tray pots for like $7 something which is great. I am going to go back tomorrow after work and pick out some more pots and plants before they run out and/or while they are cheap!
Another big thing also happened, I picked out my very own kitten! The thing is adorable, and I am pretty sure it is a she. She is black and white but she is only 3 weeks old so I can not bring her home quite yet, but in a few weeks I will. We already have a cat in my house, Sophie (even though I rarely call her that name), but it technically isn't my cat since my dad literally loves it more then anyone in the house. I don't think I am joking either. This cat will be strictly mine and I will be paying for all its needs and I will take it where ever I decide to move. I still need to come up with a name for a girl cat. If anyone has a good name can you please just throw it out there in the comments for this post, thanks and I will be sure to get some pics up of her too. Exciting!
I just finally caught up on One Piece, (great manga btw) and it took awhile. I was like 200+ chapters behind and they were enjoyable to read!
Oh, today around 5 is my geology teachers rock party, where I guess we are going to be chill-in' and eating food lol.
Anyways, tomorrow will be my girl friend and I's 11 month together and we have one more month to go and it will be a year. I know for fact that we will make it to a year, even to the end of the summer I know that for sure. I am so confident in this relationship, and it has just made me extremely happy in this point of my life. She is everything I could ask for in a relationship and I adore her for it :) I enjoy seeing her smile, and it is pretty easy to get her to smile. All she usually has to do is look at me :P Anyways, I think she is fantastic and any man would me luck to have her, I am just extremely happy that I have her in my heart as I am in hers.

Anyways, that is a quick fill in on my life as of now, This coming Thursday I will be heading to my grandmothers in Maryland where my girl friend and I will be to the following Monday. Till Thursday I will try to be updating my blog for ya! Seya guys!!

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