Friday, June 25, 2010

Some movie news! Like Harry Potter and such!!!!

Hey everyone, I actually had tons of things to work on today at work so I could not post from work. Ha!
Well, I left after I finished up some things and then I went home to change and now I'm at my girl friends family's house waiting for the lovely Enchiladas that she is preparing for my lovely stomach. I will wolf these things down! Her brother and sister are watching Sharkboy and Lava Girl in the family room, and I am not going to lie. Absolutely the weirdest/worst movie I have every seen My eyes are dying as they gaze at the TV screen....
I went to Bush Gardens in Williamsburg yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Beat hanging around work. I went with her family and they bought my ticket for graduation and I had a great time. Aw, man you have no idea how good these Enchiladas smell!! On with yesterday, my car window didn't go up... The window motor is busted, and before that I had totalled it in the bumper. My transmission is bad and the master cylinder leaks or some odd thing. SOooooo, I guess I have to stick with it for the summer or work on getting another used car!

Ok anyways onto my movie news!
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 will have the first trailer online Monday and will also be playing as a preview before Eclipse plays (if you like those movies) Harry Potter will be out on November 19th!
Here is a new international trailer for Predators and it looks like it doesn't even take place on Earth which is a first in the series! It looks like it could be good, but at the price of $10 for a movie ticket, it is not worth it to me that much.....
The Rise of the Apes is apparently a movie that is in the works and it is a prequel to Planet of the Apes. I didn't seen know that they were working on this but I feel like I came across something before about another movie involving Planet of the Apes. IF you are familiar with the newer version, go and see the original because I enjoyed it. "Get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!" best quote ever from that movie.

Link here says that with all the 3D hype that they are converting movies into 3D. In the link it includes Beauty in the Beast and Lion King 3D too..... Probably the better part of this article is that they are working on a sequel for Who Framed Roger Rabbit! It has been a while since that movie came out and now they are working on the next one. I liked the first it might have potential, especially if the same characters are involved!
Some pictures of the set of Transformers 3 are here....
I did not know that they were working on another Conan film (Conan the Barbarian). The last Conan I remember was a beefed up Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was a bit younger. Go see that movie, if you can find it!!

I am pretty sure that I said something about The Little Fockers before which is a sequel to Meet the Fockers. Well, the first trailer is out there and can be viewed on iTunes tailer page. I can't watch it since I guess I don't have QuickTime on my laptop. If I don't then I really don't have anything in my room or software that is made from Apple lol. Click here for the article, a funny set of movies by the way.

Finally last bit of news that the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer will hit theaters previewing before Eclipse when that comes out! The first was ok and had a re watch value of once, but since we know the first will the second be some what the same or is there a plot!?!?! Interesting I guess

Well I am heading out now smells like they are ready to be eaten!!!

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