Monday, June 21, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Story Details

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Story Details
Here is the link to the store outline for one of the most popular movie franchises ever from Disney! Also they started filming in Hawaii already and it is supposed to come out in about a year in May 20, 2011.
New trailer came out for Resident Evil: Afterlife! Pretty kick ass if you ask me!
Also, new TV spotlight for Avatar: Last Airbender

Anyone look at news online, or just on the TV? If you notice when you like at the news in america, it is always going to have like 3 articles on BP and the oil spill. I'm not going to lie that it is the biggest disaster in years, but we already know about it and I want to see what is also going on in our country. I'm sure that or country has something least going on other then the oil spill and governmental stuff. I'm not going to lie, many people are following what is going on down at the gulf, and it is really big news and I would like to see an article about it all the time but I also want to see what else is going on.
Same goes with World news, the only thing we talk about is mostly what is going on in the Middle East. I know a lot of people are also following that and is a concern to us and our boys over there but it is the whole entire world that we are talking about in the news. There has got to something else going on in the world other then the middle east. This is why I don't talk about much US and World news as I get tired of checking that page on the web. But as I have said before, if it is something that you want me to follow out there in the world, let me know! I would gladly track down info about it :)

My sister graduated this past Saturday and I enjoyed having my family in town to see them. They are fun and we also picked up the kitten yesterday! She is cute and managed to get through the night alone in her room without crying. Yesterday we watched the movies The fourth Kind and Whiteout. They were both pretty good, I was even like "the heck!" during the fourth kind as there were some freaky stuff going on in it. I hardly slept the past few nights because I have had some nasty cold thing and have felt terrible. It sucks yo. I am trying to reach the wind and water temple in Wind Waker as of now playing when I can. The kitten fell asleep on my chest as i was playing :P

Toshiba is the 4th biggest computer maker behind Dell, Acer and HP and they are releasing a net book like computer that has 2 screens (top-bottom) and it folds up just like a net book would. It can be used like a net book and you can turn it to the side and use it like a book as an e-reader. It looked cool and it will come out first in Japan with America and Europe following. Also, they will be releasing the 1st laptop to have 3D-capable Blu-ray Disc system. This is pretty sweet and you knew it was coming with all these 3D things coming out and the movies! The laptop with 3D system will hit shelves in July in Japan of course. Article.
Don't know why that I have never mentioned this but you can now get Microsoft Office 2010! Now my 2007 is obsolete although there are a lot of people still using 2003 as it is still a great tool. The problem for Microsoft is that there are a lot of office like products out there that are open source and free. Like Open Office from Java and others that are there. Open Office is an ok program an takes a while to start and also it opens all the utilities (like spread sheet stuff and so on like Microsoft Office has).

well getting back to work, have a good and cool day everyone seya!

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