Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ok..so I don't really have anything to talk about today lol

Hey there guys, I have looked on the news and around and I haven't really found anything to talk about and I don't feel like doing that post about Apple either haha. The kitten is doing great, she has only been around since Sunday afternoon and she can go up and down the stairs and get off the couch and my bed which is like 3 feet high. She is a trooper, I'm tellin ya. She likes to sleep on my chest the the covers over her. I am not yet ready for her to sleep upstairs quite yet as I still want her to be by her food and the litter box :P Our other cat, Sophie, doesn't like her very much as when you are carrying Sophie around the house and into the room where Midna is sitting she starts to hiss and will grab onto you with a racing heart. Poor thing, but I am sure she will come around eventually, it's not like the kitten is going to get kicked out. I also don't want Sophie to think she is getting replaced. I watched Orphan last night and it wasn't really scary but it had a pretty interesting plot and it was a little freaky. I don't want to give it away, just watch the darn thing!
Today at work has really started to drag out. Are you sure today isn't the longest day of the year? Naw, I know yesterday was with it being the first day of Summer. I feel like it has been ages since I have seen home and it really is only 1:40 now... Should I stay till 5pm? I have been thinking and as much as a learning experience this is and it is a great job with really nice people and I probably would come back next Summer, I just an't see this being my career. This is a lot of office work, which I don't mind a little, but I have never gone in the field to take samples or walk through a swamp to get to some rare plant or something. This is all office, work with math and lots of excel. This is not who I am at all. I feel like I can do something more out there, you know? I would rather be a journalist working for a travel/tech site or paper then working here for a career. I do enjoy writing and talking about everyday stuff. Obviously, if I am typing into this box right now for you guys :P
In the end, I can't tell what exactly I will be doing as a career for as long as I work. Who knows I might have a few different careers, I have no clue. As long as there are years after 2012 then I will have a career at some point.
I sent in my acceptance letter to VCU and put down the deposit and also finished the Financial Aid stuff so I will be an official student there. It is a start and I would probably like to focus more on the school and the community and get more involved into clubs and events then working these next 2 years. Well expect for the Summer, I have to work. I need to focus more on school anyways, as it will be harder then community college and I have to manage my time as I will be a commuter. As long as I am in school, I will obtain an education and I can decide my own fate after I graduate. It is strange to think that I just left high school 2 years ago, and now I am seeing my sister leave, and I am heading to my 2nd college. I know for one thing, I do not want to settle down with children right after I graduate. I love to travel and always wanted to travel and I will do those things after I graduate before I settle with a stable job. Can't enjoy all of those things when you have so many obligations as you get older :P
Like I said, today is really long and has felt like an entire day already, but I have only been here for 5 hours. How can this be? To think, if today has felt long, imagine waiting till your old. I guess I have lots of time to do all the things I want to do in life, yet you ask people who are older they will tell you that it will go by so fast. I don't want to watch my child grow up and graduate from high school, and only feel like it happened yesterday. Does that happen once your over 25, 30, or 35? Everything feels like it was yesterday? I really hope not. If it is true, I do not know how I will possibly be able to do everything I would love to do before my life expires. Hmm, maybe that is why so many people say just do it, because once you get to a certain age you can't really do anything? To many obligations? Bills? Family an children? I am not saying that having a family and children is the end of your life. Don't get my wrong, I will be happy to have children and watch them grow up but I don't want it to happen as quick as a blink. I want to cherish my time doing things I wanted to do and to cherish the time with my family and children. I don't want to blink now and I'm married, and then blink again to find myself retiring after 50 so years of work. I want it to come to me as time comes, and not something fast. I guess that goes for most people, no one want to grow up to fast, well except when your like in middle school where everyone wants to be a grown up. I will enjoy being a grownup but lit it come at its own pace. I know I can't stop it but, just let me have fun before then :P

Wow, haha, so in the end, I started to rant about my schooling, what to look forward to the future (if there is a future after 2012 :P) and as time comes at me. Hmm, I don't think I have made a post like this before, it is mostly me thinking allowedly at work, yet this is how I feel. Enjoy life as time gives it to you everyone, that is the most simplest way as I can say it. Don't rush anything, don't move to slowly, just go with the flow :)

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