Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not talked about in a while...Movies!

Hey everyone, this post is going to be me catching up on a lot of movie news so I can't clear out some of the things I have not brought up at all! Where to start where to start....hmmm

Ah, well I can start off with Super Hero type of movies lol.
If you saw the end of Iron Man 2, you would have realized that they showed a huge hammer in the ground where it created a crater. Well, if you know comics will would be able to tell that it is probably the opening for a Thor movie, which it is because it is on its way or at least in production as of now. Also, from the first Iron Man there was the opening for The Avengers which they are still working on.
This link here is for a poster of The Green Lantern! It is just a teaser poster and not reveling much fyi :P
Don't know whether I like this or not, but they have made it official and also got Nickolas Cage on board for a Ghost Rider 2. Article here. I didn't really like the first one that much, it was kinda like Dare Devil for me, not that great of a movie.
On to video game movies, we have a new poster for Resident Evil movie coming out in 3D. This might be a movie that I will go see in 3D because I think it might only be in 3D lol.
On to movies based on cartoons :P Avatar: The Last Air Bender which looks really good, and actually to the look of it uses a lot of the ideas I have put into my book 5 years ago lol. They will be releasing it a slight bit earlier then before on July 1st!
Here is the first teaser trailer for the Smurfs movie and here is some pics from it. I watched the teaser and it looks really really, umm odd. I don't think I would go see this in a theater but wait till its on TV or something. Yeah, just watch it, I watched it at work so I didn't have sound on so check it out and talk about it in the comments if you like.
On to movies based off books!
Here I have a link to a German web site (yes German, so it is all in German but you can Google Translate it if you want) and there are some pics from the set of The Hobbit! Yes nerdy I know but I found it so why not talk about it. The Lord of The Rings is one of those trilogies that I can actually watch over and over because they are really good to enjoy. Yes they are long, definitely the last movie but if you have not seen the series, you should.
Here is a traitor for t he nest Narnia film! The Voyage of the awn Treader! C. S. Lewis was a great writer, and I even enjoyed reading a Biography on his life. It is funny because him and J. R. R. Tolkien were the b est of friends back in college and they both decided to both write a series at the same time, and C. S. Lewis (Clive Staples Lewis) decided to write a series about space exploration(The Space Trilogy) while J. R. R. Tolkien decided to do fantasy. C. S. Lewis's series wasn't that great, it was hard to get in to and I never even finished the first book titled: Out of the silent Planet. Meanwhile, J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy series turned out to be very popular as it was The Lord of the Rings. C. S. Lewis is a noticeable name for his later work, Chronicles of Narnia, when they were not friends anymore (because of disputes about religion as they were both religious men, you should see some of C. S. Lewis's works in religion). Some of the books in his Narnia series no one knew when he wrote them which is interesting. :) You can tell that I enjoyed his Biography lol.
Kristen Steward, known for her role in the Twilight series as Bella(ugg) is apparently going to be a start in the next Wanted movie >_> This could be very gay indeed lol. She will take kinda the same role as Angelina Jolie role, which I find odd because her character in the last movie killed herself. Oh oh maybe Kristen Steward will shoot a curved bullet that will eventuality hit her too! Dreams come true sometimes, but unlikely this time haha. Article here.

In other news on more recent movies, Mr. T talks smack about the A-Team movie. Mr. T was an original actor for the TV series and what he has to say about this movie that came out is that it has a lot of action and people die and there is sex. This is far from the series. "It was to graphic for me. I've no doubt it will do big business at the box office but it's nothing like the show we turned out every wee." -Mr. T. Here is the article, give it a read :P

This article is about Jackie Chan and of course, child star, Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son) that were the stars of the recent Karate Kid. Jaden learned a lot for Jackie on and off the set. I rather not try to explain the article but you should read it. Jackie Chan is a great actor and you should see more of his films. He comes out with great children and more adult films. Jaden Smith is also in The Pursuit of Happiness (with his father) and also in The Day the Earth Stood Still (with Keanu Reeves, more familiar with the Matrix Trilogy). Please read it :P
If you read the article, you can tell that they work great together and enjoyed doing the movie together and so Sony is pitching around ideas for the next one t hat they were already planning on making. Article here.

Ok, all caught up with all that movie news, some of it is old because I have not gotten around to it but I usually find these things right when they hit the net lol. I better get back to work now. Oh, you think I should bring home the kitten tonight, or Sunday night!? Let me know in comments!


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