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Nintendo Promise New 3DS By April 2011

Nintendo Promise New 3DS By April 2011
Some Nintendo promises to have the Nintendo 3DS out to major markets by March 31st, 2011. They don't know exact pricing or the date but it is still a while from now. I did know from the talks about it prior to E3 that it was supposed to be released somewhere during the 1st quarter of 2011. I don't know while this author of this article is so surprised that it wont be here before Christmas since it was stated way before hand that it would be early 2011. :P
Could be rumor or might be true. "Google Me". Google Me will be Google's competitor against the highly used Facebook. Google earlier this year released "Buzz" which could be updated and such much like Facebook/Twitter but it didn't not kick off and supposedly had some privacy issues. Any who, it all depends how it plays out as the 2 top most visited webpages now. I guess you would integrate your Google account into it and it could do very well perhaps. Would I use it? Maybe. I use Google account for a bit of things, including this blog! A Google account can be used for YouTube sine Google bought it out a while ago. Most schools now actually uses Google accounts as the email service from the community colleges is gmail and so is VCU. It is very handy and I can use it for documents and for a calendar and I get reminded of when I have appointments. A Google account on an Android phone probably is wonderful to have, but I do not have that kind of phone nor will I till I actually make more haha. I actually just made my girl friend a Google account (her first one) the other day.
More Google news is that in the US, Google Chrome (there web browser) just passed Apples Safari browser in shares and is now the 3rd most used browser in the States! I have never used Safari and I don't know how it is, but I have been using Chrome since it was released while everyone still uses Firefox. I remember when Firefox was really big with the customization you could do with it but it lagged and crashed a lot with me. I have never had a problem with Chrome and it is an excellent, fast, and customizable browser now that it has released extensions. People who still use internet explorer from Microsoft, your missing out. Yeah all websites are compatible with it but it doesn't mean it is fast or has extensions. Plus Chrome just released in bedded Flash into the browser which is great and HTML 5 is on the way which will be faster and tons better. Personal opinion, just try Chrome, I also still have Firefox on my laptop but it is never used except for ChaCha (if that). The second most used browser on my laptop is Opera which is another great and customizable browser. Heck, Wii's internet browser is powered by Opera lol.
Talking about Firefox, Mozilla corp updated it because people on Facebook playing Farm-ville with the Firefox browser had it crash on them over and over and demanded an update from the corporation to fix the problem. Mozilla worked on it and updated it. Help yourselves everyone, stop playing Farm-ville and get Chrome :)
Ever heard of a solar sail? I think I have seen one in the first Episode of Star Wars perhaps with one of the ships that a Jedi was using. Well it is very real, and it sails on the flow of photos emitting from the sun. Japan agency known as JAXA (The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) captured an image of them testing it out in space. It is called IKAROS ( interplanetary kite-craft accelerated by radiation of the sun) and was launched back on May 21 and it is a very thin membrane and it actually has some embedded solar cells in the sail so it can gain energy from the sun for its propulsion engine so it can have extra acceleration. This is pretty cool
, the Japan are coming out with great ideas now and I say the Nintendo 3DS is up there with that ;) But seriously haven't really done any huge huge progression in the space industry that I have heard of since like going to the moon or having photos from Mars and the space station of course. This solar sail technology will allow us to travel vast distances in space without needing fuel for propulsion/acceleration. We have the photons and solar cells. Of course the down side is it you get to a dark part of space where the photons that are emitted are weaker and the sun rays are not as strong as before. I am interested right now on the probe they had go to Mars and right now they are doing a test/idk what to call it now to prepare for a manned mission to the planet. They are having pilots in a room/ship here on Earth and keeping them in it for 45 days or so to see if they can make the trip to the planet. I might have brought it up in a previous post when it was first talked about. It is interesting stuff.
We are also getting there on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). We have heard this word here in there in real life as robots are being made and even in huge movies such as Terminator and such. It is not just fiction but very real thing that is being created by computer/chip companies for knowledge and probably for military. There is no reason why military would not want to be involved in this and probably funds many programs for it. Any ways, IBM (the big computer chip maker) in one of its research labs has created the most advance question answering machine. Three years later, this machine can understand a question posed in everyday human language and can answer with a factual answer. It has to do more then what search engines like Bing and Google can do, which is not just recognize a word and point you to a site that has that word involved with it. It works to pick out the correct answer. This technology will help A.I. speak and converse more smoothly with humans and their everyday language. They call their machine Watson, and I.B.M is going to pit it against the top previous contestants on Jeopardy! later this fall. Watson isn't even connected to the internet and knows what is already in it brain from the three years under development. The article is a few pages and I recommend reading it up it was interesting if you are into it. This is pretty amazing but we, humans, do not want to give robots/Artificial Intelligences to much power or they might have their own conscience against us. Much like Terminator 3 or iRobot. I'm not crazy, no :P
An earthquake in California on April 4th that was a magnitude 7.2 literally moved the earth. It moved the ground as much as 2 and a half feet south and down into the ground. I can't say that it is good, but I can say that yes, California is sinking into the Pacific. A lot of quakes have moved towns/cities recently!

Speaking of California, people must be crazy and getting their heads shakin up from th quakes. A couple tried to sell there 6 month old baby in a Walmart for the grand total of $25 dollars. people reported it and the police found them at there house under the influence of Meth. The mother had breast fed the child while under drugs.
Some Harry Potter photos from the new movie coming out, also I do believe that the first trailer will come out on the net later today.
A Man who was stung as much as 500 times from a bee swarm was killed. He disturbed a hive that had about 80,000 bees in it and he tried to escape but got attacked. He was in cardiac arrest and then taking to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Three bees hurt a ton, I can not even fathom the amount of pain that was brought onto this man with that many stings.

Ok I think that is all I had saved in my docs other then the Apple stuff lol. My Weekend went by fast and worked on my Deathscythe a little bit. I am still trying to figure out things for school this Fall and also for the convention in about a month! I don't need to work on finding a used car as my relay and fuse box sometimes gets lose from the wiring and so my power windows are perfectly fine! Still, the car will probably retire by the end 0of the year perhaps. It was a great first car and is comfortable and I have used it since 2005 from my parents. I watched She is out of your league and it was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it and it had some funny parts. It was different then a lot of these love movies out there where a dude met a chick and such and such lol. I right now am half way threw Aliens in the Attic an On-demand and it has been on my mind all day! I guess I can't stop a movie half way through that I have never seen and save it for later. It is killing me! lol Kitten is doing great and I have absolutely nothing to do at work so I might go, I'll keep ya posted. Seya!

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