Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jerry Seinfeld calls Lady Gaga a 'jerk'

Jerry Seinfeld calls Lady Gaga a 'jerk'
I laughed at this article lol. Jerry Seinfeld is a pretty funny guy and he seams to be an all around good guy too. It would be cool to meet him just to catch lunch or something. I can see where/why he would call Gaga a jerk. She is pretty crazy and I don't like her. Mostly because I hear her music non-stop to the point of annoying! I blame my sister for that but she will be gone by August. My sister loves this chick and I still don't even know if she is a chick. It is the questions of questions when it comes to that girl and me.
Today is the day where you can go down to your Apple store and pick up that iPhone 4...if they have any left. I heard that they were lacking stock and were probably going to sell out, even though they did a bunch of pre-orders. They are also only releasing the black version of it and holding the white version off for a bit. My friend at work where I do retail has an iPhone 3 and her screen is cracked and I brought it up to her how she never fixed it. She said, "I'm trying to work tons right now so I can get the iPhone 4!" I looked at the floor and shook my head in disappointment. She is a little ditzy but hey if she wants, she can get it. I'm not much of the Apple fan as stated countless times, but I'm not going to hate lol. I am sure that there will be better phones in a few months that will top the iPhone 4, The Evo 4G is a very high end phone but I heard that it has a few glitches but so does the iPhone 4 they say. All phones usually have a few things here and there, but if you think about it, we were in a computing world, then it went to laptops, then to the net books and now we are at a time where mobile is the thing. THE THING. For computing, we are developing touched screen tablets, and now we are having phones that excel at what some desktop computers 10 years ago couldn't even think of doing. My MP3 player trumps my Gateway desktop computer from 2000 by like 17 GB. We paid a lot for that computer and it had like 15GB or maybe 30GB and its processor was maybe 250 mega hertz, I think. We had the good old floppy drive and ran Windows 98 2nd edition. We did have a CD rom though. Well I could talk about computing all day so I will stop, as I still have to do my Apple post.
Last night after my double work day, I came home and realized that my parents bought on On-demand the movie "Book of Eli." Now I have wanted to see this movie and see what the directors/screen writers produced as they are the brothers that are helming the movie front on Akira. As stated before Warner Bros. said something about it needing to be PG-13 (which is freaking gay) and then the Hughes brothers that are writing it said they do not do sequels. Now, Warner had already planned on doing the 2 movies, which is 3 books into each. But if the Hughes brothers only do the 1st and its good, then who will bring up the rear and finish it with they same idea as the brothers had for the first? That is usually when movies go weird, when you have a different writer and director every movie in a series lol.
Anyways...The Book of Eli was a great film, and was pretty sweet. I did stay up till midnight to watch it and I recommend it. Denzel Washington is a great actor and he was sweet when he was destroying those people. I wish I knew exactly happened to there world other then it was a huge flash, and something about the sky splitting and the sun penetrated and burned the Earth. That would leave me to think that are ozone failed and burned the planet, but they said it was a war that caused it so I guess that can't be it. They said it was a war caused by the book, and if you think about it a lot of wars are caused by religion. You can also tell it was a war because when they walk through America, you can see craters probably from bombs and such. Anyways, great movie and I enjoyed it and then I fell asleep, I was beat lol.
I'll keep you posted on anything else that might happen :P Oh I bought another model, the one model that I have always wanted and its fantastic! I had bought the 1/100 version which was a high grade but I was recommended to get the Master Grade. (I would get the Perfect Grade which is 1/60 ratio and stands like a foot or a little higher but there are so many pieces and it lights up it is like $180) Well, I bought it with a white action base and I did it while they were having a thing where if you buy with PayPal, you get like 70% off shipping. Shipping from Japan to here with that much product and in a big box is like easily $16 and thats like the second cheapest shipping option you can pick. It will take a while but it ended up costing me like 500 yen for shipping which is fantastic! Now I don't have to worry about finding the model at the convention! they usually always have the Perfect Grade one and even in pearl coat version which is like $300! It is a great looking model with big wings. Ok, I have been looking online to give a good example of this model lol, just a sec :P Ok THIS is a decent picture of what a bought but I think some one worked on this one too. The one I am currently on would be this one, I pretty much have everything done on it, just needs the paint and re-assembly!
Looking through all these photos, I realized I am a bit more not just modeling but figures. I also noticed that the ones that I look for that intrigue me and that I remember from series that I enjoyed are all rare or expensive(mostly bc they are rare). To find a PVC, mini-state, model, or even action figures of The Legend of Zelda or Metroid is pricey, even eBay. I loved Cowboy Bebop, and I tried to finds Spikes Swordfish II and they stopped producing them. I don't think I can find it at all, if I do it would be a lot. The only thing that they produce but still is rare is some of the Gundam models from 1990's and also Neon Genesis Evangelion you can find those models too. Other then those 2 series I am out of luck lol. Akira are rare figures but you can find them, they are pricey too.
Well, hey, I am going to head out now! Seya guys
Oh, and here is Midna!

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