Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gundam Phone Destroys Japan

Gundam Phone Destroys Japan | Mobility Site
Oh man, I have been wanting to talk about this phone. This thing looks so freaking awesome! The fact that it has a really nice camera and the charging station is an actually Gundam model with a metal frame is a one of a kind. This thing is a beast! Once again, one more reason to add to the list why to move to Japan.
Also check this link out, you can now buy a 1.5 meter tall Gundam for $3,400. It is the same Gundam that is full scale in Japan that they just recently moved. If I had a big house and a room for it, this would be sweet to have, but I also don't have $3,400 to spend on it either. lol
And I have this problem all the time. After you complete a model you have all these runners left over and all that extra plastic that you feel bad about to just throw away. Seriously, need somewhere to recycle them but there isn't a place in America for it I believe. Anyways, this guy ended up taking all his leftovers and building a Gundam frame thing out of them. Nifty!
Also, if you shop at HLJ (Hobby Link Japan) site, right now they are having free express shipping if you pay right now through Paypal. It is only from June8-11th.
Go for it!! (I would but the model I want is backorderd lol and the other one is like $38)

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