Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For Atlantis, a Flight Path to Retirement

For Atlantis, a Flight Path to Retirement
If you have ever heard of the shuttle Atlantis, then you know it has been around for a long time and has completed many many missions to outer space and have kept the crew safe from every trip. I have seen Atlantis my self years and years ago when I was in Florida and my family went to the air space museum down there and from afar you could see it sitting on the platform ready to take off. It was supposed to go off I think sometime close when we were there. I can't remember since it was like when I went to Orlando, which might have been 8 years ago or something like that. I wonder what kind of ship will replace this one, since this one was around for 25 years!
Also, anyone watch the finals of the French Open? I missed the finals and I was hopping that Fedder could have pulled off a win but I still had the feeling (I knew for fact) that he wasn't going to get it because Nadal is really good on that surface. The Wimbeldon 2010 starts on June 21 and goes to July 4th where I am sure there will be good matches.

And click this because this is a great picture, I love it and it is a grand tree, yes I am referring to bonsai. The Great Big Greenhouse was sold so there is a transition sale and I have gotten like 7 tray pots for future bonsai. I got a great price and they are a pain to find.

I will find more photos and probably place them on here :) Shazam

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