Friday, June 18, 2010

Cast members share the public opening with theme park goers today!

Harry Potter Stars Share Their Wizarding World Theme Park Favorites
Today is the day where Universal Studios publicly open up there theme park based all on Harry Potter, they have the 700ft tall Hogwarts castle and even the town of Hogsmead. The Wizarding World theme park is something to definitely see before you die, especially if you were a fan of the series (books or movies, doesn't matter to me :P). Opening before the two Deathly Hallow movies are released seams just in time. It will bring old memories from seeing the movies and reading the books as you grow up to new memories from visiting the park and the final chapter for Harry. I can see myself bring my kids to the park years from now and they will ask what was Harry Potter and they might say that its old school, but I can say that it was pretty big just like the original Pokemon was for me. Good stuff, I watched some of the cast talk about it at the park on the Today show earlier before I left for work. the article link also talks about it.

I have a picture of the kitten on my phone and I will upload her on here as soon as I can!

glad the weekend is upon us and it is slow going here in the office again :P My girl friend is becoming really good at Mario Kart Wii which is great! We make a kick ass team and I also just obtained the Master Sword in Wind Waker (behind I know) and I will be working on that more. I watched When in Rome yesterday with my girl and it was an OK movie, probably not the best to spend $10 at the box office at lol. My girlfriend just texted me about finding a new parody that she will obsess with probably. She is a YouTube aholic if I never mentioned it. She would marry YouTube in a heart beat but for a human it would take a good 4 years lol. What can I do, oh well. By the way, the message that I sent to the girl that I thought could be the girl in Denmark was responded by a girl that thought was a stalker.......Just kidding! It was her and she remembered me and the troop I was with, after 5 years! Good stuff.
Other things going on is Fathers Day is on Sunday, friendly reminder as I still need to take my mom out for Mothers Day which was weeks ago lol. God I'm terrible. My sisters graduation is at 8:30 am tomorrow morning and I was hoping to sleep in but what can you do lol. I have to move all my bonsai plants around outside since we are having a party and the plants can't be on the deck....
Motorola is coming out with a Droid X some time this Summer I expect on Verizon.
People, I can't believe that there have been like 400,000 pre orders and made computers crash or something at the stores so they started to do some orders on paper. People, just don't get the iPhone 4, just wait there are better Android phones coming out like every 2-3 months and some now that have better specs then the iPhone 4. Plus its Apple. (not saying I'm being biased in this) This actually reminds me I will have a article on Apple and about there recent news and product. No I wont be biased on it and I will talk about what they have accomplished and what not. It is a bunch of articles that I have complied over a while now just like when I posted a bunch on movies. I need to dump it out lol. Oh and one more thing I will trow out (unless I find something that I want to post something short about) Starbucks along with AT&T is finally going to start making Wifi at Starbucks free. Yeah free! Just made Starbucks better now lower the prices on all the drinks by a dollar(at the least). Like that will happen, anyways have a great Friday everyone and for those in the Mid-East stay cool, it is supposed to be HOT!

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