Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I looked around and it sounds like they are going to try to make Akira...PG-13. I do not know what Hollywood is smoking, but if you have read, or seen the animated movie, it would be rated hard R. You would have to cut back so much stuff in this movie to make it PG-13. It just isn't cool and it wouldn't be the same! Well, they honestly shouldn't make it period as they are going to, in a nice way, dumb it down from its greatness...... Truly upsetting.
I got out of the house last night with my girl friend and we went to see The Karate Kid. I do know that it was Will Smith's idea and he was a producer but this was a really good movie. Once again, Jackie Chan played a really good part and I was surprised that they put in the fact that he lost family into the plot. It made it more touching. I don't blame them to make a second one, I really did enjoy this film. It would have appealed to anyone! Also, the ending is kinda like the original where the kid broke his leg and he decided to fight the last round anyways and got a supreme kick in and won it lol. Good times peeps!
I'm at work now working on a few projects with Daft Punk in the background. I hope today will be a good day, but I also have to work at register one tonight (it is Wednesday ).
I'll keep you guys updated!

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