Friday, June 18, 2010

Akira Movie Update

Akira Movie Update
Ok so I have seen this article twice on the net today except the first source was different hen this one. I don't know why they say that it is an update as what Andrew said is pretty much known. The fact that some people don't want to see it reach the light of day, the fact that it has changed hands over and over again from director/writer/production company. Also we knew that Leonardo DiCaprio might play Kaneda back when his production company was going to do it, which they are not now.... Just want to get this out there, nothing new has happened, and yes the fact that volume 1-3 was going to be movie one and 4-6 was the second movie was planned originally. Even the New Manhattan idea was during the stages when it was with Appian Way Productions (Leonardo's company)...It probably shouldn't make it to the screens because it is a classic and should be just that. Leave it alone. please

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