Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Larry King is going to step down this Fall

From Lady Gaga To Chris Brown, Top Larry King Moments
Well, I am sure anyone in America has heard of Larry King Live, am I right? He has been on the air for 25 years, same host and same time slot. Got the World Record for that!

The news this morning(nbc12) stated that we have now our first hurricane this year, Alex. It is down in the Gulf of Mexico and could hit Mexico this evening. There are some many people trying to get on there feet with Isabel down there from a few years back, and it could cause some problems for the oil clean up crew near the Horizon site. I don't think it will affect anyone in the inner states and definitely by me although we could use a lot of rain.

The rumor is back, Verizon will get the iPhone sometime at the begging of 2011. Will it happen? Heck if I know!

This dude made an invention back at school in Cambridge in class. It is pretty sweet other then the fact it is a backpack with a hose coming out of the pads on the wall! Go spidy!

Here is the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer if you would like to take a peek. You can see it the trailer in theaters for the Twilight movie too, but face it. Do not go see that movie please.
I do not know if I have ever mentioned this but there is a LEGO movie under way, but the plot is very secretive. Interesting, live action and some animation. Says that it will be some action adventure and in a LEGO world. Check it out. Also, I was looking around and they are making a movie; Puss in Boots which is all about that character in Shrek!? Yeah going to center around him and stuff. I thought they were done with the Shrek world....

Hmm, not much going on out there, I got work later tonight too. I am actually getting a lot done today at work. I seam to have a full plate for things to get down, which is good!. I feel more fulfilled lol. Tomorrow night my girl friends' family and my family are going to go out to eat together and I am still trying to figure out if we are going to eat pizza or Chinese! Honestly I don't care because I like both and I am sure dad or mom is picking up my share lol Well I have created three different domain titles for this blog to test out the other blog sites and there features. Also like I have stated to spread the word and maybe people like/use the other blog sites more and rather check out those instead of this one. They are all "samshio" except the end of the domain is different;,, and I will be updating them as I go about my days. The blogger account will be getting the updates the first and later on I will be updating the rest. Posterous might get short updates almost like twitter because I can update it via SMS (text message). I will have fun with it indeed lol. I also found that I could get teh domain "" or .net, but of course those are like actually sites, it would be about $15 a year and that isn't to to bad but I am cheap, so I wont. Well, I am going to get back to work and I need my con pass!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New blog but not primary :P

Hey everyone, I just created a new blog that is going to be a mirror of this one. I just want to see what the other site can do and to also put my blog out there more for people to find. It is still Life of Samshio and will have the same posts as this one but might get short random updates as I can update it via email and text message. You can follow either one but I do believe that I am going to keep this one as the primary account and this one will get the main articles first. The site is on Posterous and the link is (kinda like I am also working another one just for fun. I will keep you guys posted!

Steve Carell confirms he is leaving The Office

Steve Carell confirms he is leaving The Office
Thats right fans of the American version of the Office. Steve Carell is leaving after the 2010-2011 season. It was the last on his contract and he will honor it he says. This show has been around since 2005, and are now considering if they will continue the show without him. Honestly they probably shouldn't continue the show as he is who I think of when someone says The Office. I like this actor and not such actors as Will Ferrell >_> Will rubs me the wrong way lol.

Well it was bound to happen because the ease of getting on these sites by just searching through Google. Porn sites now have the option of changing there sites over from the domain of ".com" to ".xxx" This will make it a lot easier to notice a porno site by just looking at the .xxx domain after the title. Also this can make it easier to find and block on school/work proxies. The problem with this is that if I am not mistaken is that it is not mandatory for them to fully convert over to the .xxx as they might lack business if they drop the .com Some big sites will probably keep both up. See if it went fully to .xxx, then they wont make business off the people that accidentally bump into it on a search engine if they keep the .com. Point is, why would they change over to .xxx? O_o

Seagate! Heard of Seagate? It is a company that makes portable hard drives and probably more things but I know them for the hard drives. They just broke the 2 Tera-byte capacity and created the first 3 TB external hard drive. I remember a few years back, might have been 2008 is when I got my first external hard drive and it was a Seagate. I got it for $70 and it was 500GB and I never thought that I was ever going to use that up, yet this past winter I bought another drive that is 640GB and it was called the Rock (got it on, yet had a problem). Now 3TB is a ton of memory and would take a while to use up. My laptop, and drives combined is like 1390GB, which is over a TB. Memory of this amount is good when you plan on have a crap load of high quality pictures/movies and music. This is big dude lol

The company of Samsung, the maker of my current phone and countless other electronics, is coming out with their first 4G phone and Sprints 2nd 4G phone soon, called Samsung Epic 4G. Later this summer it will arrive and it has a 4-inch multi touch screen, will run on Android and will get the 2.2 version and runs on a 1 Gigahertz Hummingbird processor. Will include a 16GB card but can handle a 32GB SD card for memory. Can do video calling with a 5 megapixal camera, can act as a 3G and 4G hot spot for up to 5 devices (Evo 4G can handle 8). Sounds like a great phone and the display sounds like it looks a lot better than the best smart phones out there now. There is no price on it yet but it sounds pretty sweet.

Talking about Google documents yesterday, I had thought that Google already made it so you can get to them on the phone, but now you can :P Now you can look at something on your documents on your phone/ipad to double check or add onto. Nice touch!

Harry Potter?! did you guys search Harry Potter official trailer yet? I just watched it and it was basically a trailer for the 2 movies, but the first will come this November and the second in July of next year. They were shot in 2D (i prefer) but will be converted to 3D for that viewing before it hits movie theaters. It was a good trailer and I am somewhat excited to see a Harry Potter movie again. I have had a little disappointed in the past 2 but I hope they did justice for there last 2 coming as they are the Last 2! Go check it out!

I still need my pass paid for by this Saturday if I want the $65 rate for the convention. I am getting excited now and I hope to meet some pretty cool people. I am on the Otakon web boards and seeing what is going on and what some people are planning on doing there! I want to do a lot more then previous conventions I have gone to, and I might not wear my cosplay a day just so it is easier to get around but if my outfit is ready for Mugen, then I wont really have to much bagginess lol. Aliens in the Attic was kinda funny lol, not use to going out and seeing movies like that or sitting and watching it up. I ended up leaving work yesterday early around 2 since I had nothing to do. It was a hot and very humid day and I barley stayed outside long just fixing things out back. It is hard to site outside using spray paint to finish up these models when the sun is on you, and plus you shouldn't really spray paint when it is that humid out. A storm came through yesterday, but it still is not enough rain. It is getting really dry and I have been watching the water level drop everyday on the river as I go over the Huguenot bridge. I am thinking about selling my canoe, it is all aluminum and it has a flat bottom and it is 17 foot long. It is a great canoe and I have enjoyed it but I barley use it and it is a pain to use for my small body just by myself. That is why I want some one else to have it for use like fishing. It was great for my dad and I for both of us fishing and a cooler can easily fit in the middle. Heck you can fit 3 people in it probably. I want to get my self a single kayak so I can have easier access to places and in shallow waters and also better control and a lot less heavier for my to carry. It was gives me the option to carry it on more vehicles instead of relying on our 1984 Ford truck :P If anyone has a recommendation or a link for a certain kayak that they have found to be great, please let my know. Also let my know of any great places to take a kayaking trip in the Richmond Metro area! I have one tea packet left from the box that my girlfriend gave me, just one. It is tropical flavor too. I probably will have it on Thursday, or tomorrow lol. My cats were sleeping on my bed really close together last night. My older cat didn't make a fuss and it was really nice. I knew that she would eventually warm up to her :)
Bye Bye :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nintendo Promise New 3DS By April 2011

Nintendo Promise New 3DS By April 2011
Some Nintendo promises to have the Nintendo 3DS out to major markets by March 31st, 2011. They don't know exact pricing or the date but it is still a while from now. I did know from the talks about it prior to E3 that it was supposed to be released somewhere during the 1st quarter of 2011. I don't know while this author of this article is so surprised that it wont be here before Christmas since it was stated way before hand that it would be early 2011. :P
Could be rumor or might be true. "Google Me". Google Me will be Google's competitor against the highly used Facebook. Google earlier this year released "Buzz" which could be updated and such much like Facebook/Twitter but it didn't not kick off and supposedly had some privacy issues. Any who, it all depends how it plays out as the 2 top most visited webpages now. I guess you would integrate your Google account into it and it could do very well perhaps. Would I use it? Maybe. I use Google account for a bit of things, including this blog! A Google account can be used for YouTube sine Google bought it out a while ago. Most schools now actually uses Google accounts as the email service from the community colleges is gmail and so is VCU. It is very handy and I can use it for documents and for a calendar and I get reminded of when I have appointments. A Google account on an Android phone probably is wonderful to have, but I do not have that kind of phone nor will I till I actually make more haha. I actually just made my girl friend a Google account (her first one) the other day.
More Google news is that in the US, Google Chrome (there web browser) just passed Apples Safari browser in shares and is now the 3rd most used browser in the States! I have never used Safari and I don't know how it is, but I have been using Chrome since it was released while everyone still uses Firefox. I remember when Firefox was really big with the customization you could do with it but it lagged and crashed a lot with me. I have never had a problem with Chrome and it is an excellent, fast, and customizable browser now that it has released extensions. People who still use internet explorer from Microsoft, your missing out. Yeah all websites are compatible with it but it doesn't mean it is fast or has extensions. Plus Chrome just released in bedded Flash into the browser which is great and HTML 5 is on the way which will be faster and tons better. Personal opinion, just try Chrome, I also still have Firefox on my laptop but it is never used except for ChaCha (if that). The second most used browser on my laptop is Opera which is another great and customizable browser. Heck, Wii's internet browser is powered by Opera lol.
Talking about Firefox, Mozilla corp updated it because people on Facebook playing Farm-ville with the Firefox browser had it crash on them over and over and demanded an update from the corporation to fix the problem. Mozilla worked on it and updated it. Help yourselves everyone, stop playing Farm-ville and get Chrome :)
Ever heard of a solar sail? I think I have seen one in the first Episode of Star Wars perhaps with one of the ships that a Jedi was using. Well it is very real, and it sails on the flow of photos emitting from the sun. Japan agency known as JAXA (The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) captured an image of them testing it out in space. It is called IKAROS ( interplanetary kite-craft accelerated by radiation of the sun) and was launched back on May 21 and it is a very thin membrane and it actually has some embedded solar cells in the sail so it can gain energy from the sun for its propulsion engine so it can have extra acceleration. This is pretty cool
, the Japan are coming out with great ideas now and I say the Nintendo 3DS is up there with that ;) But seriously haven't really done any huge huge progression in the space industry that I have heard of since like going to the moon or having photos from Mars and the space station of course. This solar sail technology will allow us to travel vast distances in space without needing fuel for propulsion/acceleration. We have the photons and solar cells. Of course the down side is it you get to a dark part of space where the photons that are emitted are weaker and the sun rays are not as strong as before. I am interested right now on the probe they had go to Mars and right now they are doing a test/idk what to call it now to prepare for a manned mission to the planet. They are having pilots in a room/ship here on Earth and keeping them in it for 45 days or so to see if they can make the trip to the planet. I might have brought it up in a previous post when it was first talked about. It is interesting stuff.
We are also getting there on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). We have heard this word here in there in real life as robots are being made and even in huge movies such as Terminator and such. It is not just fiction but very real thing that is being created by computer/chip companies for knowledge and probably for military. There is no reason why military would not want to be involved in this and probably funds many programs for it. Any ways, IBM (the big computer chip maker) in one of its research labs has created the most advance question answering machine. Three years later, this machine can understand a question posed in everyday human language and can answer with a factual answer. It has to do more then what search engines like Bing and Google can do, which is not just recognize a word and point you to a site that has that word involved with it. It works to pick out the correct answer. This technology will help A.I. speak and converse more smoothly with humans and their everyday language. They call their machine Watson, and I.B.M is going to pit it against the top previous contestants on Jeopardy! later this fall. Watson isn't even connected to the internet and knows what is already in it brain from the three years under development. The article is a few pages and I recommend reading it up it was interesting if you are into it. This is pretty amazing but we, humans, do not want to give robots/Artificial Intelligences to much power or they might have their own conscience against us. Much like Terminator 3 or iRobot. I'm not crazy, no :P
An earthquake in California on April 4th that was a magnitude 7.2 literally moved the earth. It moved the ground as much as 2 and a half feet south and down into the ground. I can't say that it is good, but I can say that yes, California is sinking into the Pacific. A lot of quakes have moved towns/cities recently!

Speaking of California, people must be crazy and getting their heads shakin up from th quakes. A couple tried to sell there 6 month old baby in a Walmart for the grand total of $25 dollars. people reported it and the police found them at there house under the influence of Meth. The mother had breast fed the child while under drugs.
Some Harry Potter photos from the new movie coming out, also I do believe that the first trailer will come out on the net later today.
A Man who was stung as much as 500 times from a bee swarm was killed. He disturbed a hive that had about 80,000 bees in it and he tried to escape but got attacked. He was in cardiac arrest and then taking to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Three bees hurt a ton, I can not even fathom the amount of pain that was brought onto this man with that many stings.

Ok I think that is all I had saved in my docs other then the Apple stuff lol. My Weekend went by fast and worked on my Deathscythe a little bit. I am still trying to figure out things for school this Fall and also for the convention in about a month! I don't need to work on finding a used car as my relay and fuse box sometimes gets lose from the wiring and so my power windows are perfectly fine! Still, the car will probably retire by the end 0of the year perhaps. It was a great first car and is comfortable and I have used it since 2005 from my parents. I watched She is out of your league and it was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it and it had some funny parts. It was different then a lot of these love movies out there where a dude met a chick and such and such lol. I right now am half way threw Aliens in the Attic an On-demand and it has been on my mind all day! I guess I can't stop a movie half way through that I have never seen and save it for later. It is killing me! lol Kitten is doing great and I have absolutely nothing to do at work so I might go, I'll keep ya posted. Seya!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some movie news! Like Harry Potter and such!!!!

Hey everyone, I actually had tons of things to work on today at work so I could not post from work. Ha!
Well, I left after I finished up some things and then I went home to change and now I'm at my girl friends family's house waiting for the lovely Enchiladas that she is preparing for my lovely stomach. I will wolf these things down! Her brother and sister are watching Sharkboy and Lava Girl in the family room, and I am not going to lie. Absolutely the weirdest/worst movie I have every seen My eyes are dying as they gaze at the TV screen....
I went to Bush Gardens in Williamsburg yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Beat hanging around work. I went with her family and they bought my ticket for graduation and I had a great time. Aw, man you have no idea how good these Enchiladas smell!! On with yesterday, my car window didn't go up... The window motor is busted, and before that I had totalled it in the bumper. My transmission is bad and the master cylinder leaks or some odd thing. SOooooo, I guess I have to stick with it for the summer or work on getting another used car!

Ok anyways onto my movie news!
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 will have the first trailer online Monday and will also be playing as a preview before Eclipse plays (if you like those movies) Harry Potter will be out on November 19th!
Here is a new international trailer for Predators and it looks like it doesn't even take place on Earth which is a first in the series! It looks like it could be good, but at the price of $10 for a movie ticket, it is not worth it to me that much.....
The Rise of the Apes is apparently a movie that is in the works and it is a prequel to Planet of the Apes. I didn't seen know that they were working on this but I feel like I came across something before about another movie involving Planet of the Apes. IF you are familiar with the newer version, go and see the original because I enjoyed it. "Get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!" best quote ever from that movie.

Link here says that with all the 3D hype that they are converting movies into 3D. In the link it includes Beauty in the Beast and Lion King 3D too..... Probably the better part of this article is that they are working on a sequel for Who Framed Roger Rabbit! It has been a while since that movie came out and now they are working on the next one. I liked the first it might have potential, especially if the same characters are involved!
Some pictures of the set of Transformers 3 are here....
I did not know that they were working on another Conan film (Conan the Barbarian). The last Conan I remember was a beefed up Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was a bit younger. Go see that movie, if you can find it!!

I am pretty sure that I said something about The Little Fockers before which is a sequel to Meet the Fockers. Well, the first trailer is out there and can be viewed on iTunes tailer page. I can't watch it since I guess I don't have QuickTime on my laptop. If I don't then I really don't have anything in my room or software that is made from Apple lol. Click here for the article, a funny set of movies by the way.

Finally last bit of news that the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer will hit theaters previewing before Eclipse when that comes out! The first was ok and had a re watch value of once, but since we know the first will the second be some what the same or is there a plot!?!?! Interesting I guess

Well I am heading out now smells like they are ready to be eaten!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jerry Seinfeld calls Lady Gaga a 'jerk'

Jerry Seinfeld calls Lady Gaga a 'jerk'
I laughed at this article lol. Jerry Seinfeld is a pretty funny guy and he seams to be an all around good guy too. It would be cool to meet him just to catch lunch or something. I can see where/why he would call Gaga a jerk. She is pretty crazy and I don't like her. Mostly because I hear her music non-stop to the point of annoying! I blame my sister for that but she will be gone by August. My sister loves this chick and I still don't even know if she is a chick. It is the questions of questions when it comes to that girl and me.
Today is the day where you can go down to your Apple store and pick up that iPhone 4...if they have any left. I heard that they were lacking stock and were probably going to sell out, even though they did a bunch of pre-orders. They are also only releasing the black version of it and holding the white version off for a bit. My friend at work where I do retail has an iPhone 3 and her screen is cracked and I brought it up to her how she never fixed it. She said, "I'm trying to work tons right now so I can get the iPhone 4!" I looked at the floor and shook my head in disappointment. She is a little ditzy but hey if she wants, she can get it. I'm not much of the Apple fan as stated countless times, but I'm not going to hate lol. I am sure that there will be better phones in a few months that will top the iPhone 4, The Evo 4G is a very high end phone but I heard that it has a few glitches but so does the iPhone 4 they say. All phones usually have a few things here and there, but if you think about it, we were in a computing world, then it went to laptops, then to the net books and now we are at a time where mobile is the thing. THE THING. For computing, we are developing touched screen tablets, and now we are having phones that excel at what some desktop computers 10 years ago couldn't even think of doing. My MP3 player trumps my Gateway desktop computer from 2000 by like 17 GB. We paid a lot for that computer and it had like 15GB or maybe 30GB and its processor was maybe 250 mega hertz, I think. We had the good old floppy drive and ran Windows 98 2nd edition. We did have a CD rom though. Well I could talk about computing all day so I will stop, as I still have to do my Apple post.
Last night after my double work day, I came home and realized that my parents bought on On-demand the movie "Book of Eli." Now I have wanted to see this movie and see what the directors/screen writers produced as they are the brothers that are helming the movie front on Akira. As stated before Warner Bros. said something about it needing to be PG-13 (which is freaking gay) and then the Hughes brothers that are writing it said they do not do sequels. Now, Warner had already planned on doing the 2 movies, which is 3 books into each. But if the Hughes brothers only do the 1st and its good, then who will bring up the rear and finish it with they same idea as the brothers had for the first? That is usually when movies go weird, when you have a different writer and director every movie in a series lol.
Anyways...The Book of Eli was a great film, and was pretty sweet. I did stay up till midnight to watch it and I recommend it. Denzel Washington is a great actor and he was sweet when he was destroying those people. I wish I knew exactly happened to there world other then it was a huge flash, and something about the sky splitting and the sun penetrated and burned the Earth. That would leave me to think that are ozone failed and burned the planet, but they said it was a war that caused it so I guess that can't be it. They said it was a war caused by the book, and if you think about it a lot of wars are caused by religion. You can also tell it was a war because when they walk through America, you can see craters probably from bombs and such. Anyways, great movie and I enjoyed it and then I fell asleep, I was beat lol.
I'll keep you posted on anything else that might happen :P Oh I bought another model, the one model that I have always wanted and its fantastic! I had bought the 1/100 version which was a high grade but I was recommended to get the Master Grade. (I would get the Perfect Grade which is 1/60 ratio and stands like a foot or a little higher but there are so many pieces and it lights up it is like $180) Well, I bought it with a white action base and I did it while they were having a thing where if you buy with PayPal, you get like 70% off shipping. Shipping from Japan to here with that much product and in a big box is like easily $16 and thats like the second cheapest shipping option you can pick. It will take a while but it ended up costing me like 500 yen for shipping which is fantastic! Now I don't have to worry about finding the model at the convention! they usually always have the Perfect Grade one and even in pearl coat version which is like $300! It is a great looking model with big wings. Ok, I have been looking online to give a good example of this model lol, just a sec :P Ok THIS is a decent picture of what a bought but I think some one worked on this one too. The one I am currently on would be this one, I pretty much have everything done on it, just needs the paint and re-assembly!
Looking through all these photos, I realized I am a bit more not just modeling but figures. I also noticed that the ones that I look for that intrigue me and that I remember from series that I enjoyed are all rare or expensive(mostly bc they are rare). To find a PVC, mini-state, model, or even action figures of The Legend of Zelda or Metroid is pricey, even eBay. I loved Cowboy Bebop, and I tried to finds Spikes Swordfish II and they stopped producing them. I don't think I can find it at all, if I do it would be a lot. The only thing that they produce but still is rare is some of the Gundam models from 1990's and also Neon Genesis Evangelion you can find those models too. Other then those 2 series I am out of luck lol. Akira are rare figures but you can find them, they are pricey too.
Well, hey, I am going to head out now! Seya guys
Oh, and here is Midna!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Studio Ghibli’s Latest – The Borrower Arrietty : HeyUGuys – UK Movie Blog

New Images from Studio Ghibli’s Latest – The Borrower Arrietty

If you ever seen the British film, The borrowers, or read the book then you know all about the little people. Well, apparently my favorite animation studio, Studio Ghibli, he created such works as, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service and one of the most recent that reached American soil Ponyo! They are working yet again on this film based on the Borrowers and I'm sure they will not disappoint. This studio is the only foreign studio to get awards for there animated movies here in America! You need to get out and watch there movies! I have enjoyed there films for a long time!
Here is a list:
Tales from Earthsea
Howl's Moving Castle
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
The Cat Returns (Still need to see)
Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke
Porco Rosso
Only Yesterday
Kiki's Delivery Service
Grave of the fireflies (really dramatic and is sad, but non the less a great film about war)
My Neighbor Totoro
Castle in the Sky
These are all great films and I mostly enjoy Hayao Miyazaki as he is usually the writer and the director of these films. Go see them now!!!!


So I looked around and it sounds like they are going to try to make Akira...PG-13. I do not know what Hollywood is smoking, but if you have read, or seen the animated movie, it would be rated hard R. You would have to cut back so much stuff in this movie to make it PG-13. It just isn't cool and it wouldn't be the same! Well, they honestly shouldn't make it period as they are going to, in a nice way, dumb it down from its greatness...... Truly upsetting.
I got out of the house last night with my girl friend and we went to see The Karate Kid. I do know that it was Will Smith's idea and he was a producer but this was a really good movie. Once again, Jackie Chan played a really good part and I was surprised that they put in the fact that he lost family into the plot. It made it more touching. I don't blame them to make a second one, I really did enjoy this film. It would have appealed to anyone! Also, the ending is kinda like the original where the kid broke his leg and he decided to fight the last round anyways and got a supreme kick in and won it lol. Good times peeps!
I'm at work now working on a few projects with Daft Punk in the background. I hope today will be a good day, but I also have to work at register one tonight (it is Wednesday ).
I'll keep you guys updated!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 I don't really have anything to talk about today lol

Hey there guys, I have looked on the news and around and I haven't really found anything to talk about and I don't feel like doing that post about Apple either haha. The kitten is doing great, she has only been around since Sunday afternoon and she can go up and down the stairs and get off the couch and my bed which is like 3 feet high. She is a trooper, I'm tellin ya. She likes to sleep on my chest the the covers over her. I am not yet ready for her to sleep upstairs quite yet as I still want her to be by her food and the litter box :P Our other cat, Sophie, doesn't like her very much as when you are carrying Sophie around the house and into the room where Midna is sitting she starts to hiss and will grab onto you with a racing heart. Poor thing, but I am sure she will come around eventually, it's not like the kitten is going to get kicked out. I also don't want Sophie to think she is getting replaced. I watched Orphan last night and it wasn't really scary but it had a pretty interesting plot and it was a little freaky. I don't want to give it away, just watch the darn thing!
Today at work has really started to drag out. Are you sure today isn't the longest day of the year? Naw, I know yesterday was with it being the first day of Summer. I feel like it has been ages since I have seen home and it really is only 1:40 now... Should I stay till 5pm? I have been thinking and as much as a learning experience this is and it is a great job with really nice people and I probably would come back next Summer, I just an't see this being my career. This is a lot of office work, which I don't mind a little, but I have never gone in the field to take samples or walk through a swamp to get to some rare plant or something. This is all office, work with math and lots of excel. This is not who I am at all. I feel like I can do something more out there, you know? I would rather be a journalist working for a travel/tech site or paper then working here for a career. I do enjoy writing and talking about everyday stuff. Obviously, if I am typing into this box right now for you guys :P
In the end, I can't tell what exactly I will be doing as a career for as long as I work. Who knows I might have a few different careers, I have no clue. As long as there are years after 2012 then I will have a career at some point.
I sent in my acceptance letter to VCU and put down the deposit and also finished the Financial Aid stuff so I will be an official student there. It is a start and I would probably like to focus more on the school and the community and get more involved into clubs and events then working these next 2 years. Well expect for the Summer, I have to work. I need to focus more on school anyways, as it will be harder then community college and I have to manage my time as I will be a commuter. As long as I am in school, I will obtain an education and I can decide my own fate after I graduate. It is strange to think that I just left high school 2 years ago, and now I am seeing my sister leave, and I am heading to my 2nd college. I know for one thing, I do not want to settle down with children right after I graduate. I love to travel and always wanted to travel and I will do those things after I graduate before I settle with a stable job. Can't enjoy all of those things when you have so many obligations as you get older :P
Like I said, today is really long and has felt like an entire day already, but I have only been here for 5 hours. How can this be? To think, if today has felt long, imagine waiting till your old. I guess I have lots of time to do all the things I want to do in life, yet you ask people who are older they will tell you that it will go by so fast. I don't want to watch my child grow up and graduate from high school, and only feel like it happened yesterday. Does that happen once your over 25, 30, or 35? Everything feels like it was yesterday? I really hope not. If it is true, I do not know how I will possibly be able to do everything I would love to do before my life expires. Hmm, maybe that is why so many people say just do it, because once you get to a certain age you can't really do anything? To many obligations? Bills? Family an children? I am not saying that having a family and children is the end of your life. Don't get my wrong, I will be happy to have children and watch them grow up but I don't want it to happen as quick as a blink. I want to cherish my time doing things I wanted to do and to cherish the time with my family and children. I don't want to blink now and I'm married, and then blink again to find myself retiring after 50 so years of work. I want it to come to me as time comes, and not something fast. I guess that goes for most people, no one want to grow up to fast, well except when your like in middle school where everyone wants to be a grown up. I will enjoy being a grownup but lit it come at its own pace. I know I can't stop it but, just let me have fun before then :P

Wow, haha, so in the end, I started to rant about my schooling, what to look forward to the future (if there is a future after 2012 :P) and as time comes at me. Hmm, I don't think I have made a post like this before, it is mostly me thinking allowedly at work, yet this is how I feel. Enjoy life as time gives it to you everyone, that is the most simplest way as I can say it. Don't rush anything, don't move to slowly, just go with the flow :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Story Details

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Story Details
Here is the link to the store outline for one of the most popular movie franchises ever from Disney! Also they started filming in Hawaii already and it is supposed to come out in about a year in May 20, 2011.
New trailer came out for Resident Evil: Afterlife! Pretty kick ass if you ask me!
Also, new TV spotlight for Avatar: Last Airbender

Anyone look at news online, or just on the TV? If you notice when you like at the news in america, it is always going to have like 3 articles on BP and the oil spill. I'm not going to lie that it is the biggest disaster in years, but we already know about it and I want to see what is also going on in our country. I'm sure that or country has something least going on other then the oil spill and governmental stuff. I'm not going to lie, many people are following what is going on down at the gulf, and it is really big news and I would like to see an article about it all the time but I also want to see what else is going on.
Same goes with World news, the only thing we talk about is mostly what is going on in the Middle East. I know a lot of people are also following that and is a concern to us and our boys over there but it is the whole entire world that we are talking about in the news. There has got to something else going on in the world other then the middle east. This is why I don't talk about much US and World news as I get tired of checking that page on the web. But as I have said before, if it is something that you want me to follow out there in the world, let me know! I would gladly track down info about it :)

My sister graduated this past Saturday and I enjoyed having my family in town to see them. They are fun and we also picked up the kitten yesterday! She is cute and managed to get through the night alone in her room without crying. Yesterday we watched the movies The fourth Kind and Whiteout. They were both pretty good, I was even like "the heck!" during the fourth kind as there were some freaky stuff going on in it. I hardly slept the past few nights because I have had some nasty cold thing and have felt terrible. It sucks yo. I am trying to reach the wind and water temple in Wind Waker as of now playing when I can. The kitten fell asleep on my chest as i was playing :P

Toshiba is the 4th biggest computer maker behind Dell, Acer and HP and they are releasing a net book like computer that has 2 screens (top-bottom) and it folds up just like a net book would. It can be used like a net book and you can turn it to the side and use it like a book as an e-reader. It looked cool and it will come out first in Japan with America and Europe following. Also, they will be releasing the 1st laptop to have 3D-capable Blu-ray Disc system. This is pretty sweet and you knew it was coming with all these 3D things coming out and the movies! The laptop with 3D system will hit shelves in July in Japan of course. Article.
Don't know why that I have never mentioned this but you can now get Microsoft Office 2010! Now my 2007 is obsolete although there are a lot of people still using 2003 as it is still a great tool. The problem for Microsoft is that there are a lot of office like products out there that are open source and free. Like Open Office from Java and others that are there. Open Office is an ok program an takes a while to start and also it opens all the utilities (like spread sheet stuff and so on like Microsoft Office has).

well getting back to work, have a good and cool day everyone seya!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Akira Movie Update

Akira Movie Update
Ok so I have seen this article twice on the net today except the first source was different hen this one. I don't know why they say that it is an update as what Andrew said is pretty much known. The fact that some people don't want to see it reach the light of day, the fact that it has changed hands over and over again from director/writer/production company. Also we knew that Leonardo DiCaprio might play Kaneda back when his production company was going to do it, which they are not now.... Just want to get this out there, nothing new has happened, and yes the fact that volume 1-3 was going to be movie one and 4-6 was the second movie was planned originally. Even the New Manhattan idea was during the stages when it was with Appian Way Productions (Leonardo's company)...It probably shouldn't make it to the screens because it is a classic and should be just that. Leave it alone. please

Cast members share the public opening with theme park goers today!

Harry Potter Stars Share Their Wizarding World Theme Park Favorites
Today is the day where Universal Studios publicly open up there theme park based all on Harry Potter, they have the 700ft tall Hogwarts castle and even the town of Hogsmead. The Wizarding World theme park is something to definitely see before you die, especially if you were a fan of the series (books or movies, doesn't matter to me :P). Opening before the two Deathly Hallow movies are released seams just in time. It will bring old memories from seeing the movies and reading the books as you grow up to new memories from visiting the park and the final chapter for Harry. I can see myself bring my kids to the park years from now and they will ask what was Harry Potter and they might say that its old school, but I can say that it was pretty big just like the original Pokemon was for me. Good stuff, I watched some of the cast talk about it at the park on the Today show earlier before I left for work. the article link also talks about it.

I have a picture of the kitten on my phone and I will upload her on here as soon as I can!

glad the weekend is upon us and it is slow going here in the office again :P My girl friend is becoming really good at Mario Kart Wii which is great! We make a kick ass team and I also just obtained the Master Sword in Wind Waker (behind I know) and I will be working on that more. I watched When in Rome yesterday with my girl and it was an OK movie, probably not the best to spend $10 at the box office at lol. My girlfriend just texted me about finding a new parody that she will obsess with probably. She is a YouTube aholic if I never mentioned it. She would marry YouTube in a heart beat but for a human it would take a good 4 years lol. What can I do, oh well. By the way, the message that I sent to the girl that I thought could be the girl in Denmark was responded by a girl that thought was a stalker.......Just kidding! It was her and she remembered me and the troop I was with, after 5 years! Good stuff.
Other things going on is Fathers Day is on Sunday, friendly reminder as I still need to take my mom out for Mothers Day which was weeks ago lol. God I'm terrible. My sisters graduation is at 8:30 am tomorrow morning and I was hoping to sleep in but what can you do lol. I have to move all my bonsai plants around outside since we are having a party and the plants can't be on the deck....
Motorola is coming out with a Droid X some time this Summer I expect on Verizon.
People, I can't believe that there have been like 400,000 pre orders and made computers crash or something at the stores so they started to do some orders on paper. People, just don't get the iPhone 4, just wait there are better Android phones coming out like every 2-3 months and some now that have better specs then the iPhone 4. Plus its Apple. (not saying I'm being biased in this) This actually reminds me I will have a article on Apple and about there recent news and product. No I wont be biased on it and I will talk about what they have accomplished and what not. It is a bunch of articles that I have complied over a while now just like when I posted a bunch on movies. I need to dump it out lol. Oh and one more thing I will trow out (unless I find something that I want to post something short about) Starbucks along with AT&T is finally going to start making Wifi at Starbucks free. Yeah free! Just made Starbucks better now lower the prices on all the drinks by a dollar(at the least). Like that will happen, anyways have a great Friday everyone and for those in the Mid-East stay cool, it is supposed to be HOT!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not talked about in a while...Movies!

Hey everyone, this post is going to be me catching up on a lot of movie news so I can't clear out some of the things I have not brought up at all! Where to start where to start....hmmm

Ah, well I can start off with Super Hero type of movies lol.
If you saw the end of Iron Man 2, you would have realized that they showed a huge hammer in the ground where it created a crater. Well, if you know comics will would be able to tell that it is probably the opening for a Thor movie, which it is because it is on its way or at least in production as of now. Also, from the first Iron Man there was the opening for The Avengers which they are still working on.
This link here is for a poster of The Green Lantern! It is just a teaser poster and not reveling much fyi :P
Don't know whether I like this or not, but they have made it official and also got Nickolas Cage on board for a Ghost Rider 2. Article here. I didn't really like the first one that much, it was kinda like Dare Devil for me, not that great of a movie.
On to video game movies, we have a new poster for Resident Evil movie coming out in 3D. This might be a movie that I will go see in 3D because I think it might only be in 3D lol.
On to movies based on cartoons :P Avatar: The Last Air Bender which looks really good, and actually to the look of it uses a lot of the ideas I have put into my book 5 years ago lol. They will be releasing it a slight bit earlier then before on July 1st!
Here is the first teaser trailer for the Smurfs movie and here is some pics from it. I watched the teaser and it looks really really, umm odd. I don't think I would go see this in a theater but wait till its on TV or something. Yeah, just watch it, I watched it at work so I didn't have sound on so check it out and talk about it in the comments if you like.
On to movies based off books!
Here I have a link to a German web site (yes German, so it is all in German but you can Google Translate it if you want) and there are some pics from the set of The Hobbit! Yes nerdy I know but I found it so why not talk about it. The Lord of The Rings is one of those trilogies that I can actually watch over and over because they are really good to enjoy. Yes they are long, definitely the last movie but if you have not seen the series, you should.
Here is a traitor for t he nest Narnia film! The Voyage of the awn Treader! C. S. Lewis was a great writer, and I even enjoyed reading a Biography on his life. It is funny because him and J. R. R. Tolkien were the b est of friends back in college and they both decided to both write a series at the same time, and C. S. Lewis (Clive Staples Lewis) decided to write a series about space exploration(The Space Trilogy) while J. R. R. Tolkien decided to do fantasy. C. S. Lewis's series wasn't that great, it was hard to get in to and I never even finished the first book titled: Out of the silent Planet. Meanwhile, J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy series turned out to be very popular as it was The Lord of the Rings. C. S. Lewis is a noticeable name for his later work, Chronicles of Narnia, when they were not friends anymore (because of disputes about religion as they were both religious men, you should see some of C. S. Lewis's works in religion). Some of the books in his Narnia series no one knew when he wrote them which is interesting. :) You can tell that I enjoyed his Biography lol.
Kristen Steward, known for her role in the Twilight series as Bella(ugg) is apparently going to be a start in the next Wanted movie >_> This could be very gay indeed lol. She will take kinda the same role as Angelina Jolie role, which I find odd because her character in the last movie killed herself. Oh oh maybe Kristen Steward will shoot a curved bullet that will eventuality hit her too! Dreams come true sometimes, but unlikely this time haha. Article here.

In other news on more recent movies, Mr. T talks smack about the A-Team movie. Mr. T was an original actor for the TV series and what he has to say about this movie that came out is that it has a lot of action and people die and there is sex. This is far from the series. "It was to graphic for me. I've no doubt it will do big business at the box office but it's nothing like the show we turned out every wee." -Mr. T. Here is the article, give it a read :P

This article is about Jackie Chan and of course, child star, Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son) that were the stars of the recent Karate Kid. Jaden learned a lot for Jackie on and off the set. I rather not try to explain the article but you should read it. Jackie Chan is a great actor and you should see more of his films. He comes out with great children and more adult films. Jaden Smith is also in The Pursuit of Happiness (with his father) and also in The Day the Earth Stood Still (with Keanu Reeves, more familiar with the Matrix Trilogy). Please read it :P
If you read the article, you can tell that they work great together and enjoyed doing the movie together and so Sony is pitching around ideas for the next one t hat they were already planning on making. Article here.

Ok, all caught up with all that movie news, some of it is old because I have not gotten around to it but I usually find these things right when they hit the net lol. I better get back to work now. Oh, you think I should bring home the kitten tonight, or Sunday night!? Let me know in comments!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From a Fish man, to creating a great invention: Kevin Costner

How Kevin Costner Went From Fish-Man to Oil Spill Expert

This article I happened to just pass looking through the news and if you have ever seen The PostMan or Waterworld, then you have heard of Kevin Costner. I loved those movies and he is a great actor, but it shows recently, past 15 years, that he has been working on a machine that separates oil from the water. His brother and him thought of this idea back when the Exxon Valdez had its disaster, and when they made it, there was hardly no need for it till now. Apparently BP has ordered 26 of them, the machine has failed the initial testing but Costner said that it has all the adjustments. It also gives a purer payload of the oil then what they have been getting from cleaning it up. I find this funny because his enemy (Dennis Hopper played the part and also recently died and was a great actor also!) in Waterworld, lives on a oil tanker and I actually think, if you notice in the movie, that the name of the tanker is the Valdez that had the oil spill. So in the end, Costner is fighting against oil in his movie and in life. Well played my friend. Well played.

Side note: See Waterworld if you have not. They spent so much money on the film and barley made up for it but its good. Also, The Postman. Do it. I have a digital copy. Watch them plz.

Anyways, hardly got any sleep last night. I woke up at 4:20 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I tried to find someone that I met in Ireland back in 2005. I only had a first name but I managed to find her online. Am I good, or am I good? I'm good. Regardless, I found her and sent a message, she probably forgot who I am as she was visiting there also from Denmark. After I found her I picked up on Wind Waker (The Legend of Zelda title for the Game Cube) and continued from where I left off like a year ago. The graphics are odd, but hey I bought the game and I heard it was good. It is the only Zelda Game since Ocarina of Time that came out for the non-portable console that I have yet finished. LOL. I am going to be so tired later today as I have work at retail later tonight. Also, I have family coming in tomorrow, grandparents that I just visited but a few days ago in Maryland and my aunt from New York. She is the one that I haven't seen in a long time. I was notified that I can pick up my kitten at any time, but I really don't want to bring home the kitten because when my grandparents get here they will bring their poodle, Joy, down. >_> dog is retarded. Well, kitten will be brought home on Monday!!!!!
My sister is graduating on Saturday and that is why family is coming back down. My aunt never came for my graduation....either of the graduations.
VCU sucks in the Undergraduates Admissions Office. Just because.
One more thing, I like my job here for the Environmental company. They are flexible, nice people, and they are getting me lunch fro the second day in a row!!! Ballin'

Seya till tomorrow probably!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nintendo E3 Network (Nintendo Announced these at E3)

Nintendo E3 Network
See some pics for up coming games, and of course some tailor/game play!

Also..Nintendo Conference Update

Metroid: Other M will be released on August 31st, which should have came out this month and sitting in my hands.... annoyed. At least I hear that it will be a great game. And Nintendo is releasing a new Donkey Kong that looks a lot like the one for SNES. It is called Donkey Kong Country Returns. So I guess it is the same idea as New Super Mario Bros. that came out recently for the Wii.
Now they are previewing the Nintendo 3DS which most people probably care about the most. The top screen is going to be 3D while the bottom is still touch screen. The graphics are way better and there are two cameras on the outside and can take and view 3D images. Also, one camera on the inside as well. There is a gyroscope and motion sensor so you can get a full motion controlled gaming in there. There is a control where you can change the depth of t he 3D gaming if you don't want it to deep. Another interesting thing is that the 3DS will be able to play 3D movies on it as well. Kid Icarus: Uprising will be in 3D for the 3DS. The DSi will be compatible with the 3DS and that there will be lots of 3rd parties making games for the system. There will be lots of games coming to it like, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid, DJ Hero 3D. The Resident Evil game will be completely original to the 3DS and not a remake. A lot of good stuff, but I really don't know if I will be getting a 3DS at all but maybe one day. As stated many times before I have not been a 3D crazed person. The Nintendo Conference at E3 just ended and people are testing out the 3DS and looking at game trailer for certain games.
Hope you enjoy the info

Nintendo Names Zelda Game

It will be called Skyward Sword and it is pushed back till 2011, but it looks promising. The controls will be more based on how you move. Like you will hold up the knunchuck as you would hold up a shield and so on and so forth. It will be more realistic moment I guess, but I really hope they don't have everything about the controls as I did like the control schemes on the N64 and the Twilight Princess. Also, Nintendo announced that it will release Golden Eye for Wii this holiday year! Also, new Kirby game called Kirby's Epic Yarn, and looks interesting as everything is pieced together like yarn or string. Reminds me of how they did Paper Mario.

GoldenEye Remake for Wii and DS Leaked by Activision

GoldenEye Remake for Wii and DS Leaked by Activision

This piece of news made me smile with my heart :) Nintendo is bring back that classic from the Nintendo64: Golden Eye. Remember the good old days where you used that controller and you shot down people in multilayer. This was like my 2nd or 3rd favorite game from my N64 system. I would play it more but not many people can keep up with me, plus I hardly have any working N64 controllers anymore because I played so hardcore with them. Now whether or not I will get this game for the Wii is up to if the controls are fun, the multilayer mode is awesome and so is the online play. the online play is up to 8 players which is awesome, and if there is more options for the online play that could be freaking sweet. also, the new bond will be filling in instead of Pierce Brosnan, which I could care less about lol. the fact that it took literally all this time to get a remake is wow lol.

Today, Nintendo is having its conference at 9am or about 12pm Eastern standard time I think which is in a few. I am really excited to hear new information about some great games coming to Nintendo, especially Zelda. That is a high on my list right now that I am focused on. E3 all week, I believe and XBox released pics of the new XBOX 360 slim and also they started to ship it out today!

I also i finally after god knows how long got my Wii to connect to my wireless network and I have been playing some crazy MarioKart Wii. I had not updated my Wii for probably 20 months, so I was behind!

I just got back home from being in Maryland since Thursday with my girl Friend. We had gone to the Baltimore Aquarium and got to my grandparents that night. I didn't realize that the Oriels had a home game that night against the Yankees, in which they actually won 4 to 3, so the traffic was a pain to get out of. My vacation was nice and relaxing except for the sleeping on the couch the whole time but I lived. I enjoyed waking up my girl friend in the morning haha, don't really get to do that. Also, having breakfast fixed for you every morning was great. I usually these days throw some cereal into a cup and pour milk in and go to work. We went to Longwood gardens on Friday and if you have not been there it is a great gardens in Pennsylvania. It is off route 1 and there is a lot to see there. I might post some pictures on here of some of the bonsai they had in their conservatory. I also, added like a lot of seeds from trees to my collection so I will need to dry them out and maybe plant them some time later in the summer or closer to fall, and I also brought home a lot of Japanese Maples from my grandmothers yard that were planting everywhere. These will be nice to use for bonsai, if I can handle it. Some of the seeds, actually most of them, from the bag I bought of the Ficus back in the spring have all died. Don't know what happened but I will have better luck next time right? Also The great big green house has 50% off right now, and I just remembered that I still need to buy my Otakon ticket online. I still have know idea where I will be stayin.
Also, if you like history and about the colonies and before we became states, check out Newcastle in Delaware, as I went there a few days ago with grandmother and girlfriend and it was informative information about some of the houses and Newcastle at the time. We did never get to go out in the water as my grandfathers truck had blew its head gasket about a mile from the boat launch so that was a no go.

I will fill you in as I am now back at work >_> which reminds me I have something t o work on in front of me now, seya!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yes, There Are Other Zelda Weddings

Yes, There Are Other Zelda Weddings
I found this kind of awesome, doubt my fiancée would ever let me/us do this for or wedding. I sure would like it because I don't want a way way formal wedding, I mean it's a wedding. You have to make it fun and enjoyable and unique to the bride and the groom! Plus you have something to say that stands out from everyone else's weddings! What a better way to sneak in a musical piece from a classic series like Zelda :)
This link here is on some of the rumors that have been floating around recently on the net about the up coming new Zelda title! (I actually heard of these rumors months ago but didn't really say anything lol ops)
Anyways, I am sure most people would figure that the game play would be smoother and have a better combat style with the remote, and some people probably heard that there will be a different sword rather then the master sword. My favorite Zelda title is Majora's Mask followed by Twilight Princess. The title Majora's Mask stands out as it takes place right after Link left Hyrule and he doesn't have a Master sword and he uses another sword that you can upgrade during the game. It was different from the usual games, and heck, you didn't save princess Zelda in this one!!! I enjoyed Twilight Princess since it was dark and I liked the Character Midna (got a piece of artwork of her on my wall). Midna pretty much helps Link along much like Navi in Ocarina of Time.
Anyways as I was saying about the new game, the new sword will I guess enable time travel like most games you can do that. Especially heavily in Majora's Mask except you use the Ocarina for that. I heard a long time ago that the character you see in the only piece of art work out there for this game. The thing in white in front is actually Link's sword, and her characters name is Adelle.
There will be lots of side quest just like my fav title :) Which will keep you playing even after you beat it. I still have yet to finish all the side quest in MM.
Also there will be more character interaction. I love getting involved into other characters in the game. You learn more about there world and where they live and how you, Link, get to interact with them.
They also add that Link's hometown will be larger, which usually is small in most of the games.

We will find out more stuff I hope at Nintendo's Press Conference at E3 2010 this year will be at 9:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, June 15. :)
I can't wait this stuff is so juicy!
Also, I heard that there will be a squeal to Okami for the Nintendo DS! I think I might get that! Holy crap just realized that I have yet to finish my Soul Silver! I am still upset at the push back for Metroid: Other M, which is probably my second favorite franchise. I would be getting it in a few weeks but I think its now to release in the fall.

Also, I think I have a name for the kitten that I will get next week after my trip to Maryland. Midna.
Yeah yeah I know it's the princess of the Twilight realm in Twilight Princess :) I couldn't help my self.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For Atlantis, a Flight Path to Retirement

For Atlantis, a Flight Path to Retirement
If you have ever heard of the shuttle Atlantis, then you know it has been around for a long time and has completed many many missions to outer space and have kept the crew safe from every trip. I have seen Atlantis my self years and years ago when I was in Florida and my family went to the air space museum down there and from afar you could see it sitting on the platform ready to take off. It was supposed to go off I think sometime close when we were there. I can't remember since it was like when I went to Orlando, which might have been 8 years ago or something like that. I wonder what kind of ship will replace this one, since this one was around for 25 years!
Also, anyone watch the finals of the French Open? I missed the finals and I was hopping that Fedder could have pulled off a win but I still had the feeling (I knew for fact) that he wasn't going to get it because Nadal is really good on that surface. The Wimbeldon 2010 starts on June 21 and goes to July 4th where I am sure there will be good matches.

And click this because this is a great picture, I love it and it is a grand tree, yes I am referring to bonsai. The Great Big Greenhouse was sold so there is a transition sale and I have gotten like 7 tray pots for future bonsai. I got a great price and they are a pain to find.

I will find more photos and probably place them on here :) Shazam

Gundam Phone Destroys Japan

Gundam Phone Destroys Japan | Mobility Site
Oh man, I have been wanting to talk about this phone. This thing looks so freaking awesome! The fact that it has a really nice camera and the charging station is an actually Gundam model with a metal frame is a one of a kind. This thing is a beast! Once again, one more reason to add to the list why to move to Japan.
Also check this link out, you can now buy a 1.5 meter tall Gundam for $3,400. It is the same Gundam that is full scale in Japan that they just recently moved. If I had a big house and a room for it, this would be sweet to have, but I also don't have $3,400 to spend on it either. lol
And I have this problem all the time. After you complete a model you have all these runners left over and all that extra plastic that you feel bad about to just throw away. Seriously, need somewhere to recycle them but there isn't a place in America for it I believe. Anyways, this guy ended up taking all his leftovers and building a Gundam frame thing out of them. Nifty!
Also, if you shop at HLJ (Hobby Link Japan) site, right now they are having free express shipping if you pay right now through Paypal. It is only from June8-11th.
Go for it!! (I would but the model I want is backorderd lol and the other one is like $38)

7-11 Starts Selling "FarmVille" Slurpees

7-11 Starts Selling "FarmVille" Slurpees
Click this.
Is this gay? Or gay?

Monday, June 7, 2010

News: Rumor: 3DS with Graphics Close to 360 and PS3 -

The Nintendo 3DS that will be coming out, god knows when since it seams all the good stuff gets pushed back anyways, will be getting way updated graphics, as said from a quote from developers that have worked with it at its present stage. The graphics will be better then t he Wii's and up to par to that of the PS3 or the XBox 360. This could be fantastic as Nintendo usually doesn't have a system that is shooting for high end graphics, but this could draw some old Nintendo fans that went to the PS3 or XBox360. Link here.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

...Sorry for being gone for so long

Hey everyone, as you can tell I have been gone for quite some time and have to updated my blog. I am sorry for this but the only free time have sometimes is at work, and I don't think I should be updating my blog at work, even though that is where I usually find the news articles that I want to talk about. I actually have quite a bit of news and might try once again to spread it out in 2 post or something of the sort :P
First off, how is everyone doing? Did everyone have a decent Memorial Day weekend? I ended up getting burned at Lake Gaston in lower Virginia/upper South Carolina and same goes for my girl friend lol. I spent that Friday and Saturday with her and her family at her great grandmothers house on the lake and it was quite enjoyable, but I am now still peeling and so is she....fantastic!
Anyone go to the Strawberry Festival in Ashland, Hanover yesterday? I was there working at a concession stand making snow cones which didn't even sell that crazy at all because like after 1 the biz went dead lol. It was so freaking hot out there! MY girlfriend and I left since she was there with my mother and we returned Valentines day >_> (as you can tell, it was o.k.) to Blockbuster and went to Pets-mart and just in the end got a movie from Red Box for free and watched that till she went home. (Red Box code that will get you a free rental for a day is : DVDONME or if you go to a Kroger you can use: DVDKROG. You can only use it once on a card, which means if you have 2 cards and you go to a Kroger, this is like 4 free rentals right here. Good play!!!!)
OHHHH! This past Friday, I finally found some tray pots for my bonsai plants at the Great Big Greenhouse! The Great Big Green House was just sold and right now there is a transition sale going on and everything is 35% off and will go down at some point to 50% in a week or something! I got two tray pots for like $7 something which is great. I am going to go back tomorrow after work and pick out some more pots and plants before they run out and/or while they are cheap!
Another big thing also happened, I picked out my very own kitten! The thing is adorable, and I am pretty sure it is a she. She is black and white but she is only 3 weeks old so I can not bring her home quite yet, but in a few weeks I will. We already have a cat in my house, Sophie (even though I rarely call her that name), but it technically isn't my cat since my dad literally loves it more then anyone in the house. I don't think I am joking either. This cat will be strictly mine and I will be paying for all its needs and I will take it where ever I decide to move. I still need to come up with a name for a girl cat. If anyone has a good name can you please just throw it out there in the comments for this post, thanks and I will be sure to get some pics up of her too. Exciting!
I just finally caught up on One Piece, (great manga btw) and it took awhile. I was like 200+ chapters behind and they were enjoyable to read!
Oh, today around 5 is my geology teachers rock party, where I guess we are going to be chill-in' and eating food lol.
Anyways, tomorrow will be my girl friend and I's 11 month together and we have one more month to go and it will be a year. I know for fact that we will make it to a year, even to the end of the summer I know that for sure. I am so confident in this relationship, and it has just made me extremely happy in this point of my life. She is everything I could ask for in a relationship and I adore her for it :) I enjoy seeing her smile, and it is pretty easy to get her to smile. All she usually has to do is look at me :P Anyways, I think she is fantastic and any man would me luck to have her, I am just extremely happy that I have her in my heart as I am in hers.

Anyways, that is a quick fill in on my life as of now, This coming Thursday I will be heading to my grandmothers in Maryland where my girl friend and I will be to the following Monday. Till Thursday I will try to be updating my blog for ya! Seya guys!!

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