Thursday, May 20, 2010

VMFA! I forgot to mention!!

Hey everyone, I told that I would be getting back to you about some news and I will probably do that later tomorrow! I have forgotten to mention that last week (Wednesday or Thursday) I had gone to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts with my girl friend off of Boulevard in Richmond. They have newly redone it and added more onto it and they are still adding on too. They have yet open all of their exhibits yet but they have a very fine collection of art. There are still some exhibits that will open over time like the African art in 2011 and some more European art in 2011 and there also is East Asia later this year which would be fantastic. This is all free except for private collections or non-permanent collections that are passing through. You do have to pay for the parking on the spot and I never got to check out the dinning inside the building but I hear that they have a nice cafe and a restaurant within the building. If you are near the Richmond area or in it you should check it out since it has been closed for sometime with all the work that they have put into it. I can remember a exhibit on Egyptian art that was brought there quite awhile ago when I was still a kid. It is a great museum that isn't way to big or to small.
There is an exhibit at the ToonSeum up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that I would love to see but that is a good 6-7 hour drive from Richmond and when I heard about the "Art of Akira" in Pennsylvania I thought it would be at Philadelphia, but I was wrong since I could have gotten to that :(. If you are up that way and have an appreciation of anime and the art of how to make anime back then, this is a fantastic movie and exhibit and I hope that the curator of the collection would bring it around the country, even D.C. would help me out tons! This collection has over 10,000 pieces of art from the major motion picture, the biggest collection shown to the public, and I am sure it is pretty awesome. I believe that I have ranted about Akira before on this blog and probably mentioned about this exhibit. Please come a little further south, please.

Another dissapointment in my life other then the exhibit not being close to me is that "Metroid: The other M" video game that was supposed to come out next month has been pushed back to August 31 which blows as I will have started school again and I wanted a video game like hat over the summer! Dang it!!!! What can I do, go to Japan and slap them?

Also, this Sunday, the final episode of LOST will air at 7pm. I will miss it but I will now know what the fate of the island is. "We're very close to the end Hugo" Jacob said as they were all sitting around the campfire in the last episode. Jack takes the post and the job for Jacob to care for the island and to keep the smoke monster from ever reaching the light of the island. Link here on a LOST article. This will be a great episode, also what is sad is that I will not have anything to follow for a while till other series start up again. This series though was great and the 6 seasons were great full of questions and answers as they tried to leave and get back to the island, and why/what were they really doing there.

Another series has ended without actually finishing up like LOST will. Heroes is finally canceled after this past seasons was over. There were only 4 seasons of Heroes on NBC. It was time as I was kind of loosing some edge and the way they ended it they could just leave it that way or through a movie or something together if they really wanted. They brought in a ton of new characters in this last season but they stopped the villain from killing people. Link here.

That will be everything I am putting up as I got work in 8 and a half hours lol. I woke up with my laptop on the floor when I woke up this morning. The DVD drive was ripped from it but I managed to fix it thank good. But you know, when you think about it who really uses there CD burner? I haven't used it in a long time since my music and movies are on my laptop or my Zune HD. I guess it wouldn't have been a total lost if it was trashed (but I did fix it). Oh, and this past Sunday I ended up going over the the dark side (Verizon). They freaking charge a lot for cell phone services, unlike European or other countries around the world where its unlimited everything for about $40 american dollars rather then $100 for unlimited everything of Verizon. It is crazy on how much they can capitalize on it and people will pay because they have no choice. I got the Samsung Reality, and so far it has been a nice phone up till now.
I'm going to head out now and catch some Z's, I will post later today after I get off work on some movie, science and tech news. G'night!!

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