Sunday, May 9, 2010

prom night...was last night

So prom night was last night for my sister and she had all of her group spend the night over at my house in the back yard in tents. Man they were up late all night chatting and talking and my sister has a mouth on her that the whole neighborhood could have heard. I didn't go to sleep till around 3:50am this morning and I woke up around 8:30 >_> The reason I got up early was because I was going to to take my mother out till breakfast but now she decided to stay here and watch over the children till they leave... So I ate the children's doughnuts lol.
Well, I feel bad for the fact that I have not updated this blog since last Sunday. LAST SUNDAY! It has been a whole week, my bad. Anyways, my Monday was class and some work, and the building in front of our office was on fire when I pulled in and everyone was waiting for the fire team to get there. Interesting. My Monday was not that special at all an then Tuesday came around and the most I did that say was do my eulogy of my dear friend that died right before Easter. That was for speech class and I do not know what grade I got on it yet. My Wednesday was spent all day at home and I took my Geography online exam and went to lovely work to run the balloon counter. Thursday I took my Chemistry exam in the morning and I'm sure I didn't do that well at all and then went into the office because I didn't think I could make it Friday. I managed to pick an LG Dare from a guy of craigslist and that way I can get a touch screen phone without having to pay the extra data package at Verizon wireless and also I don't get back those crappy mail in rebate cards that are good for their store when I buy a 2-year contract phone. Am I smart, or am I smart? Yes I am. lol
Friday I took my Geology exam after I studied that morning and I did really well on it I think and got invited to his Rock Party at his house during his summer for his classes lol. Sound pretty awesome lol, it is out in south side near where I go in for the office. After my exam I went to the movies with 3 friends where we watched Iron Man 2 which was pretty good about the same as the first one. Also, go when its early in the afternoon, you save crap load of money. I then just hung with my good friend for the rest of the night over at my house. We had great ideas to mess with the people staying the night like spreading peanut butter around their tent and launching mortars and fire crackers at there tent in the middle of the night but we ended up not doing it last night. Was too late and I'm sure that cops would have busted us with all the illegal fire works lol.
My Saturday was boring, I helped set up the tents since they don't know crap about them and then went to work and only to come home and their loud mouthes keep me up all night. The End

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