Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nice weekend with a FAT Burrito

Hello everyone! It has been Thursday when I as watching Batman Begins since I last posted. This has probably been the longest I have gone without posting in a long time. Friday, man Friday was a long day! I had my school and got my my work place. Work was ok, kinda slow and stuff. Then I ran over to my grandparents to wish my Grandfather happy birthday since Saturday was his 78th birthday. I helped him open some cards in the mail and he enjoyed my visit as short as it was since I had plans to go to the mall with my girl friend and one of my best friends. The mall was alright and we watched a movie later that night, The Land of the Lost with Will Ferrel. It was a funny movie, from what I watched. I fell asleep watching it with them in my own sun room lol. So much for the first time seeing her in like 4 weeks. I took her home and then I got into some weird slump before I could get some sleep. It happens occasionally but I was all good by lunch time on Saturday. Saturday I managed to sleep in for a while and then I had work from 11am to 3pm and enjoyed that little work. Had to tell the boss that I couldn't work a Saturday since I had a graduation to catch lol. Still waiting for my acceptance from VCU >_>I went to a Cheese Cake Factory for my girl friends mother's birthday and it was good. BTW if you get their Burrito Grande, don't expect to eat the whole thing because I was freaking huge!!!!! I had a great night with my girl friend, I loved most of all seeing her smile. I can always talk with her or text her when she is at school, but not seeing her in person is different. Just seeing her expression when she looks at me or is in a great mood just makes me happy. I can't wait another week, I want her all summer especially if I get to see that smile. I strive to make her happy, and I know/hope she is. She is a doll. lol She is my sandwich maker. (Oh inside joke, she actually rather wants me to call her that rather then boo or other usual pet names :P fine with me lol)
Sunday went pretty well too, we watched Harry Potter 5 then some of Avatar and Blind Side. I just didn't wish I had to leave her house tonight since it might be more then a week till I see her again. Just we both need to get our exams over with!!!
How was everyone else's weekend? The Richmond area had quite a bit going on this weekend with Race night, Arts in the Park and the Re-grand opening of the Virginia Fine Arts Museum. I would have loved to catch that while it was free, but I rather give that up to see my girlfriend :)
The Kentucky Derby horse race was Saturday, and I have know idea who won at all?! Who did!? Also, the weather was fantastic, I wasn't outside really at all to enjoy it this weekend, but I hope you all did!

News, there is a date for a few movie releases in 2012 and they are all old comic/cartoon shows! We got Batman, Spider Man and the G.I. Joe movie. Go the link ONE and TWO for that!
Remember that movie Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger, well they are planning on making that 1985 remake. Here is the link for that.

I came across this article and for the most part it is true, texting is getting bad and so is Face Book to the point people rely on it rather then talking straight up on the phone or face-to-face. People make themselves look like they are busy by looking at their phones when no one is texting them. It is getting pretty bad and its this whole social networking and texting thing. Even texting while driving is really bad, I just saw an ice cream man, who draws children to the truck, actually texting while in motion in a neighborhood. This is terrible! I sometimes see my girl friend reach for her device when I'm with her and we both know that she didn't get a text, and there is a statement in there that said something about that people do it because they don't want to feel lonely, and I really hope she doesn't do it because she feels lonely with me at that moment. I don't know how I would take that. She means so much to me. Honestly, she also gets use to checking her phone since I'm the one usually texting her since I don't ever see her since she goes away to school, so she gets in the habit of it. I don't know what the problem is just silencing it and setting it off to the side while we are out or watching a movie or a date. I never text anyone while I'm with her unless someone texts me about something but I usually tell them that I'm busy with my girl friend. All my friends understand that, they are carrying and they have people that they love and would do the same and respect my privacy and to not bug me while I'm with her. I guess most my friends are casual texters as we don't bother each other all the time. I mostly text to my girl friend, I'm not going to lie, but that is (once again) because I don't see her and also she is my GIRL FRIEND. I will talking to her lol.
My point is everyone, if your with a friend and hanging with them, just silent your phone, give them your attention and don't act like you have more important things to do then rather being with them. They are your friend or more then your friend because they obviously mean something to you and they should deserve that respect from you as you also deserve the respect back.

That is my message for everyone, I'll try to update tomorrow after work! Good night and Seya!

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