Monday, May 24, 2010 will be missed (Spolier)

As many people who follow LOST watched the last episode last night and possibly cried as Jack realized he was dead and back on the island he was dying and the series closed as his eye closed. This series was pretty epic in a way as you can easily say that it isn't like any other series out there. It had great depth and many life altering things about it. I had never seen a show that showed these peoples character and the depth of the character from when they are on the island and off. You were able to see their past and who they use to be and how the island changed them. I could say that the whole series was to test these people and to see where they were going. So people obviously pass and they move on, much like the alternate universe that they created where they were all dead (did matter when they died, they were still there) and they would try to get each other to remember. Once they remembered who they were and what they did and the ones they loved, they were able to meet up in that church where they were going to pass on (much like Jack's dad when he walked through the doors in the back of the church). I heard somewhere ask what happened to a lot of people that didn't meet up in the church. Ben waited outside of the church because he wasn't ready to pass over and he needed to settle his soul before he could. Ben had a really trouble-some soul all throughout the series. You could never place your finger on whether he was good or just bad. There were a lot of things he regretted in his life on the island like his daughter getting shot because of him. The other people that were not in the church, I don't believe ever got to really pass over. When they were on the island, Hurley was able to see ghost and spirits of the people who never have left the island because they did some things that made their soul restless and couldn't move on. Much like Michael. I think the series was centered around Jack and his test on life and whether he would pass the test. I can't say it was all about him as we got to see a lot of the other characters and their lives before the island and of course their lives as the island never existed. Maybe when the plane crashed on the island, everyone was dead and their life on the island was to decide what would happen to them and test everyone. As said before, I don't think that I can watch another series that is quite like this one. This series had action, drama and was full of meaning and purpose. There was so much involved with this show and has made those 6 seasons that it was on the air a fantastic show. I'm sure all the really big fans out there was truly moved by the scene as they were all meeting and hugging and kissing in the church, and then Jack's eye closing as it closes the series. :'(
I had my girl friend with me last night to watch it. She hasn't seen any other of the series really so I guess it was some what a good thing she watched the 2 hours of recap on the series which was long. She still was Lost (haha) after the recap so I tried to fill her in during the commercials of the actual episode. And by the way, there were plenty of commercials, and I really liked those Target commercials. It would show the smoke monster going to and hovering over the beach and then going back int the forest, and thats when Target advertises a smoke alarm. LOL. Oh and so how about those three alternate endings on Jimmy Kimmal... They were talking about that all during the recap and episode and so I was like I want to see what the three alternate endings had in store for Jack instead of his eye closing. Well, they were like joke/fake endings that Jimmy put together and the writers put together. I wasn't happy as I was tired and I thought there were going to be legit endings. I'm not going to lie, they were pretty funny especially the first two when "the tribe has spoken" as it was a spoof on Survivor and Saied was voted off the island haha. The second one looked oddly familiar as they were all sitting in the dinner and Jin was out front trying to park his car like crazy, and it hit me being from the Sopranos as that was how they ended the entire series with the family in the dinner, haha. I found them funny but I was seriously thinking that there were other endings, obviously not.
LOST you will be missed, and the season 6 and entire series will be on DVD some time in August and if it is cheap I may get it, may key word.

Other then that said ending last night, my weekend was really really good. I finished up my first time of a full week f work. Still haven't heard anything from VCU >_>, and I cooked for my girl friend on Saturday morning. She said it was pretty good, and plus cooking for your girl friend is a plus in their books guys, just fyi. Oh and also watched Mcgrubber Friday night, and I can say wasn't worth ten whole dollars.

Ok going to throw in some fast news here for some people,
starting movies,
Here is an article about he talks and screen write for National Treasure 3 (you knew it was coming).
Megan Fox will not be returning to Transformers (sorry dudes) but the girl that is in Price of Persia: Sands of Time that is coming out, may take her place. Link.
Here is the more milking of the "3D" title, 3D Musketeers, Link.
Don't know if this is in 3D but probably will be and it is a third in the series, but Eddie Murphy is writing the Nutty Professor 3. (oh gawd)

And you have Google announcing there Google TV that will run on an Android platform as it would seam, link here.

I am going to wrap this up now, as I have talked about Lost, brief info on my past weekend, and some short links for some news. Any of you, if you can re watch/watch LOST and you will see how deep it really is and how you will be thinking of that ending for days on end. One last time from me, farewell LOST, you will be missed. Seya guys.

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