Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Good morning fellow people, I'm yawning right now haha.
Well, the clouds look like they have cleared for maybe a nice day, but I think it still will be cool out. I wont be able to enjoy my day outside as I got school at 9am and wont get out till around 4 at which I got work every Wednesday at 5pm to about 9:30. Maybe after then I can go on a run or something, depending how truly lazy I am. I got a Geology test today covering up to six chapters! I think I'm missing notes for like one or two of them, which isn't good. I also have the outline of my speech due tomorrow for Public Speaking, which I also have yet to finish! I need to stop procrastinating. Anyone watch Lost last night, or they went with the premier of the new season of Glee? Well if you know me in person, you know I went with Lost because it's awesome and I'm not into singing and dancing of Glee. If anyone missed the episode of Lost last night or any of this season, I suggest that you watch them all in order or you will have know idea what is going on lol. There are only 6 seasons in all, including this one that is I think 5 episodes from ending the series.
Another thing that I am passionate about is Akira, if you have ever heard of it from some one or my mouth. Everyone one that know's of Akira thinks that it is just a animated film from the 80's, but it is much more then that to me. Katsuhiro Otomo is a manga artist who started this manga series and got his chapters placed in Young Magazine in Japan back in 1982. He finished the manga series in 1990 and all of them were compacted into 6 large volumes that are black and white. Now over in America they first appeared in Marvel Epic (part of Marvel)in 1988.Now Otomo picked a guy named Steve Oliff to color the manga, and he wanted to use computer coloring. Akira ended up being the first comic to have been computer colored that was an on going series. The Marvel Epic comic series had 38 volumes total. The movie is what draws most of the fan base though, even though the manga is far superior. The movie was directed and written by Otomo his self and was done in 1988. If you notice, the movie came out before he actually finished the series as a comic. The movie is really only based on the first 2 volumes of the series. The movie is great everyone just to let you know, but if you can ever get a chance to sit down and read the entire series, do it. I will let you know, finding Akira in comic form s pretty hard, until recently a company is redoing the printing so you can find it here and there. The Dark Horse, 6 black and white volumes in America, are hard to find since they are out of print and they usually price them high if you do find them. Especially the full colored, hard back versions of the Dark Horse volumes as they only made 1,000 of those each. The Marvel Epic series in the 38 volume entirety is really nice to look at but really hard to get them all together. If you are interested in seeing them but can't find them, let me know as I have the movie with extra's on DVD, the full 38 volume run of Epic Comics in color, and Dark Horse volumes 1,2,5 and I got volume 4 in hard back color which was a pain to get. Or I can always get you a copy of the 6 vol. on a CD an you just have to load a program and can read the whole thing off the computer lol.
Wich reminds me, THIS is something that I would really want to go see of, the art of Akira exhibit. HERE is more info of Akira.
I will post later with soe news content off the web and maybe more about my day!

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