Thursday, April 15, 2010

To lazy at the time...

So I said I would post again yesterday but I was way to tried to post by the time I got home from work. I was to lazy to even do my homework, I just took my shower and went to sleep. period. Work was all cool in all, I wrote my manager a reminder that I am starting that internship on Monday right after classes. Today has been pretty nice, I had chemistry and came home and finished up my outline for my speech class. I'm going to go with recycling and probably include why on earth our school does not have any recycling containers at all. If I want to recycle something I usually bring it home and do it myself or just put it in my geology professors own bin. Crazy right? I think a lot of colleges in the area or period probably promote and recycle within their campuses. Tons of college kids at my school buy drinks from the drink machines and they go straight to trash, there is so much plastic just going straight to the trash!!!! Especially paper, a college is going to use a lot of computer paper, but I actually think that our library recycles the un-used paper (thank god).
The new chapter in Naruto was kind of bla but now I know that in the prophecy about Naruto the octopus means Killer-bee, and I think that they would make a pretty sweet team amiright?
Anyways, new Shrek poster is out and also a new person is casted for On Stranger Tides (new Pirates movie from Disney).
I don't know about you, but I like Cafe's quite a bit, especially if they have good drinks, sandwich's and free wi-fi. Makes it to be perfect. Now this Cafe is a Gundam Cafe that has just been opened in Japan and I would so love to go by it some day if I am ever over there.
So anyone have crazy for-play before in bed? Well this article is about a guy that shot his wife while during for-play. He said that they had used a gun during for-play before but now he is arrested and probably sent to jail. There children were in the other room at the time sleeping. I don't think I would ever ever go that far in for-play period.
Here is a link for a very few amount of clips from the new "Black and White Pokemon" that will be coming out.
For some tech news:
Google has claimed not to buy a ipad (not just because it sucks) because there android tablet has been well under way and probably will come soon. Here is the link.
Anyone ever actually used Photo Shop from Adobe? Like the actually photo shop? Not paint, but the legit Photo Shop? Well It is part of their Creative Suite that comes with a bunch of programs that people can use for editing and sorts. To just get the new version of Photo Shop in CS5 it would cost a couple hundred, but if you get the whole standard package and not the premium, I think it is about $1,299. This software is not cheap, and meant for people who really really use it (not me as paint and random things like Gimp are fine for me lol).
Some news about our great planet Earth, Island had a plum of smoke erupt from it from a volcano. The ash cloud had spread and has even caused major problems with European air travel since they usually take courses that would travel where the ash cloud is. Here is that article
And is the Earth shaking up more? Are we really getting closer to 2012 being the end? (Not talking about movie lol) Here is an article about quakes on our planet recently and even I have notice a lot more quakes, waves, slides in the news that are killing a lot of people. Most have been over in Asia too.
If you like Lewis Carroll's Alice and Wonderland, Here is a link t the original manuscript in the British Library. It has all the pages and drawings! It was called Alice's Adventures Under Ground! Enjoy
Finally a Youtube Video for you all
Here is a video of this guy that can sing and dance and its kind of funny. I was suppreised at his voice thugh when he sang! (Crap well I watched it this morning and when I came back to place it in my blog it was removed off of Youtube for terms of violation SorrY!)

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