Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea is bumb

By the way everyone, Tea is awesome. Just to let you all know. I have a mug of hot tea ever week morning and take it to school. I never have the same flavor in one week because I got a box of 16 different flavors from my girlfriend for Christmas. It was a pretty sweet gift because not only are they all good (except for the odd Earl Gray flavor) but it gives me something to think about her when I drink it. I don't like sweet tea, kin of surprising for someone in the south I guess since it is a southern kind of thing but I am strictly hot tea or unsweetened ice tea. Just the way it is haha. Seriously, tea is good.
So I have a free movie ticket and I think it expires this Saturday but I want to use it. What the crap should I go see!?!?! Saturday I will be at the Chilli Cook Off working so I can't really go then...
Wish Iron Man 2 was out already because that is what I would go see. Which reminds me, Here is a link for three new clips/ videos for IM2.
My burns are still...not lookin good. I'm sure I will be fine, and I hope so soon. I almost blew up a test tube today in chemistry since we had to hold a match over the test tube that was emitting hydrogen and oxygen. So naturally the flame ignited the gas and caused a loud bang in class and the teacher looked at us and then turned away haha.
Anyways, I was checking up on a movie remake that is underway and I came across This article. I was glad to find that they were going to make a 3rd film (excluding Dark Furry animation) in the Riddick series with Vin Diesel. The first film in the series wasn't that great but the last one was pretty nice. Well anyways I found another clip about a character in the new movie "Predators" that will come out. It is based on the character predator and the movies that came before it like Predator, Predator 2, Aliens verse Predators and AVP 2. I just like Predator, can't explain why. It was from a comic series I believe.
I found out that Nintendo and Netflix have made it available to everyone who has a Wii. It was announced a while ago and now it is released and all you need is a Wii and a Netflix account. If you don't have a Wii, then just continue getting them in the mail or just stream it off your laptop/desktop computer lol. With this release on the console, it should make no difference in the sales since most people get the DVD's in the mail regardless. Just something cool to tell people, "Yo I was watching the Hangover the other day on my Wii, cool right bro?!" Yeah pretty much...
Ever see those cool buildings/structures of playing cards? They were probably done by a guy named Berg. This guy has built some amazing structures and I believe has all the records for biggest or highest card structures. Here is a link to an article with some pictures of his work and I think there a links to videos on the article that show him building them too.

So anyone ever type in a few words or one word into Google's search engine and get a drop down list of the most recent searches. Well I recently typed "why". This is what I found. Photobucket
Ha ha I laughed at what people search. Well I'm going to go now guys, seya!

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