Sunday, April 11, 2010

SNL >_>

Well hello everyone on this fine Sunday morning.
I finally know when the Nexus One will come to Verizon, and looks like it might be tomorrow from the looks of a leaked email at Verizon Wireless. Pretty cool stuff.
Also here is an article more about the new Pokemon that is supposed to be the next released called Black & White. It also reminds me that I really need to finish up my Soul Silver. I'm still stuck at the 8th gym because of that annoying Seadra.
As for movies I never saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs but I did read the book many many years ago. Apparently there will be a second movie coming out.
A lot of movies that are coming out have been remakes or prequels/sequels. They are even making a second Hangover which was really funny and was fresh idea.
Here are some clips from new Paramount movies that are soon to be coming out such as Iron Man 2, Shrek Forever After, The Last Airbender, and 2 others that I am not so familiar with. I will definitely want to see Iron Man and The Last Airbender, and there have been movies that I still haven't seen that have been out and left theaters. Here is the link.
So last night when I was trying to sleep I was trying to tune in to something that I would enjoy on TV. Now that I got hardly any channels other then basic basic ones SNL came on and guess who was on it singing. Justin Bieder. I have no idea where this boy came from. Apparently he is 16 but looks 12. He was singing some song "You smile, I smile" It was quite nauseating and looked rather gay when he sang it. I guess the 13 year old girls love it, instead of the 3 Jonas Brothers, we have one of these boys singing. Here is the article about his performance.
I recently have been looking around and getting interested in moving out. I will probably wait till the end of the summer or next year of school. I will be busy this summer with this internship and all. I worked yesterday an that was the sum of my day yesterday, nothing spectacular.
I am going to peace out now and start to enjoy this day! Seya

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