Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No new eps. of Lost wtf?!

So I am only updating my blog right now because I turned on the TV to watch the new episode of Lost and its a rerun!!! What the hell!?!?! GAY.
Anyways, Some time yesterday when I was on Reddit I had contracted a virus on my laptop called Anitvirus Soft, it pretended to be a virus ware program and asks for you to do a sweep of your computer and stuff. Don't! Do Not click yes, ignore it and shut down your computer or restart it and boot up in safe mode and networking and get some male ware removal program online to get ride of it for you. I'm glad I didn't have to completely wipe my computer and do a system restore. Well, My laptop is all clean now that I have ran a scan over it twice today and it is up to date. Good stuff.
Yesterday work went well although I just did a lot of research in the office, got kinda boring but that was because they didn't have much stuff for me to do.
Today I was supposed to do my speech since I didn't go last class, well there was not enough time for me today so maybe I will go Thursday lol.
I think it is official that the Nexus One will not come to Verizon, to bad :/

I have some news today people and mostly movie crap lol
I guess the movie "How to Train your Dragon" is so popular that they announced that it will have a sequel for 2013. That is a far time away and I have yet seen the whole movie yet other then the pieces of it from this crazy girl at school on her Macbook >_>
There is another clip on a character in the Predators movie, and you can go to the website here to take a look at all of the videos for that movie. I hope the movie is decent.
Ever heard of the book series for young adults called "Maximum Ride"? Well I have never read the book or books but apparently it is getting a movie, here is the link to the article on it.
I love action movies, especially if they are actually good. Some of my favorite actors for action is Jason Statham and Clive Owen. "Shoot 'em Up" was sweet and there are a lot of other movies that Statham has been in that are crazy and really sweet. I could give you a huge list but I wont use it up in the post, just comment on this if you want to know lol. Anyways they will be put together for a film where one Statham will hunt down Owen, which is freakin sweet. Anyways here is the link for the movie that apparently starts shooting really soon.
There has been more clips released or the A-Team movie and here is a link for four international posters for it.
Here is a link for a new international poster for Toy Story 3 that is coming soon.
As for movies that are just getting prequels and/or sequels (oh gosh...lol)
Remember the movie "The Ring"? and of course the second one that was directed by the director of the Pirates franchise. Well, they are rebooting it and there is going to be a third film! Also go figure it will be called Ring 3D. Seriously, everyone stop calling it blablabla 3D!! Same to you Nintendo with the 3DS!!! Just stop!!!!!! We get the idea that it will be in 3D you don't have to make it have 3D in the name, it loses the appeal to me period!!! But anyways, does the Ring really need another film? I never really got a chance to fully see them so I don't know, you decided yourselves. Link is here for the article.
You know when they came out with the past film in the "Final Destination" series I really thought it was the Final one! Well no apparently not, they are going to start that again. The movie might come out next year....this is ridiculous. Link
Finally my last article involves America's trees and how we are losing a shit load of them. America is actually one of the top country's that are losing trees to fast. In the years between 2000 and 2005, we lost around 46,000 square miles of forest. Put it together and that is the size of land the size of the state of Pennsylvania (6% of the US). Link to article. That is a lot, it really is and we seriously need to change that, because I will not be happy at all if my children will not be able to enjoy forest and trees like I did and still do. We really do need to make a change, and not just say it, but really act on it, and I mean everyone because we all do make the difference!
Please help out our children and their children and heck ourselves! Reduce, reuses and Recycle, it is really simple people!!!
With my final message for the night I'm heading off and looking for something else on since there is no new episode tonight...
Good night everyone!

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