Friday, April 23, 2010

Movies, that is all I have really lol

Hey everyone, I ended up watching my Avatar DVD last night with my mom and I told her that it is long and that she might not want to start it after 8:30. She said she be cool with it but I could easily see her tired half way through lol. You know what sucks though about the DVD and watching it here? At my house we have no new TV's or anything still in tube form so we have no 720p or 1080p LCD or plasma flat panel TV's and most of all we do not have a Bluyray player.... So of course I had to get that DVD and not enjoy there great quality visuals or anything like that. Plus we all know why this film is so popular (besides that James Cameron doing it since e did the Titanic and the Terminator..) This film is so popular for its visual effects and creativity of the world that he put together. Please, don't tell me that it is for the story, if you want to see/watch the story just pop in Pocahontas, it is a lot shorter and kid friendly! (someone also mentioned Dancing with the Wolves I believe idk)
Anyways, the reason why I don't like the DVD release is the fact that when you put it in, there are no previews (ok don't really care about that) and there are only three things you can select; play, settings, and scenes. I am guessing that the movie is so long or takes up so much space on the disc that you can not get any extras with it. WTF, I want extras, and when I actually buy a DVD (which is RARE for me to do) I want more then just the movie. So what if I can watch it in Spanish or French, I want to see what they did or how they made that work like it did in the film. How they got the effects or something you know. They could have at least came out with a DVD that came with two discs so we could have the extras. But no, I think the only special edition is Bluyray, go figure. I guess I don't blame them as this is the kind of film that is meant to go for Bluyray. Like is said VISUALS! Still a lot of people have the tube's in their houses and don't have a PS3 or a Bluyray player. I still got mine for around $11 but still, it is disappointing man.
Well, today went fine, I got a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich at Subway with onions on it and also a cup of coffee with my dad. It was not that bad of a deal since we got the same thing and it was all for around $5. I ended up getting to class late since we were just chilling out in there drinking coffee (I don't drink coffee hardly ever, it is usually always my GF's tea). I had the internship today again. I got over there in a pretty good time and now have my own desk and laptop all set up next to a window. They got me to do some research and also make some maps for them. They were impressed with all the editing I did to their maps for them, and then I told them that I used MS Paint. I lol'd but they still thought I did really well. They talk to me like I have know idea what Google Earth is and stuff. I'm young and in the know of the technical world so yeah I know pretty much everything Google does. Plus I usually post what I do know up on here lol.
Got home had some chicken and now chillin and I so can not WAIT to sleep in tomorrow. I will be so pissed if my dad or mom wakes me up or comes in around 7:30 am and needs help with cutting the grass or something. I got all freaking day tomorrow so please don't mess with me till later around noon. I got work at 4pm so I will be good!
Anyways, I have news and all the news that I am posting is all going to be MOVIE news lol.
Some new post for the Avatar: The Last Air bender have been put up on Apples site and here is the link for that. I would watch it, but I need quick time to see it and I don't have that on my Ubuntu OS lol. (Plus it's Apple, yuck)
I have 3 clips for Iron Man! 3! You think they are releasing enough of these clips out lol? Here is clink ONE and TWO and THREE
For all those homo's and/or girls out there, here is the new trailer for the new movie in the Twilight series, Eclipse.
Since they are doing another Predator film, I guess it is only natural to complete a new film in the Alien series. Here is a link for talks about a prequel in the Alien series.
Here is a link about a sequel for Monsters Inc. That is a pretty funny movie from Pixar if you have not seen it lol. Anyone actually know that first movie that Pixar did? :P Post it in comments please, and oh yeah, don't Google it or search it people lol.
That's all folks!
Oh that reminds me, I had heard that they are rebooting up the Loony Toon's such as Bug's Bunny and other favorites again! Good stuff guy's and here is a link for ya, seya!!

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