Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moive's and Easter!

First Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Sidelines Zombies Embraces 3D

So this is the 1st Trailer that has been released for the next Resident Evil movie: Afterlife. The interesting thing is that I didn't really see any zombies roaming around and Alice killing. It really seamed more that she was fighting against the Umbrella Corp. Once again (like most movies) it looks like it will be in 3-D so I might give this 3-D movie a shot, but I would probably go see this for sure.
The new A-Team trailer (2nd one) looks good, I have yet seen the first one but this movie looks pretty funny and full of action. I was wondering if there were going to be any good movies out this year but I might have been wrong.
Hear about this!!! I can not believe that they are going to make more sequels to "Independence Day". I figured they were going to go ahead with the Hangover 2, but seriously? Independence Day is from the 90's and they are going to bring back two more films?!?!
The directors of Harold & Kumar are coming together to make a 4th American Pie, and non of that crap American Pie spin off's, where they will bring back the original cast from the first movies. This also means that for the 3rd Harold & Kumar, the directors wont be with them to work on it. (My girl friend loves the American Pie movies and any moive like it, so she will probably like this news)

Anyways, I believe I forgive my girl friend for April Fool's day now lol, about time. I enjoyed the weekend with her but I have to go back to school tomorrow. I got to meet more of her family and her grandparents have a Mastiv dog and its half a year old and huge! Thing drooled all over my arm, it was a lot. Still a good Easter other then finding out that one of my best friend's cousins had died in a car accident. He was a pretty fun guy and I hung out with him quite a few times. I gave the family my support.
Good night people!

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