Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm alive, don't worry

Hey everyone! The last time I posted was Thursday, dang! Anyways on Friday after class I went to the movies with two guy friends and this girl that I think wants to still date me. She kind of scares me a bit and she probably picked her nose like 200+ times that day. Anyways, I wasn't the one who I invited her to come along and since she doesn't drive or apparently have cash, she had to call her mom to drop off some cash for her up at the college >_> Regardless of her annoying voice and talking during the film. Kick Ass was pretty Kick ass film. That 12 year old chick was freaking sick! If you get a chance to see it, you so should. I would talk about it but I would just spoil it out right lol. It was well done and done by an independent producer, which is probably why it was pretty awesome. Great idea for a film and they did leave it off where there could easily be a second film. I would also go see that fo show. I then hung out with my other friend that came with us for the rest of the day and we just chilled and played video games. I don't know what game it was but it was on the 360 and you had a grapple and a parachute. It had a pretty cool concept. We just pretty much ran around destroying stuff lol. Go figure, we use to blow a bucha crap in his field with illegal fireworks in the state lol.
As of yesterday, I woke up and got the the Chili Cook Off at 9am where my friend from last night's mom was there for the fundraiser. She played a prank by getting this man to not let me in to work even though I said I would call my manager (per say..). She came from around a corner laughing at me >_>. So mean, anyways I got in and stayed to 7pm, 10 hour work day, and boy was it long. Didn't get to make much cotton candy because the wind wouldn't permit me too! We sold a crap load of funnel cakes. Lots of girls wearing hardly anything, and a sex shop's booth was right across from us blowing up blow-up dolls lol. Pretty funny. I crashed hard once I put my head down last night. I start my intern tomorrow! That came so freaking fast! Shit! lol

Oh forgot to say but I waiting in line at a Subway to get 2 subs on Thursday night! All because of tax day, but i still gt 2 foot longs for 5 bucks!

Now on to stuff that has happened in the past 2 days!
I can start with some movie news:
As you can tell, Kick Ass came out this weekend, and is probably the first movie I have seen in theaters in a long time. Probably since Avatar with my girl friend. Recommended for anyone who likes action, or a good movie in general. If you want to know how it goes, here is a funny little comic I found "Kick Ass in 60 Seconds"
Another person has been announced for the cast of the 4th Pirates movie, here is the link to that.
They are working on another Harold and Kumar, which is pretty funny if you have not yet seen that film. Ops I mean films!
Alice and Wonderland will be hitting DVD and Blue ray on June 1st, quite early if you ask me, but Disney was pushing for it to come out fast. Also Avatar will be hitting the stores on Earth Day here in America (so want that!)

Now I guess I will chat it up about some tech news:
Apple has sent in its application for its patent it wanted for its 3d viewing glasses (ispecks). They will probably get it and make this ridiculous thing.
There is a download where it utilizes your accelerometer inside of your laptop to read quakes an trimmers. It will then send the data to there systems and if they get enough readings in that area they can verify that an earth quake was there. This can help them in reading earth quakes and to maybe help alert to the disaster before it hits them hard. Now your computer will have to have an accelerometer inside of it and not many laptops do. They are used to read moment, a lot of cell phones have them now and days and a lot of the Apple laptops have them. Here is the link to the article.
Toshiba has revealed more details about its tablet. This on going tablet war is getting serious lol.
The HTC Incredible that is sad to be just like the Nexus One cell phone just got it release date for Verizon. Here is the article for that and i will hit stores on the 29th this month.
And finally, people over at the Zune boards site that I check regularly for Zune news, they have apparently finally did a true hack of the Zune HD and the old models and its system. I'm right now trying to download the programs for it and give it a whirl. Anyone can start making applications for this and upload them there for everyone. Article

Some video game industry and news:
Apparently Microsoft is accused of Slave Labor in making there console controller in China. Here is the link for that.
Look at the pic in this article and you can see that it really resembles the Wii mote. This is a new controller for the company Sony an their system the PlayStation.

And for other news here and around the world:
This article will show you a photo from a satellite on the ash cloud from Iceland.
The Pop promises to bring the priest that was accused of being a pedophile to justice. I wonder if the priest knows pedobear? Maybe?! Link here
I laughed when I found this article but it is a guide of how to build a pencil crossbow with some basic supplies. Try it out on your brother or sister or something. Have fun kids!
Last article I swear to God everyone.
Key's that belonged to the second officer of the Titanic, David Blair, had been transfered from the ship and forgot to give the keys to his new replacement the boat before its maiden voyage. When the boat when to see it hit that iceberg, but if the replacement had those keys, it would have been able to get into the case that held the binoculars on the crows nest and they could have been able to see the iceberg way in time and not have hit it. These keys are going up on action in a few days and they were sold for 90,000 euros in 2007. Here is the article.

Well now that I have that out of my system, I will be able to get back on track, or I might be to lazy again as I start my new job tomorrow as stated before. I will keep everyone up to data, and have a good day!

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