Saturday, April 3, 2010

I don't like April Fools...

So on April 1st my girl friend decided to pull a prank on me. She got her room mate to message me around 10am that she had fallen down some stairs and broke her ankle and that they were taking her to the ER and then eventually told me that she was getting surgery.... I was about to drive down there as soon as I got out of speech class but my gf decided to finally say something "april fools" God I hate April 1st.
I got a 96 on my Bonsai speech and everyone was wondering where to get some lol
In other news, the ipad came out today, anyone going to get it? I know I will not as it's made by Apple. I'm getting slightly annoyed at the fact that Zune has yet to release that freaking update for the software and player. Also, anyone getting that 3-D hype now? Nintendo 3DS is expected to be released some time the begging of next year. Some phones will be coming out probably this year that will have LCD screens that will be touch screens and also have 3-D images with it. TV's are already coming out now and I'm sure that many computer companies are on there way to put some laptops and computer monitors that will have 3-D ready specs this coming summer. This is making me think that my laptop is starting to get out dated. With all these 3-D movies coming out, is it really necessary to change the way we look at our electronics in a 3-d way? Is 2-d not enough anymore? Honestly I have yet seen a movie in 3-d in theaters nor am I really interested, mostly because it is a lot more lol. I don't think I will be getting into the 3-D hype quite yet but it is looking to be the new thing that people will start to follow.
Some great phones(link for phones that are coming out) will be coming out this year and I really am liking a few of them. My contract will be up with Ntelos and my family wants a family plan with Verizon but I haven't seen a whole lot of phones with them that I like since I'm getting interested with these smartphones. The only one that I like thats with them now is the Droid but I don't really want that. The Nexus One, Google's phone, looks pretty awesome but so does Sprints, HTC Evo 4G.
My seeds still haven't come in which is still annoying and I'm looking for a MG model so I'm probably going to sell one of my other ones that I have yet to work on.
Well I'm going to go, my gf is in town for holidays and I'm supposed to be there now helping her and siblings with painting eggs lol, seya!

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