Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!
Just a friendly reminder please recycle! NOW!!!!
Anyways, its the 40th Earth Day (woot) and we still should always look out for our environment out there! It is beautiful, and if you have not taken a walk today or in the past few days, go out side and pay it a visit and also get some exercise. You will enjoy it, trust me!
Here is a link to a history of Earth Day for those who want to read up on that.
I had a speech today on recycling actually, but we didn't have enough time for it so I will be going on this following Tuesday, oh boy lol. I had a chemistry test that I did study for but I still don't think I did that well on it really.
I went by Walmart today because they sent us a random $5 spending card for some reason and I kinda activated it and used it for myself. When I told my mom she asked right away who the card was addressed to, and I told her it said resident so I was in the clear zone. Anyways, it got me $5 off on the DVD release of Avatar today! So I only payed like $10 for it which is ballin' for a new release, actually same day release, muhahaha! Mom has yet to see it so we probably will watch that tonight and I might work on some home work while we do it, or I probably wont. Going with probably wont lol.
So anyone hear about how some guy who works at Apple and goes to the bar and leaves his phone in a box there? Well some guy ended up picking it up and found out that it was the prototype for the new iphone that is supposed to come out next. Well sucks for Apple that it leaked out there at a freaking bar lol.
Dell is planing on coming out with some new mobile phones but I don't know if it will be towards the end of this year or the next. The will be working with Microsoft I believe and will run on Windows Mobil.
Movies, as that is what the buck of my news is for the day lol:
There seams to be a Men in Black 3D film in the work and I guess the original actors, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will star in it. Honestly they are really coming out with a crap load of 3D films that happen to be the 3rd installment in the series. You guys know how I feel about this 3D phenomenon. Well, Men in Black is kool regardless, especially if it has the original stars in it, if not, don't go see it. I have a feeling that my girl friend has yet to see the first two. There are quite a few movies that are awesome that she has not seen.
This is a kick ass poster for Iron Man 2 for Imax.
Also another clip from that movie as well is Here.
Here is a clip from the movie Robin Hood from the same directors of Gladiator and of course the same star as Gladiator. That is also a sweet movie, I don't think it has anything to do with actual history but Gladiator is a good movie period. Moving on :)
There is a rumor that the Nintendo 3DS might hit shelves as soon as October, which is a lot earlier then the talked about spring of 2011. This could be a big move for Nintendo and can get in there right before Christmas and rack op some cash. Here is a link to that article.
It seams a crap load of non-environmental friendly thing want to happy recently. We had that boat that hit the reef out in the Great Barrier Reef earlier this year of the coast of Australia. (Wow some one in my Geology class, which is a college course in a college, asked the teacher what the Great Barrier Reef was and where it was. Seriously? Did you graduate from an actual school?)(oh, not to mention she also asked what was the point of the tropical rain forest. Teacher must think how the hell she is passing, that is if she is passing)
Moving on, there has been some crazy earth quakes also and even the eruption in Iceland that has delayed a crap load of air flights from and too Europe.
Well recently there has been an explosion on a oil rig out in the gulf of Mexico and I think it is about 40 miles of the coast of Louisiana. It has flipped and sunk now to a depth of 5,000 feet and the well is still pouring tons and tons of oil out on the floor of the gulf. This could cause a problem for the ecosystem in that area and that is a carp load of crude oil. Here is a link if you want to read more about it.
Here is a link to a article at about finding dead animals with a bunch of junk in there gut. Seriously, this ain't cool.
That is all I have for the day, and to leave with a note, please reduce, reuse and recycle. You might not think that you have a difference but you really do and promote to your friends, family and co-workers. If you want more information about recycling go to and the EPA web site.
Seya! and RECYCLE!

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