Friday, April 9, 2010


SO how about that nice rain last night, I heard it looked like a downpour but the front yard looks perfectly fine haha. So my seeds finally came in the mail yesterday and I am starting to germinate them and trying to get them going. They are from the tree Ficus religious, or a bo-tree, or sacred tree. Honestly this tree has many names and it is a tree of happiness and it is even said that Siddartha Gautamawas sitting underneath this tree when he was enlightened/awakened in Buddha. Click me Last night I was cooking up some sweet and sour chicken and some of hte hot oil had gotten on my skin, now I got red, burnt spots on my arm and some are blisters festering >_> Dinner was still good regardless, I ate it up while watching Lost Tapes on Animal Planet. I ended up watching like 4 episodes of it and I was getting into it. VCU got my application, now I have to wait for acceptance, and I am really enjoying the updates on my Zune HD. New outside my life:Apparently the ipad was still a hit even though there was some problems with them. Estimates say that there has been 500,000 sold so far. I saw someone in school yesterday walking around with one and he already put stickers all over the back of it. Here is a link to a guy at Blendtech with an ipad, it's a short you tube video. Other people that are fans of Apple are probably now following news on the new iPhone #4. Many think that it will be HD and such here is a link on some features released.
A link for more info on the HP Slate tablet HERE at Wired
New cigarette now when you plant them after use in the ground, they will bud up and grow into a plant. They are marketing a go-green type of cigarette, does that mean we should all start to buy and smoke them still? I don't think so lol. HERE is the link for that article
Check this pic out of Mario from Nintendo
Some kid must really be into farmville on popular social networking site, Facebook. This boy is in a 900 euro debt, $1400 american dollars, from playing this game! He is 14 and he used his money but mostly his mothers. She will not be happy. Link HERE
Here is a link to a new clip from the upcoming Disney Pixar movie Toy Story 3!HERE
J.K. Rowling has not yet ruled out another Harry Potter book, if she did it it would take place ten years after the last book written in the series.
I think that is all I should put down for now everyone, also if there is something that you are interested in and want me to follow and post about please just leave it in the comments of this post and I can get to it for you! Weekend starts for me as soon as this Geology test is over, bye bye!

Updates: Just found out about this but the 5th generation Pokemon game has been revealed on the Japan's website of Nintendo, I think it's Pokemon Black and White. Link here
Youtube video of 8-bit pixels, pretty well done i think HERE
Another Youtube video of a drunk guy trying to dance to Michael Jackson, made me laugh. HERE

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