Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do anything today?

Hello everyone! Nothing much really happened this weekend at all. It is now drawing to a close and I realize to myself that I actually look forward to going back to the office after class tomorrow. Weird right? I guess that is a good sign that I am interested and excited about my new job. That is a good thing! Well Yesterday I did a lot of nothing till I had work at 4pm where I just stood around at the balloon counter and chatted away all night till close. Today I did mostly the same thing except for the work part. I literally changed out of my pj's about an hour or two ago. I thought it was going to storm really badly most the day today but it didn't really look like that at all now did it? Well I'm listening to my Zune software and finally talked myself out of play minesweeper for the 50th time. Apparently I have listened to over 8,000 songs with my account lol. Some of my seeds actually started to sprout out a little bit, thank god! I thought it would never come out lol. I am actually really liking this band, Muse. Right now it is playing Resistance from their album The Resistance. You like any kind of rock then you might like this. Actually I realized that they are playing at the John Paul Jones Arena soon, but I am too cheap to see them lol, way to cheap. I got some of my model done today, just a it of it and waiting for two more to come in.
Oh, so how would you react when your loved one texts, "Don't worry, but I just got in an accident." I would flip, and I did when my girl friend text me that at work last night. Later after I got off I found out that it was just a hard bump they did but I was thinking she was in trouble. Well she is safe and alive today thank god!
Well I am going to throw some news out there now since absolutely nothing happened the whole weekend.
Oh wait one more thing. Remember how I wanted to sleep in Saturday? Well it was about 8am when I heard a slam on my window and the side of the house right in front of my room. It was my dad's ladder as he was setting it up to clean out the gutters >_>

For movies,
I have found out that they had apparently already started pre-production of a movie that is supposed to follow District 9 and will start production in October. FYI for anyone, District 9 was a great film and I really enjoyed it, I did.
Saw VII is going to be in 3D, man there are way to many Saw film,s there really is!
Ghost Rider 2 will not have Nickolas Cage lol, not that it was that great the first time. Probably worst comic movie I have seen, ever.
Ever seen Escape from New York the movie? I really liked it and it is a fairly old film from maybe the 80s I think. Well I have a copy if you are interested in seeing it and here is the link for it. Anyways, it seams that they will make a remake of it and I hope that they have a good cast and a good setting with great effects. I would probably go see this in theaters if it is done right.
All for the movie news and now I have a link that I actually just got from my grandmother and it is more photos from Iceland during the eruption! Link here. Her and I were actually thinking about going to Iceland last year or some time ago. I don;t think we will be able to go now that she needs to watch grandpa and stuff, but it would have been a great trip to go and enjoy it. Maybe one day I will get to go, one day...
And my last thing is a video off YouTube where it is basically a fast forward of them making air planes. It was pretty cool. Enjoy!

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