Monday, April 12, 2010

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So if you notice in the tech industry, there are pretty much three really big powers; Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Microsoft, which is ran by Bill Gates, is mostly computer software. They make Operating systems, and the popular Office product that pretty much is the main stream way to type up your report and do presentations. They have started to really get into the hardware while still doing software. One of there really popular hardware is the xbox, and xbox360 and they have came with the Zune multimedia player which I have owned Gen 1 and the newer one Zune HD. They have a huge market in computer software, video game consoles, media players, and now they want a piece of the mobile phone market. I have been following them for a while now because it was rumored to have been a Zune Phone and "Project Pink". One of my last post was saying how they were going to release more information about it today and now I know what it is. It is called the "Kin" and it will run on Mobile Windows 7 and be built as a smart phone that will appeal to the younger generation for social networking like Facebook and Twitter. There will be two of them "Kin One and Kin Two" and the maker of the product is Sharp. Here and here are two articles on the phones. They are going to be apart of the Windows Mobile 7 Series but I still remember that there will be a touch screen phone that is going to remind everyone of a Zune and these two phones do not look like it at all so I think there is another phone that will unveil itself in due time. I'll let you know. Microsoft is also trying a go at the mobile operating systems for cell phones.
Google is becoming a giant, starting out as a search site on the web. It now has Blogger, which I am using now, and has even bought the popular online video site YouTube. They have really been having a go at the mobile market with it's Mobile Operating System "Android" which tons of smart phones are using like the Droid and HTC brand phones. I have been keeping up with their phone, the Nexus One, that was made by HTC but they are the ones who designed every aspect about it. Google is getting a huge market with that OS for cell's but now they want to get a cut at the tablet market. Apple came out recently with ipad and now it seams everyone wants to come out with one. Here is a small article about them and Google will probably use their Android type OS for their device. Here is another article about tablet's.
Apple is next headed by Steve Jobs and they have came out with a lot. There media player is probably there most popular device; ipod. Apple has made Operating Systems, computers, laptops, media players and even cell phones. There iphone has been pretty popular and i think it is the only phone that runs on an Apple mobile OS, unlike Google, and recently I have posted that they are coming out with their 4th iphone. Now that they got their ipad out there, they are going to release iSpecs. (what is up with i-blahblah names they come out with?) These specs/glasses will render images 3-D and you can upload them to your ipad or iphone now. I'm not sure when they are going to be released but this is the first time I have heard about them and they are still in the patent process. I'm sure it will be a while before this will come out.
Last thing about phones and tech today, I promise lol. The government might make it a "must" for every cell phone to get a tv-tuner built inside of it to get local broadcast on the air for emergencies. This is kinda cool but will cost consumers and the companies millions of bucks to put this in their devices when the government decides to go with this. Here is the article.

Wow, I wrote a lot about that stuff, I'm surprised. Now I just need to channel that kind of writing into my papers, which reminds me that I have a speech this week or next and I need to look up info on that.
As for movies I am getting excited about Iron Man 2, and here is a list of some of the characters that will be in it. I just saw a commercial on TV a second ago that was showing clips of Iron Man 2 but it was a commercial for an Audi car. If I really could and had the money I would get an Audi since they are a very nice foreign car's and I like the movie's, The Transporter with Jason Statham who kicks but in the movie.
Anyways, I found this article that made me smile. Basically this guy was in love with his girlfriend and he wanted to ask her to marry him and do it at their first date spot. He relealized that she might have caught onto the idea and noticed that she was player Chrono Trigger (a video game, fairly old one too) and got ideas. He is a programmer and he added a whole other part to the game and when she went there and it started to read text on the screen that said her name and asked to marry her. When she turned around he was kneeling on the floor with the ring out. She said yes of course but first saying "You are such a nerd...but I love it." The link includes the video of the game play that he hacked and fixed. Well if my girl friend is reading this, I am not that big of a nerd to hack a game that you are playing and ask you to marry me. Also, we are a ways off from that hehe but that does not mean that you are out of my mind as I may ask you that question in the years that come :P
Good stuff right? Anyways more about me now! I'm still looking around at places to maybe to move to but I think I have finally decided that it would be better off that I should wait till the end of summer or maybe during the school this coming year. It's a big investment as I got to have a stable income for a lease or they wont rent anything to me. Plus my sister might go to VCU in the fall and I really really don't want her as a room mate since a big reason to move out is to get away from parents and sister, duh lol. My burns from Friday are not looking to hot, I really hope that they are not infected as it will not be good for my arm at all. Chilli Cook Off is this Saturday, not that I will go and pay unless I am working there. Also, a week from now I will be starting my big internship! Exciting and I'm getting a little anxious.
That's all I got today! I'll keep you posted, seya

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